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  • @anniemarie887 I'm sorry it was roseola, but I'm glad it wasn't COVID. 
  • @anniemarie887 my you gets has roseola last fall too! I use to work in peds so the kids getting sick doesn’t usually phase me but day 4 of the high fever I was really starting to worry then the next day the fever broke and he got the rash and I was like - oh yeah I should’ve known this. He actually had the rash on Halloween lol so he’s dressed like a little pumpkin with the roseola rash it’s kinda funny. We had to keep him in the stroller while we took his big bro trick or treating and chase people away from him lol 
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  • Lisa3379Lisa3379 member
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    @anniemarie887 Oh, I'm really trying to keep it clean, not sure I'm doing that great a job at it though! But thanks. Our main problem is just STUFF. There will always be clutter, especially with kids. We need to purge a lot of it. And my sons' bathroom will never not smell like pee, I'm certain of it. No matter what I do! I'll scrub it, and then walk into it later in the day (while the boys are still at school, mind you) and it'll still smell like pee. I wish we had a Roomba, but I think it would give my dogs a heart attack.  :D
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  • daisy0322daisy0322 member
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    @Lisa3379 hi fellow boy mom 😂 I got a bathroom smell hack for that! Create a paste using water, baking soda, and just a little vinegar. Wipe down the toilet and the floor around it and anything else that may have got peed on. Let it sit a few minutes and scrub it off with hot water. Next wipe down with hydrogen peroxide generously and let sit like 10 min. I don’t know if it would discolor walls though as a disclaimer 
    Lisa3379[Deleted User]
  • @daisy0322 Ooh, thanks for the tip! Do you think I could substitute the hydrogen peroxide for a cleaner I made that contains rubbing alcohol? It also has a nice lemon scent to it too, haha. We have horribly ugly wallpaper in our bathroom that I'm praying we can tear down in a remodel one day, so thanks for the warning about discoloration but screw it, I'm scrubbing EVERYTHING because these kids have NO AIM. 
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  • @boymama2018 I’ve seen the upside down pizza before! I love asking NYers about pizza, they’re always so passionate - much like Marylanders and crab cakes 😉
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  • @Lisa3379 Im not sure if you can switch it out but it won’t hurt to try! I make list of my own cleaning supplies including a daily cleaner and laundry detergent! I live it when people make their own stuff. I do have one harsher store bough one for deep cleaning though because sometimes you just need it lol. What all do you make? 
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  • @anniemarie887 ummmm i LOVE crab cakes but I didn’t realize there was strong preferences with them please tell me more! 
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  • @daisy0322 oh i mean yes, in the sense that i would never eat a crab cake outside of maryland. like ever. once in my life i got a crab cake in pa and it was just terrible. flattened like a veggie burger, hardly any crab. so yes, there are strong opinions about how much meat vs filling ratio, seasonings. 
    [Deleted User]daisy0322
  • @anniemarie887 so like i like mine kinda soft with bigger crab pieces and thicker. I think it usually has mayonnaise in it.  And pretty heavily seasoned - so is that like considered a crime against crab cakes in Maryland? These sorts of things fascinate me
    anniemarie887[Deleted User]
  • @daisy0322 haha no, that sounds fairly on point. Definitely lump crab meat all the way and it should almost ball like in shape, not like a burger patty.  We do a Mayo/mustard/Worcestershire sauce combo, and I prefer crushed ritz cracker for the filler over panko or other breadcrumbs. As for seasoning - old bay or bust. JO is close second. Old bay is also delicious on scrambled eggs, home fries, and popcorn!
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  • @anniemarie887 alright I can get behind that .... I usually buy them from a local grocery store that’s kinda fancy pants and they fly their seafood in daily.
    [Deleted User]anniemarie887
  • @anniemarie887 I love your crab cake passion! You're right crab cakes are to Maryland as Pizza is to NY haha. Now I want a crab cake....from Maryland! Sounds so Delish. I visited a school in Maryland with friends and my boss at the time was from Baltimore, I brought him back the chips with old bay seasoning on them. I forgot the name but he was forever grateful.  :#
    [Deleted User]anniemarie887
  • @boymama2018 oh yes! They were probably Utz Crab Chips

    A local jewelry store did the cutest campaign years ago where the Natty Boh boy was proposing to the Utz potato chip girl - which if you’re not from Maryland prob sounds weird as hell. LOL

    @daisy0322 ooooh yea, that hopefully is good then! They’re not hard to make yourself if you lump crabmeat from a store. Oprah became obsessed with one of the restaurants when she was an anchor on a local news station and then used to have crab cakes shipped to Chicago. 
    [Deleted User]boymama2018
  • Follow up- my kid has roseola. Thanks y'all for talking about it this week because it helped me go "oh! huh!" when his rash suddenly appeared this morning after his fever broke yesterday. 
    daisy0322jlbaker08[Deleted User]anniemarie887
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