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Delayed development

My baby boy is 20 months old and still isn’t speaking. Our doctor recommended speech therapy when he was 15 months and we’ve been working virtually with someone for a few months now. There were other things that he wasn’t doing (responding to name, waving, pointing.) We have seen improved progress but there is still no speaking, waving, pointing. He babbles like crazy and sounds so close to saying some words. He has his good and bad days when it comes to attention span. We are considering having an autism screening done, but I’m scared to jump to that. My reasoning for jumping on here is to see if there are any other parents that have been through similar developmental delays and their child caught up? Any other parents concerned about autism but child seemed to catch up eventually? I hear about so many children that do not talk til they are 2 or 3 but I’m not sure if they showed any other signs related to autism. We believe in early intervention and have seen progress. But I’m hoping for some good news with any success stories. Thank you.

Re: Delayed development

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    Get the autism or general assessment. I’ve worked with toddlers in a health care capacity for years. From what you describe it does sound like they are likely on the autism spectrum or possibly a different diagnosis based on what else could be found. I understand not jumping in a diagnosis as it seems like their handed out pretty readily! But the basics of pointing and responding to name should be there. It is best to try and get a diagnosis early as then treatment can be started earlier and progress hopefully sooner. Just know your not alone and there is help out there. I don’t know where you are to try and tell you where to start seeking help. So go to your dr and ask for an assessment for both autism and general growth and development. Then your not pigeon holing yourself to just autism in case it’s something else and having to wait for another assessment. Getting the knowledge and help you need will help tremendously. Good luck!
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    We had the same thing with our daughter. No words, no pointing or waving or responding to her name. Speech therapy is helping but still not talking. We now wave and point but that’s it. She’s been in speech for about a month. We recently got her screened for autism and they said she met the criteria. Since the diagnosis it’s opened up doors to other therapies. We start them in the next couple weeks and I can update you if there is improvement.
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