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Twin MC and Cytotec

So some weeks ago I had an us and was told there was only one. A couple weeks later I had another that showed the one had stopped growing. And a couple weeks later had another to confirm dates and such were not off and the baby had in fact stopped growing. I spent the day in the er yesterday with heavy bleeding and they did another us both pelvic and transvaginal that took an hour. They did see two and when the dr came he he said t”he babies are still in there but they are very low.” And I said “the what????” And he said “you did know this was a twin pregnancy right?” And I said “I had suspected all along but was told on 3 us it was only one.” Granted the us tech never spent more then 10 min with me and despite how early I was only did a transvaginal the first time. But I was told 3 separate times it was only one. And I came here once hoping for others experiences and was told by every person who commented “if the us shows one there’s only one!” How does this happen? I guess this previous part is more of a rant then anything but I’m also wondering about others experience with twin loss. Is there usually more bleeding and such due to the second baby or is it usually not that significant of a difference because the babies are so small it’s just another little piece and does necessarily create a ton of extra stuff to pass? Also I woke up yesterday bleeding and it was so bad I couldn’t even get it cleaned up and myself fast enough before more would come. My mom took me to the er and I spent the day with huge globs of stuff just gushing out every 20 min. But they sent me home last night because the bleeding was slowing and wanted me to follow up with my midwife/ ob. I’m glad they didn’t push for a d&c because I want to pass this pregnancy naturally if possible and that’s what my midwife suggested too but I also don’t want to spend days or weeks light headed and losing all kinds of blood and whatever else. The ob prescribed cytotec a week or so ago because if had some spotting but things were not picking up. I never took it and then things picked up yesterday but then since I came home last night I’ve hardly had anything aside from some spotting and even that’s been light again. But when they saw me in the er yesterday they advised me not to take the cytotec because I have had postpartum hemorrhage problems in the past and my body was already starting to pass the pregnancy they didn’t want to potentiate a pph situation so they just wanted me to follow up with my ob. But the bleeding has slowed to almost stopped and now they just want me to follow up with the ob in his office two days later and don’t want me to take the cytotec. My midwife told me I should take it too that it would help if things got too bad too that they give it for pph and when I spoke to the ob earlier in the week he told me the same thing. But then the er dr who spoke to another ob said not to take it for risk of Pph but both my ob and midwife know about my pph issues so now I’m just utterly confused. Is it normal for bleeding during a mc to go back and forth from heavy to light/nonexistent to have and so on. And should I take the cytotec or not? 🙄🤷‍♀️😩😢 this stinks. 

Re: Twin MC and Cytotec

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    @griffonmama I've never lost twins that I'm aware of, but it is absolutely common for bleeding during a MC to go back and forth from heavy to light/nonexistent.  Sometimes it feels like you're FINALLY going to stop bleeding, and then BAM it starts back up again heavily.  (same with the cramping I had).  Also, I'd double-check with your OB/GYN doc.  ER docs are not the ones I would stake my gyne care on honestly.  If you want to confirm a twin PG, I'd check with your OB-GYN.  ER docs are not well-versed in specifics of PG and MC.  Trust me... I went to the ER for my 5th MC knowing exactly what information I needed, and they f'ed it up royally and made me wait forever because of their ineptitude.  ERs are there to deal with emergencies, not necessarily the specifics of your medical situations.

    Additionally, with all the bleedings and shedding of the lining during MC, sometimes it's difficult to have a clear scan or get the exact picture of your situation.  (This was true for my first PG/MC.) 
  • Ok! Thank you! I have a follow up with my ob tomorrow am! 
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  • I’m hoping they can just get my scans from the er cause I don’t want to do another us! But I had a feeling all along and the us done in the er yesterday was far more thorough then the ones in the ob office. But I do want my ob to tell me too that it is if it truly is or if it isn’t. I don’t blame him I just know the person who performed the us in his office isn’t as thorough. 
  • I also asked to see the us myself mc side from what I could see on the screen which wasn’t much cause I felt so miserable they said they couldn’t even show me. 
  • Also where is a good thread to get info about charting? 
  • @griffonmama Anything is possible.  I just know some of my USs showed some wonky things when I had my MMC.  And I know my ER trip was a disaster and a half....

    The TTGP (Trying to Get Pregnant) forum usually has a monthly chart stalk.  Looks like it hasn't been posted yet for April, but here is the one for March:
    Chart Stalk/Questions -- March 2021 — The Bump

    But definitely read the rules over that way, they frown upon one-off posts on that board (as it can get crazy busy, although has been less so during the pandemic), and there's a bit more structure to follow (we really want joiners and a support group, rather than one off "does this test look positive to you?" people who never return type stuff).  But a lot of the ladies are super knowledgeable!!!

  • Thank you so much for all the info! What is a one off post? I’ve tried to read around. But the rules and tuff but there’s SO many abbreviations and stuff it’s. Little overwhelming! 
  • @griffonmama There are definitely a lot of acronyms/abbreviations!  There's a chart of it somewhere if you search.  (Here's one from eons ago:  Acronyms! — The Bump )

    A one-off post is basically starting a "Discussion" for a personal reason/question.  The TTGP board can get very large/busy, so they try to keep everything organized and funneled into regular weekly/daily discussion boards.  So if you have a question such as "I noticed I got a weird temperature drop this morning. I'm new to this and unsure what that means?  Any insight?"  They'd prefer that to go into the Chart Stalk/Questions thread, rather than you creating your own "Discussion" about it.  (if not, they tend to get a lot of "Does this stick look positive to you?" questions that are against the rules and get annoying very quickly)
  • Yeah I think there is a list in the beginning of most boards I’ve seen but I see a lot of abbreviations also that are not in the list and I’m like 🤔🤔🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ 
  • @griffonmama I get it!  If you start interacting over there, you can always ask when you're joining in the convo :)
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