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20 weeks ultrasound inconclusive

Hi all I went for my 20 week anatomy scan and they said the baby is on the larger side 12 oz and in67th percentile growth. Also they couldn't determine the gender. I am nervous did anyone go through this.

Re: 20 weeks ultrasound inconclusive

  • Try looking at the thread literally called "Ultrasounds Thread".
  • What are you nervous about? 67th percentile is completely within normal range. Not everyone is going to be right at average. And if you look at the ultrasound thread you'll see that quite a few of us had stubborn babies who wouldn't move so they could get a clear shot to determine the sex - it doesn't mean anything is wrong.
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  • Agree with @dancingnarwhal that it’d be helpful to know what you’re nervous about. 67th percentile seems pretty close to middle of the pack so that doesn’t seem to put up any red flags, and I’m not sure why the sex determination part would be cause for concern. You’ll probably get better responses if you clarify!
  • I am not particularly worried about the gender any baby is a blessing I was worried about the big baby comment I wasn't sure if it means anything ? I mean baby's health wise 
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    I am a high risk pregnancy (hashimotos disease) which is closely being monitored, that's what got me worried also I was planning on VBAC so I wasn't sure if I could have one now, and they asked me to come again in 3 weeks . I just want the baby to be healthy 
  • No it doesn’t mean anything for the baby’s health. Typically doctors/midwives aren’t worried unless baby is under the 10th percentile or over the 90th (or possibly even 95th) percentile.

    Also those measurements aren’t exact, they are guesstimates. Lots of women are told they have a big baby only to have a pretty average size baby once the baby is born.

    And I wouldn’t even say 67th percentile is all
    that big to be honest.
  • Honestly they aren't even concerned until baby is under 5th percentile or in the 90's. Your baby sounds average to me.

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  • It just means that baby is as big or bigger than 67% of others for the same gestation. Mine was 38th but I’m not worried. DD has been over 90th for the last 3 years! 
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  • As someone else said, those percentiles aren't 100% accurate either.  They told me my son was very large and he was 8lb 11oz.  So no peanut, but certainly not gigantic either.  67th percentile is normal.


  • Did your doctor say they were concerned? That doesn't seem like a big deviation from the norm.
  • They did not say anything ,they couldnt get some images they wanted, so they wanted me to come back in 3 weeks. 
  • @babygirl1812 I just had my 20 week anatomy scan yesterday and was told baby was 12 oz. and she didn’t even mention that being “big.” I wouldn’t worry ☺️ I also had a wiggly baby and have to go back later next week for another sono because she couldn’t get all the shots she needed. Seems like a common situation, I think baby's just don’t like sonograms! Lol  
  • Count me in the wiggly baby club. We couldn't get images of the heart at my original ultrasound or my make up ultrasound. Seems pretty common! Agree with previous posters re: size. It is just an estimation. I was told my 3 year.old would be a big baby...she was born 6 pounds 3 oz. 
  • @babygirl1812 - If you look around the board you’ll see that quite a few of us have to go back for a second scan because of uncooperative babies. There’s really nothing you’ve said in this thread that’s a reason be worried. 
  • Thank you everyone this is such a relief hopefully the baby will cooperate in the next scan fingers crossed will post an update again thanks so much for this !! 
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