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Weeks 3-4 (8/15-8/31) Check-in 4/11

Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days:

Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out:

Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of:

Upcoming appointments:

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GTKY: What’s your favourite Disney/Pixar movie?


Re: Weeks 3-4 (8/15-8/31) Check-in 4/11

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  •  Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 8/22 21 weeks 

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: blue

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: banana? 

    Upcoming appointments: in a month 

    How are you feeling?: good. I’ve been super tired in the afternoons and getting achy/cramps in my back sometimes

    Rants/Raves: We are getting snow again Tuesday night through Thursday 😭😭😭 I’m so over snow and cold.  Also I need to update DDs clothes to stuff that will fit her and why is it so expensive?? I’m good news we are starting our big fence install tomorrow!! 


    GTKY: What’s your favourite Disney/Pixar movie? I love so many of them. Loved the Little Mermaid growing up now I love Coco, Moana, and we just watched the new Raya and the Last Dragon and I thought it was great. 

    @Kenneylynn3 we are getting snow too. 😭

  • @Kenneylynn3 ugh, no more snow!! Thursday is a big day—how exciting! 
    @grogu sorry to hear about the vom. I hope the afternoon Diclectin helps take the edge off again. I have no experience with placenta previa, but I hope you get better guidance at your next appointment. 
    @mrspants0809 gah! What is with all this snow!!? Raya and the Last Dragon was great! I really liked it.

    EDD/Weeks + Days: August 26, 20w3d

    Team: Finding Out! Maybe this week??

    Baby is the size of: sweet potato

    Upcoming appointments: Anatomy scan today! I’m nervous, stressed, excited. It’s not until 2:30, so it will be a long day. I have my follow up with my doctor on Thursday, I think.

    How are you feeling?: OK if I take my Diclectin. I don’t have much of an appetite.

    Rants/Raves: My 2yo has just started his clingy, mummy-only phase. My 4yo is copying. I would like to go to the bathroom without having someone barge in and that means MH needs to do more (than current nothing) to intervene when they chase after me. I’m flattered, but I’m also at the end of my rope and it’s not like when the baby arrives it will get any easier. 

    The weather this weekend was so nice. It was great just being able to toss the boys outside in just a jumper to play in the yard.

    Questions: NATM

    GTKY: What’s your favourite Disney/Pixar movie? Growing up Hercules, Mulan and Robin Hood were favourites. Influenced by our 4yo, I think Wall-E might be my new fave. Or Moana.

  • grogugrogu member
    @BourbonBiscuits complete previa 😭😭 I really hope it moves but I'm on pelvic rest and been told not to lift anything etc. I'm going to clarify with my doctor this week

    @pickle-chips good luck today!!!
  • @pickle_chips hope your AS goes well!

    @grogu your dr might just be trying to prepare you for possible cs. I've heard there's still plenty of time for it to move, but I don't have any experience. Also, don't have experience with C/S; however I would look into what's important to you. I knew a CS was possible with being induced last time, so I was specific in how I wanted a clear screen to watch and have the baby immediately pot on my chest, ect. 

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  • @Kenneylynn3 wow, now I really want a root beer! Definitely my favorite soda, haha. What kind of car are you getting?

    @grogu sorry to hear about the PP, I hope you get some good info from others (and also that it moves)!

    @mrspants0809 that is nuts that you and @Kenneylynn3 are still dealing with snow, what a pain. Hope it doesn't interfere with your fence installation!

    @pickle-chips you are probably just finishing up your AS as I type this, hope everything is going/went well! Sending all the good vibes.

    @BourbonBiscuits that's exciting about your friend! Is she close to her due date or would this be a bit early for her to be in labor yet? I can't wait until I have more pregnant friends to compare experiences with.

    Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: August 27/20 + 3

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Team Pink

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: A Banana

    Upcoming appointments: AS tomorrow, I'm excited/nervous!

    How are you feeling?: Great for the most part! Been having some more minor complaints like acid reflux, mild aches and pains etc., but mentally and energy-wise I'm basically on cloud nine lately.

    Rants/Raves: My rave is that I had a nice time on my BFF's bachelorette trip last weekend, and it was definitely an extremely pregnancy-friendly event so that was a relief! Even got a massage, which was awesome. My rant is that my husband put all my clothes from the trip into the wash when I got back yesterday, including several new silk garments that definitely are hand-wash only... I can only be so mad because he does 100% of the laundry in our household and I appreciate that immensely, but I'm really not happy about having to replace those items!

    Questions: None this week. 

