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Chemical pregnancy ERA question

Hello ladies,

I had my first baby a couple years ago with my first frozen transfer cycle. We just had another transfer (pgs tested) for baby #2, and I had a chemical pregnancy. The doctor is recommending ERA cycle. I don’t want to go thru all those shots if I don’t have to. And also waste more time. But also I only one one embryo left. Also as I understand if the results are not optimal
then they need to do more cycles to find the exact date/time. Has any of you had a successful first time transfer but dealt with chemical with the second transfer? Have you chosen to do ERA and did it make a positive difference? Or chosen to just go ahead with the regular transfer and had success? Thank you! 

Re: Chemical pregnancy ERA question

  • Sorry to hear about your loss. ❤️ I don't have experience with ERA, but I did have a chemical before being successful.  Then I had two more losses before getting pregnant with our second.  I understand wanting to do everything you can to optimize your chances on your last embryo.  In our case, I think my doctor was of the opinion since we had gotten pregnant once with normal timing, then that already told us what we needed to know, and ERA wasn't necessary.  We just had to keep plugging away till we got lucky again.

    It's been a little while since your post - how are things going?
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