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HDBD 4/14

Let's see those baby bumps!

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Re: HDBD 4/14

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  • y'all are looking cute! I have been so busy with school I haven't managed to get in a pic for the last two weeks. 
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • I'm with @claireloSC, I haven't taken a bump pic in weeks! Life seems to keep getting in the way. I need to get on it! You all look awesome!
  • Everyone looks fantastic! Add me to the list of people who need to get on the bump pic train. 😬
  • @claireloSC What a beautiful window behind you! 
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