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GTKY: Easter

Do you celebrate Easter? 

Any family traditions?

What do you eat/bake?

Any fun things your kiddos did this year? 

Re: GTKY: Easter

  • We go to a big church, so I usually go to my mothers church (smaller) for big holidays. It was actually our first year for Easter at our church! I was so worried about the crowd but it was fine! No huge traditions— church, baskets, maybe a small dinner. It’s our first year married so maybe it will change! It was always just me, my daughter, and my mom before. This year we are doing an egg hunt at my husband aunt’s house— DD is still the only child right now on their side so I’m sure she’ll be spoiled rotten. 
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  • Do you celebrate Easter? Kind of...

    Any family traditions? The tradition my husband and I started doing a few years back is we make this really delicious breakfast skillet for dinner and have mimosas. No mimosas this year though :( I also have no idea why we decided breakfast for dinner = Easter - I guess the eggs? lol I also hate ham and that's what my mom always made for Easter dinner growing up so I felt like we needed a different "traditional" Easter dinner.

    What do you eat/bake? I don't use this specific recipe but I make something similar to this every year:  

    Any fun things your kiddos did this year? We don't have kiddos yet so nope! I'm excited to do egg dying and egg hunts eventually though! I always loved that as a kid, it was so much fun.
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  • Kenneylynn3Kenneylynn3 member
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    We celebrate. We will do baskets, didn't this year as DS is two and won't remember. We had a last minute visit from family, so we ended up doing and easter egg hunt with the cousins. I planned on dying eggs, but didn't happen. No traditions for food except deviled eggs. Eventually I'd love to make a ham every year, but not this year. We made a pot roast instead. 

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  • We don't do the religious aspect, and mostly just use it as an excuse to make turkey.

    I used to do an egg hunt as a kid, and imagine I'll start that in a few years. Making new traditions is fun! @dancingnarwhal I love the idea of breakfast. Lots of people seem to have Christmas morning traditions, no reason that can't translate to Easter! Might have to steal this one.

    I was in the middle of struggling through a blueberry pie when I thought of this GTKY haha. I really can't figure out pie dough. Maybe next time, anyone have tips?

    Looking forward to dying eggs. I want to experiment with food based dyes like red cabbage and onion skins!
  • We celebrate but don’t participate in the religious aspect really anymore.  My husbands family does not celebrate. 

    We generally have dinner, color eggs, and have an egg hunt.  

    I’m becoming the deviled egg maker for spring/summer family functions but my mom is still in control of most of the cooking. We usually have ham or turkey, yeast rolls, 1-2 veggies canned from the previous years garden, something cheesy, potato salad, deviled eggs, and dessert

    We had outdoor Easter this year since it was warm, but didn’t dye eggs which felt weird but the kids didn’t seem to miss it.  We just hid plastic eggs that seem to have accumulated in our households over the years. 
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  • claireloSCclaireloSC member
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    We celebrate. We do an egg hunt and baskets and dyeing eggs. We always hide the eggs we dyed and have DD find those. This year we also did a giant hunt with DD's cousins which was really fun. Probably over 100 eggs for 5 kids and the two eldest did all the hiding. The cancer support center we go to always gives us a free, tricked out basket so DD has been spoiled. We did no baskets when she was 1 and 2, but I did take her to a community egg hunt. Definitely think they don't really care until they're like 3 or so. This year at 5 DD was really looking forward to it all and expecting fun stuff. I made a nice dinner of salmon, stuffed clams, asparagus and potatoes. So the tradition is basically 'nice dinner' but nothing in particular beyond that. and I drank the new Lagunitas IPANA 'beers'. 
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  • We celebrate Easter for sure. Church, egg hunt in our backyard, baskets, big meal, etc. We always have a big brunch with mimosas while the kids do baskets and the egg hunt, munch all day (deviled eggs for SURE), have a big dinner (ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, rolls, and more depending on how many people are there) and then a carrot cake shaped like a bunny for dessert. This year the kids are 2 and 4 and had an absolute blast the entire day. It was the bomb.
  • This thread is making me so excited for celebrating with kids! I love holidays in general and hope we will go all out. My H and I aren't Christian but we still celebrate- this year we just did a big dinner with both of the families (finally able to get everyone together now that we're all fully vaccinated!), but I can't wait to be able to do egg dying and egg hunts and crafts and baskets and everything else.
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