    GTKY: I'm not a Disney/Pixar fanatic and don't have kids yet so I don't get exposed to much of it in general... from my childhood it's probably Pocahontas? I always tended to really like the ones that have a bittersweet ending, like that one or The Fox and the Hound or The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  • @the_most_happy we are purchasing my sil's toyota sequoia. We used to own a pick up, but it was totalled back in Dec and ended up buying a dodge charger. It's great, but it doesn't fit the 3 of us, 2 dogs and stuff for camping. So the sequoia will give us the space we need/ what we are used to. Plus we won't have to worry about traveling with the dogs after baby #2 gets here.

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  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 8/28; 20+ 3

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: pink

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: I’m not sure.

    Upcoming appointments: not again until May 6 

    How are you feeling?:I think I’m getting Braxton Hicks already. I got them early with my daughter but it still wasn’t until like 26-28 weeks. I want to call my OB but I’m sure it’s dehydration. 

    Rants/Raves: acid reflux— ugh. Also, someone called me late at night, which woke me up, so now I’m awake! 


    GTKY: What’s your favourite Disney/Pixar movie? Maybe Moana or Beauty and the Beast

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  • EDD/ weeks + days: 8/28. 20 + 2

    Team Blue

    Baby is the gulping down amniotic fluid to develop breathing skills?

    Anatomy scan on Thursday!

    Feeling? Feeling mostly good and taking advantage of it movement wise.  My Strava app warned me to be careful and remember to rest because it looked like my relative effort had increased significantly more than it had in recent weeks.  I occasionally have popping and pain in one side of my jaw that is starting to bother me.  My dental checkup is next month, so I hope I can make it to that appointment without needing relief sooner. My guess is that it’s a combo effect from relaxin for the popping and a wisdom tooth finally erupting for the pain/discomfort. 

    Rants/raves: We are in our last full week of classes at work, which is a blessing since I’ve been having a lot of technology problems and also so bittersweet.  I’m at the point of finally of knowing pretty much all of our graduating seniors since they were freshmen or sophomores, and it feels like they’re my kids too leaving the nest.  

    Questions: This may be TMI, but does anyone else think their BO has changed scent since pregnancy? I swear I smell different when I sweat now. 

    Favorite Pixar/Disney movie? Ummm, do I have to choose just one?  I love so many of them, grew up with Disney movies, and was a Pixar fan starting with Toy Story. The first Disney VHS I got was either Bambi or The Little Mermaid.  I’m a fan of pretty much everything, lol.  The first movie to pop in my head while thinking about this was Soul. Then Brave, Moana, Up, Zootopia, Ratatouille, and The Princess and the Frog. . .Then I started thinking about this wall of text I’m creating and stopped. 

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  • @loloyoyo26 me! My BO is 100% worse. Normally I don’t wear deodorant, but pregnancy me is another story. Also I can’t really wear a shirt for more than a day because the pits stink 😅 At first I thought I’d worn a jacket of MH that left a stink on my shirt, but nope. It was me. 
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 20 weeks

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Pink

    Upcoming appointments: nothing til 24 weeks

    How are you feeling?: mentally good, AS yesterday was normal and cervix length is good. And anterior placenta is blunting movement. first pregnancy without complications maybe? physically my back is giving me the most trouble. trying to stay on top of it as much as possible but its definitely getting worse already.

    Rants/Raves: Minneapolis. In the news again.

    Questions: nope

    GTKY: What’s your favourite Disney/Pixar movie? I think the Incredibles 2 is very very well done.

    @Kenneylynn3 and @mrspants0809 ugh snow! everything for us today was covered in frost, and i remember seeing snow in the forecast last time i looked. really needing that warm weather to start (and stay!)

    @grogu i feel so bad that you're still that sick. this is what i found on previa: Approximately 90 percent of placenta previas identified on ultrasound examination before 20 weeks of gestation resolve before delivery. The more the placenta extends over the internal os, the more likely it is to persist until delivery. Although available data are insufficient to make precise predictions, pooled data suggest that, at 18 to 24 weeks of gestation, when the placenta extends:

    •<14 mm over the internal os, there is a very low probability of placenta previa at delivery.

    •≥14 to 15 mm but <25 mm over the os, the probability of placenta previa at delivery is approximately 20 percent.

    •≥25 mm over the os, the probability of placenta previa at delivery ranges from 40 to 100 percent and is 100 percent at >55 mm.

    @pickle-chips my 2 yo is also very needy right now. which is kind of cute, but hopefully he outgrows it soon. and yeah, it would be nice to pee in peace.

