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Newborn feeding series: Formula

Hello and welcome to Week 2 of our "Baby Feeding Products" series at Product Spotlight! Last week we discussed breast pumps and accessories, so this week we turn to FORMULA, for when we need a little hand from science to keep our babies fed! (Next week we will discuss bottles to figure out where to put all that pumped breast milk and formula, so hold on to those recommendations if you have them!)

What brand of formula do you use? Any help navigating the three million options of formula types within each brand? Do you transition through different ones as your babies grow? (Note: per my doctor, formulas are very regulated in terms of nutritional setup so you won't choose a WRONG one, but people may have tips on different brands to help with, e.g., colic or gas or certain allergies!) If a family knows they are going to formula feed, what should they have ready beforehand? And if a family does not expect to formula feed, is there anything they may want to know ahead of time or have prepared just in case they do wind up supplementing or using formula?

What about the mechanics of formula-administration? Do you use pre-mixed or powder formula? What's your set-up at home, and what's your set-up on the road in your diaper bag? 

Where and how do you acquire your formula? Do you have a good source for coupons? Certain stores to keep an eye on? Mail-order options? Assistance from medical offices?

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Re: Newborn feeding series: Formula

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    I did a mix of bottle and breast feeding. I bought formula from CVS when they’d put out their 20% coupons! I liked the 2oz premixed formula bottles in the first couple weeks— they made the MOTN feedings easier. 

    Until I was a mom, I didn’t realize that bottles have different nipples for different stages. I kept my babe on formula past a year, too, then switched to DHA milk. I plan to do the same too. 
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    If you know you’re formula feeding right from the start, add the Baby Brezza Formula Pro (or the Advanced) to your registry. It’s definitely a bit of a splurge, but it’ll be so convenient in the long run. It’s like a Keurig for formula; you set it up once with the settings that match the brand of formula you’re using, and from them on it’s basically just push a button and get perfectly measured/mixed/warmed formula every time (even at 3am!) 
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    We supplemented with formula in the beginning. Similac will send a box with 3 different types for free. Or at least they used to. I had it on hand and so glad I did when I was instructed to supplement.

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    We introduced formula around 2 months and by 3 month old with DS exclusive with formula (crap supply and the mental toll of the process of increasing supply was TOO much for me)

    At our Pediatricians recommendation we used Enfamil.  We also started probiotic drops added to formula to help with tummy issues.  We didn’t care for the premixed 

    Dr Brown makes an awesome formula pitcher.  We would make a batch in the morning and keep it in the fridge.  

    We NEVER warmed up bottles and it made life SO much easier.  Filtered water right out of the fridge.  It was the best advice I ever received.  

    Formula is SO damn expensive.  We ordered through Amazon and got the subscription discount.  Used coupons when ever we had them. 
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    @emily1052 my friend swears by the Dr. Brown pitcher as well! 
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    We switched DS to formula around 6/7 mos I think. The biggest money-saver was getting him on Costco formula. It was so much less expensive and he didn't have any serious tummy issues so it worked for him. 
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