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TFAS Check-in w/o 4.12

**This is a check-in for those with babies/children at home. Please be mindful that the discussion of living children in the WTO/TWW threads is prohibited unless extremely pertinent to your current cycle.**<div>
</div><div>***If you are having a hard day Re: TTC or TTCAL, please note that this thread will discuss living children and/or issues specifically dealing with parenting and/or babies. Previous pregnancy, or labor & delivery experiences may also be mentioned. Please lurk at your own discretion.***</div><div><img src="" alt="">
</div><div>What number are you trying for?</div><div>
</div><div>Ages of other child(ren)?</div><div>
</div><div>Any thoughts about this cycle?</div><div>
</div><div>Any questions?</div><div>
</div><div>GTKY:  How do you feel about pets...? Do you have pets? Want pets? Not interested in having animals living in your house?</div>

Re: TFAS Check-in w/o 4.12

  • What number are you trying for? 3

    Month/Cycle? 16/no clue

    WAYDTGKU: FET next Monday! 

    WTO/TWW? WTO I suppose

    Ages of other child(ren)? Two boys, 4 and 2.5 

    Any thoughts about this cycle? I'm just super excited to have a transfer date! 

    Any questions? Nope

    Rant/Rave? Major rave - the kids went back to school yesterday! Over the past two days I've been able to clean the house a bit, work out, relax, give the dogs a much needed bath... it's been glorious. I'm trying to put my worries about Covid out of my head. Their preschool hasn't closed once because of Covid since they re-opened last May, and most of the teachers are vaccinated. MH and I are at least partially vaccinated, so we feel ok for the most part about the decision. It was starting to get hectic around here. I had homeschooled as much as I could, but we were all kinda flailing by the end, and I knew the kids were getting bored. 

    GTKY:  How do you feel about pets...? Do you have pets? Want pets? Not interested in having animals living in your house? I have two Miniature Schnauzers who are pretty old - 12 and almost 14. They're pretty chill, but after having kids, I have to admit it's been HARD taking care of them as best as I can. Like, I have guilt about the serious lack of walks, but they're old, so I guess it's alright. At least with the kids back in school, I'm going to try walking them more. When they're gone, it will probably be awhile before we get another dog, especially if we have another baby (knock on wood). 
    anniemarie887[Deleted User]knottie7bc8467b6ac68efe
  • <b>What number are you trying for?</b>  3<div>
    </div><div><b>Month/Cycle?</b>  1st Treatment cycle after 31 months TTC our first</div><div>
    </div><div><b>WAYDTGKU</b>:. Natural FET Cycle</div><div>
    </div><div><b>WTO/TWW?</b>  WTO</div><div>
    </div><div><b>Ages of other child(ren)?</b>  2.5y, 7m</div><div>
    </div><div><b>Any thoughts about this cycle?</b>  I really really just hope this works.  If it doesn't we will have one last shot at our last biological child, and then that's it. 😭😭😭 Trying to cultivate acceptance of the outcome, come what may.  I mean I seriously can't even believe we are so close!!!  I want to get excited...... I'll be excited when I see two lines. 😬 </div><div>
    </div><div><b>Any questions?</b>  Anyone ever use care dot com?  I am at a real loss here what else to to, besides somehow trying to scramble through a day running around changing diapers and refilling bottles / cups whenever I get a spare chance.  😖</div><div>
    </div><div><b>Rant/Rave? </b> WFH started and so far so good, but I still don't have anyone to help me with Fridays.  The friend from Church it sounds like DH doesn't want me to ask now, since I mentioned it and she seemed enthusiastic! But then she kinda fell off the map.  The little one is teething and the big one has been in a mood lately, so I think we are all just trying to adjust here.</div><div>
    </div><div><b>GTKY</b>:  We have two dogs, I feel your pain about semi neglecting lol @Lisa3379 the little old man dog can be such a pain, always stealing the kid's food, and the big one is still young, he just sheds everywhere which makes DH constantly complain about the dog hair.  He also gets so worked up when the toddler is running around, I have to send him to the basement at least once a day.  Poor guy.  I hope our next place has a better setup for everyone to enjoy the backyard better, cos I think we all get a little cooped up in here!  But the girls both love their doggies, and I'm happy having a gigantic fur beast when I'm home alone with them, so it's all good.</div>
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  • Eep!  Transfer day!!! So close!!! @Lisa3379
  • @Lisa3379 so exciting!! my husband is the best dog dad, he makes sure to walk her every day, otherwise she would be a couch potato with me around. 
    @BusinessWife we had zero help our daughters entire first year (hello all of 2020) MH and i would split the day b/c we both are self employed. i took mornings and he took afternoons with our daughter. she was an early walker (10 mos) and that was when shit hit the fan and i was like this will be the death of me. for us, we felt good that none of the daycares/schools around us had been covid breeding grounds and we felt like there was enough data to support that come december. so in january once she was a year we enrolled her in a local montessori that has an infants & toddlers program. i am definitely thankful for all the extra time i got with her, and it did make nursing for a year so much easier... but the first day we dropped her at school my husband and high fived and shouted "we're free!" lol. 