  • @the_most_happy she's just about 36 weeks, so pretty early. She had an appt with her OB and wasn't dilated, so baby is staying put for a bit longer! It is so much fun to have friends with babies of similar ages. So so so fun. Her first and my second are a few weeks apart and her second and this baby (my third) will be a few months apart! 
  • So I'm scrolling through and didn't realize how many of us have the same edd until today. I think it's wild as in my last bump group I shared with only 1 other. Granted DS came 3 weeks early and her's came 2 days late. So I know edd mean nothing, but I thought it was interesting. 

    @loloyoyo26 So my BO became so much better during my first pregnancy and has stayed mild ever since. Strange how hormones affect the body.

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  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 20 weeks

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: x

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: ?poor second kid

    Upcoming appointments: Friday for AS and ob visit

    How are you feeling?: nausea much better and off my doxylamine. Unfortunately fatigue is still terrible and I'm knocked out every few days. Heartburn starting. 

    Rants/Raves: count me in for needy toddler! 

    Questions: STM/TTM - how much stuff did you need new for the 2nd baby? Anything that was helpful to buy new vs just reuse? We finally dug out some of the baby stuff from storage and I AM OVERWHELMED 

    GTKY: What’s your favourite Disney/Pixar movie? Ummm whatever I saw last. But probably Up and Moana? 

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 8/15, 22 + 3 (I have mentally moved my due date to 8/8 because I've been measuring a full week ahead from almost the beginning)

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Team green!

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: a coconut

    Upcoming appointments: not until May 7th

    How are you feeling?: Great! That second trimester energy is helping me sail through!

    Rants/Raves: I booked our Disneyland trip for next month! We had tickets that we weren't able to use before the shut down, so we were able to make reservations before they opened up to general public (they open up for CA residents tomorrow). With 15% capacity and strict social-distancing rules, I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it. I won't be able to go on my favorite rides, but I'm SO EXCITED to take my kids. A year without Disneyland has been too long for them. They're used to going a couple times a year. 

    Questions: NATM

    GTKY: What’s your favourite Disney/Pixar movie? Haha...where to start? Disney classics: Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Aladdin. Modern Disney: Moana, Frozen. Pixar: Up, Toy Story, Coco, Onward, A Bug's Life.

  • @loloyoyo26 I'm definitely stinkier than normal  :#
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • @grogu I had a CS with DS.  I’ve had multiple abdominal surgeries before and the CS was actually an easier recovery.  My doctor did a pressurized bandage (because of my other abdominal surgeries) and it really helped the healing process.  I’ve also read that abdominal binders are really helpful.  Staying on top of pain medication (ibuprofen unless it’s really bad) helped.  For the first week or so getting up is difficult so make sure you have help.  Getting DS in and out of out of his bassinet was difficult and that’s when we started co-sleeping.  Honestly you’ll be surprised how quickly you heal!  🤞🏼 That your PP moves 
  • grogugrogu member
    @emily1052 thank you! I just want to be as prepared as possible. Being in the tiny house adds an extra layer of difficulty. We have a bench seat and our bed is 34" off the ground. 
    I just bought an anti gravity chair so I have something semi comfortable I can nap/get in and out of without help if needed 😂
  • @emmylou78, I’ve been having BH too.  It’s so weird feeling.  At first I thought I was mistaking BH for baby movement but then I actually started feeling baby move. I was guessing it’s another thing that just happens earlier second time around.

    @Kenneylynn3 and @mrspants0809, that stinks for snow.  Yay for a bigger vehicle though. 

    @BourbonBiscuits, how exciting!

    @grogu, I’m sorry you are dealing with sickness still.  I hope it gets better and you’re able to find relief.  FX for a placental migration also. 

    Solidarity ladies.  I have a clingy 5 almost 6 year old. She’s been wanting help getting dressed for school in the mornings after starting to want to dress as much by herself as possible since around age 3, for example. The other day she asked why I liked to “hide” from her in the bathroom. It’s so hard for me sometimes to respond with grace to this reverse in independence because I’ve gotten really used to Miss I can do it myself/Miss I will figure out how to do it myself.

    @cyanope- I totally forgot about Onward!!! 

    @hannelorre- I went through the baby stuff I hadn’t gone through in my moms basement early on.  It was also overwhelming for me.  I kept thinking when did I accumulate all this stuff?!?

    I’m so proud of myself for actually remembering to  come back and finish this post lol. 
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