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  • This is a WTF to myself. I've been at my in-laws' for a few days, and I've ordered three separate things online. They're arriving at my house when I'm not there, of course. Why didn't I think about this and just wait until the day before going home to order this stuff? 
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  • guys... sick employee tried to show up today... i took her temp and she still has a fever... clearly sent her home. but like a solid wtf? who comes to work with a fever and risks getting others sick.
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  • @anniemarie887 DUDE. Especially after this past year! I really hope that, as a general population, we can normalize the whole stay the eff home when you're sick thing. Like, really. 
  • @anniemarie887 @Lisa3379 this is a solid WTF from me!

    ...that said, if she isn't getting paid for all this missed time, I understand wanting to come in. bills exist whether we're sick or not and finances can go downhill very quickly from even a short amount of time of lost income.
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