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10 week ultrasound twin hidden?

Hello, I'm wondering if my ultrasound technician missed a second baby on my ultrasound. She did a quick scan to find the baby and listen to the heartbeat. She didn't do any measurements or other looking around. I'm just wondering what you guys think.

Re: 10 week ultrasound twin hidden?

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    @xand23 I think it’s pretty unlikely the technician missed a twin at 10 weeks even if they didn’t do any measurements, but I’m not a sonographer! And I’m not sure if we have any on our board? 

    Best bet is to wait until your 20 week anatomy scan for confirmation, which should hopefully be coming up soon with an August due date! Good luck! 
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    Thanks! My 20 week ultrasound is on the 21st so we will see.
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    I had my ultrasound today and I have a big baby boy. He is 12in and 13oz! He's crammed in there. The movement I felt is his kicks and his big head moving around.
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