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Miscarriage 2

I haven’t posted here but I guess I am just looking for support/ hope.  In January I had a CP a few days after the 4 week mark.  I found out I was pregnant again in March and thought there is no way I can miscarry again but I did at almost the 6 week mark.  Has anyone had success getting pregnant after 2 MC’s?  
My OB sent me for a ton of bloodwork today.  Kind of hoping they find something to explain all
of this.

Re: Miscarriage 2

  • I am sorry for your loss,but it is good that your obgyn is being proactive and doing some tests.  Unfortunately, a lot of times, there are no answers.

    To answer your question, I had a child,  then had a CP, had a 2nd trimester loss, the possibly another CP (never had blood draw to 0, but I had a negative test, then a week later a positive test, so not 100% sure it was a new pregnancy .)  I then had a child.  A few years later, we tried again.  I had a molar pregnancy,  followed by 2 more CP, and then I had another child.

  • I'm sorry for your losses. Unfortunately I had 5 MCs and no living children.  However, I will admit that I've seen a lot of people on these boards have a loss or two and then go on to have a living child.  There are slim odds that will not be the case for you, as it was for me, but the odds are still overwhelmingly in favor of the next PG working out.  If not, I would encourage you to go to a reproductive endocrinologist and get a recurrent pregnancy loss panel of tests.  Do NOT do these tests through your OB-GYN.  (the bloodwork you're doing is probably fine).  But the RE will want to do their own tests.  If you were to end up having recurrent miscarriage issues, keep in mind that about 50% of the time these tests can help determine the complication.  However, in approximately half of the cases (as in mine), it will still be unexplained, and you will basically be in the "just keep trying and hoping for the best" camp.  :disappointed:
    *TW All the Loss* #BitterHagPartyOf1

    October 2015 - 1st MC.  7-8 weeks along. Suspected molar PG, but luckily just a MMC.

    June 2016 - 2nd MC: 4-5 weeks CP

    September 2016 - 3rd MC: 4-5 weeks CP

    RE 1: ALL the testing - 'unexplained'  "Yinz can do IVF or try on your own"

    Feb 2017 - 4th MC: 6 weeks

    RE 2: More tests. Still 'unexplained.'  Called fat for an entire hour-long appointment, cried a lot

    Feb 2019 - 5th MC: 6-7 weeks

    IUD - March 2019-March 2023

    RE 3:  Repeat all the tests. Hoping to try IVF.

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  • I am sorry for all of your losses :(
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