    What number are you trying for? #2

    Month/Cycle? 5/5

    WAYDTGKU: CBAD OPKs, flo app tracking, forgetting to take my vitamins


    Ages of other child(ren)? 15 months

    Any thoughts about this cycle? a bust bc i finally used OPKs and it appears i ovulated later than i thought i would and MH was out of town

    Any questions?

    Rant/Rave? finished my 10th book for the year last night! altho i stayed up to 1am to do so. oops. also MH's car started acting up, apparently a bearing went out in the engine and it appears it will be covered even tho the car just went out of warranty, massive relief! 

    GTKY:  How do you feel about pets...? Do you have pets? Want pets? Not interested in having animals living in your house? love pets, we have a dog and cat. today is actually our dogs "gotcha" day, she is a rescue. the cat is the real mvp in our home with the toddler. she lets her manhandle her on the daily, and amazingly has claws that she has never once used on the kid. 
    Lisa3379[Deleted User]
  • @Lisa3379 yay for the kids going back to school.  My son has been back since last June and his preschool hasn't had any cases. *knock on wood*

    @BusinessWife praying for you this cycle!

    @anniemarie887 awesome on your 10th book!  I was never a reader as an adult but have gotten back into it this year.  Only on book three for the year though haha!

    What number are you trying for? 2

    Month/Cycle? 1/1



    Ages of other child(ren)? 4 year old DS

    Any thoughts about this cycle? benched this month while I get vaccinated.  I also got an infection *inset eye roll* from the first shot of the vaccine in my arm so I am on antibiotics now also. So I would like to sit this month out.  However, after a surprise pregnancy earlier this year, I guess anything is possible. 

    Any questions? nope.

    Rant/Rave? I went to the park with one of my son's friends and his mother this past weekend.  Our kids go to preschool together and do karate together but this  was our first hangout outside of those things.  We spent 3 hours there.  It was so nice!  My best friend moved to another state a couple of years ago so I am always trying to make more mom friends.  I think I made another one.  * eeek*.

    GTKY:  How do you feel about pets...? Do you have pets? Want pets? Not interested in having animals living in your house? We had two dogs in the beginning of our relationship.  They were old when my son was born and both passed before he was 3.  We got a new house and everything is so much cleaner without them.  I loved them so much but we both agree no more.  At least for now.  My son really wants a cat.  I am not so sure about it. 
    TTC History:
    Started dating DH 2006 . Married 2015

    TTC July 2015-November 2015
    BFP November 2015
    Baby boy born August 2016

    Oops BFP February 2021
    MMC March 2021

    Back on BC for a year to decide what we want to do.

    TTC Since March 2022
    MMC June 2022

    BFP September 2022 - Due June 2023!

    Lisa3379anniemarie887[Deleted User]
  • @anniemarie887 Wow, 10 books this year! I used to read a lot but then kids happened, haha. Now that mine are back in school, I definitely want to carve out at least an hour a day for reading. I have Ruth Bader Ginsburg's autobiography gathering dust next to my bed. 

    @ReadyForaB  Yay for mom friends! It's so hard to meet people sometimes. We started hanging out with my 4 year old's best friend from preschool here and there the year before the pandemic, and we haven't seen them in over a year. Her son switched schools, which was sad to hear, so we're anxious to get the boys together again soon. 
  • What number are you trying for? 2

    Month/Cycle? 1/1

    WAYDTGKU: Stopped BC after last pack; taking prenatals; OPKs to (re)learn cycle; sex EOD during potential fertile window

    WTO/TWW? Genuinely do not know yet; previously, it's occurred monthly but varied within a longer window than is typically expected. I opted to start OPKs a little later in case this is a longer cycle length vs shorter.

    Ages of other child(ren)? 2 1/2 DS

    Any thoughts about this cycle? I'm trying to be relaxed because it's my first cycle TFAS but also allowing myself to (re)learn my body and natural cycle again & what it looks like now. Previously, I learned a lot that I didn't know I would need to know, so now I feel more empowered/knowledgeable to figure out some things about what my body is doing this time on this TFAS journey.

    Any questions? Nope.

    Rant/Rave? I'm having a very mellow week, which is nice and lovely, and rarely happens, so I'm very happy about it. I'm fully leaning in to the feeling.

    GTKY: How do you feel about pets...? Do you have pets? Want pets? Not interested in having animals living in your house? We have one elderly cat. We would like a dog in the future, but at the moment don't have the space or proper time for a dog, and that's okay. Also, our cat is very much a "no other animals, please" animal, and we very much respect that and will give her the best life and think about future pets in a distant future where she's no longer with us.
    anniemarie887[Deleted User]
  • @ReadyForaB i must say, cats are so much easier than dogs. and you can get a really fun, spunky, cat. we used to have two dogs and people will ask when we're ready for another, and i often think i would get a 2nd cat before a 2nd dog.
    [Deleted User]ReadyForaB
  • @Lisa3379 really exciting about your kids going back to school! I know everyone in my house was much happier when DD went back to daycare, she was bored and we were exhausted :)

    @BusinessWife I’ve had friends use and have really good experiences. I think they even do background checks which is nice!

