FFFC 4/16 — The Bump
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FFFC 4/16

What are you not sorry about today?

Re: FFFC 4/16

  • My mom asked if she could make a Facebook post about how excited she was to be a "Grammy". Fine, I said, but don't tag us. Well, she didn't, but one of her friends did in the comments. So I popped right in there and untagged myself. I still just don't want it to be a big social media thing that I have to deal with, even if she does.
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  • @noprobalo there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful that my parents and in laws don't really use Social Media. 
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  • I had to get some reports done early this morning so I’ve been working from home with the intention of going into the office for the second half of the day. Nope. I’m working the whole day from home mostly because I don’t want to wear pants today. 
  • @aztecash If I'm working from home in the morning, I'm working from home all day. Why would I waste the time on getting dressed, putting makeup on, and driving in? That's at least a whole hour I could spend being productive. Or screwing around on here.
  • I know this is delayed but had to rant somewhere- this is the second time this pregnancy chickfila has messed up my salad order and I’m very upset 🤣 they didn’t give me the packet that goes with the salad and comes with the avocado dressing I love so now I have to use boring ranch 😭 and I feel like I could cry about it which is ridiculous and clearly my hormones talking 🙈
  • @momofmiracles31889 Boo! Hiss! I usually get the honey mustard dressing. I'll have to try the avocado.
  • @momofmiracles31889 I would literally cry if that happened 😆😆 like, the dressing may be the best part!!! 
  • Haha thanks for the support ladies 🤣 I won’t lie- in my cranky state I put a complaint in on my app and it turns out to have paid off- just saw I now have a FREE salad in my rewards! I think that makes up for the error (as long as they don’t forget my dressing again lol)
    the avocado lime ranch dressing and also the apple cider dressing are SO good and I wish they sold those by the bottle! Maybe I’d eat salad at home more lol
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