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Boobs are out of control! Is this normal?

This is my first pregnancy- currently 6 weeks. The symptoms were almost immediate: nausea, reflux, boobs hurt, hips hurt, peeing all the time, sense of smell is off the charts... The most significant thing that’s happened though is the insane change in my boobs! They are so bloody huge that I had to go buy a new bra at only 4 weeks- literally they were busting out. Even the ladies at the bra shop were shocked. Is this normal? It’s so daunting this being my first pregnancy and I just don’t know what is and isn’t normal or OK and what to expect.

Re: Boobs are out of control! Is this normal?

  • Keep in mind that everyone's "pregnancy normal" is different. That being said, the reason I went out and got pregnancy tests with my first was because my boobs seemed like they were suddenly huge. I didn't have any other symptoms at the time. In the span of a few weeks, I went from a 36C to a 38DD. Thankfully with my current pregnancy there hasn't been much size change, but they are fuller again. 

    If you're planning on breastfeeding, just wait til your milk comes in. I thought I was going to take someone out with those bad boys.

    To me, this doesn't seem like anything to worry about, but if you are concerned, bring it up at your first prenatal visit. They are used to answering what may seem like silly questions. It's better to ask all your questions and get a professional opinion than to worry about anything you might think is not important enough to ask.
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