    @anniemarie887 I’ve been trying to read 2 books/month this year (been successful 2/3 months lol)- so awesome that you’ve read 10 books already! Would love any recommendations if you have any.

    @ReadyForaB mom friends are so hard to make, good for you for actively trying to make more! My best friends also live out of state and I am not great at putting myself out there.

    @beakay8 I love a mellow week! That’s great that you’re leaning into it and trying to feel relaxed about your TTC journey.

    What number are you trying for? #2

    Month/Cycle? 4/4

    WAYDTGKU: OPKs, BBT, tracking on FF

    WTO/TWW? TWW I think...

    Ages of other child(ren)? 2.5

    Any thoughts about this cycle? I got my second Moderna shot on Friday which really messed with my temps. I had a slight fever Saturday and my temp was still a little elevated Sunday. I got a positive OPK Saturday so I’m hoping I did ovulate Sunday since I couldn’t really confirm with temps. So so grateful to have the vaccine but frustrated with the timing!

    Any questions? Because of my temping issues, I did an override in FF so it would just detect ovulation based on the OPK test. Wondering if that’s the best approach?

    Rant/Rave? The sun is shining and trees are blooming! I always feel so refreshed in the springtime and am loving getting to spend more time outside. Rant...I’m trying to nail down some summer plans with MH but he’s notoriously bad at planning ahead and I tend to love to make plans. Not always the best combo ;)

    GTKY: How do you feel about pets...? Do you have pets? Want pets? Not interested in having animals living in your house? We have a sweet rescue dog that we all adore. I would love to have a cat too but MH is deathly allergic.
  • @anniemarie887 I'm glad you found an arrangement that's working for you!  DH is self-employed but 90% of what he does is out in the field.  So days when he is "home" and really supposed to be working on paperwork, he gets kinda stressed if he needs to do kid duty at the same time.  I don't know what he thinks I do, or how I get anything done all day! lol Yesterday was interesting, but I managed.  My calls went okay, but it was hard to concentrate all morning after that, and I'm afraid it wasn't that productive until the baby fell asleep and I got DD up for her quiet time / nap.  I didn't take lunch till 330!  I did get one bite from so far (and they make you pay to even read the reply.)  But I'm not sure how I feel about it.  She is a mom with a 3yo who she says has been coming with her on all her caregiving jobs since she was 4mos, and a 7mo!  So she would be bringing both her girls over to spend the day with our two girls!  A part of me thinks this is kind of amazing and what an opportunity to make friends with another local mom who literally lives right near by.  Another part of me is skeptical how that is going to work in out not so big house with old splintery farmhouse floors.... In a way I might appreciate seeing how another mom handles it and pick up some tips, but of course I would not actually be around to see too much of it if I'm up in my office.  I am also thinking about upcoming transfer, and needing to take a day (or two, bc why not?) off for that.  So if it's a say when I am driving over to MILs, that's going to be a hike.  If it's a day when SIL is taking them, that's ideal.  If one of the two days I'd like to take is a Friday, then I'm still at a loss, apart from telling DH he has to take the day off, and he's pretty busy right now.  So... I'm thinking about giving it a shot at least, see how it goes?  Worst case, it's a shhshow for a couple weeks, enough to get me through transfer, and then we try something else. <shrug emojii>  The other part of me wonders like, is that really the best idea, basically having her come over and care for two sets toddler / baby of twins??? lmao Thoughts?

    @ReadyForaB Thank you so much!!! <3  We will take all the prayers we can get... <I need more emojiis on desktop>  I'm glad you had fun at the park and maybe made a friend!!!  That's awesome and I agree, extra hard to do given everything going on.  We have two dogs and it is hard to keep the house clean, but it's also a dusty old house so?  DH is over it.  He thinks the bigguy is just TOO BIG, too hairy, etc. and he doesn't want dogs ever again.  ...Maybe just italian greyhounds... lol

    @beakay8 Welcome! Your kitty sounds like a sweet old girl. <3
  • @BusinessWife so MH is prob 50-60% in the field, and then wfh. depending on what he has to wrangle from a paperwork standpoint he can do some stuff with her. he loathes the idea of having to be on a call with her around, and i'm like after covid, a large swath of the working population is wfh with kids. no one cares if she is noisy. TLDR; men suck and multitasking and complain about it.

    as for finding care, i am very pro socialization which is why at the end of the day we went the school route vs a nanny at home. we looked into a nanny share, but then what do you do when they get sick or need vacation? you're sol. which granted, i can just take my daughter to my office, but i'd really rather not these days tbh. 
    [Deleted User]
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