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UO Thursday 4/1

What unpopular and/or strong opinion have you got for us today? 

Re: UO Thursday 4/1

  • @pickle-chips sammeeee. I hate practical jokes. Please don't waste my time.
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  • @pickle-chips that's definitely a popular opinion with me! Pranks are so obnoxious in general, I don't understand how there's a huge YouTube culture around channels specifically dedicated to pranking. It's not fun to make people feel stressed out or experience something unpleasant!

    @cyanope I've been really pleased to see more backlash against the pregnancy-related April Fools' Day stuff in recent years, at least among my social media circles. I was slightly panicked because an influencer I follow and really like posted that she's pregnant with twins today and I was like "No, don't let this be a horrible prank!" But thankfully she immediately followed it up by saying she would never joke about that, phew.
  • grogugrogu member
    I don't usually partake in April fools but I froze a bowl of cereal for DD last night. She got a kick out of it and wanted to freeze her dad's beer now 🤣

    @cyanope I've deleted a few people every single year for doing that. It's so insensitive... I just don't get it...
  • @the_most_happy same for the people I follow. Even in the days leading up to today people were posting/sharing other posts about how pregnancy wasn’t a joke, don’t be that person who posts a fake announcement, why it’s insensitive, etc. 
  • My BFF announced her pregnancy several years ago on April fools. It was via text, not full blow fb. I knew she was actually pregnant, but our other friend didn’t know it wasn’t a joke for weeks. I think you definitely have to read the room
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  • My daughter pranked me yesterday, which was funny/cute so I didn't mind that. She pretended my wife's new (used) truck had a big issue. Stinker. 
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