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Unpopular opinions 3.25

It’s been a long week. Anyone got any fun UOs? 
Random strong opinions? 
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Re: Unpopular opinions 3.25

  • Also I know not unpopular but anxiety is a B and needs to 🔪. 
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  • @mrspants0809 admittedly I haven’t been following that story very closely but I’m surprised as well. Also... 🤮. On top of it being so gross I immediately thought of people with shellfish allergies and how eating something like captain crunch could have killed them.
  • I think it's bullshit too!
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  • Agreed, it seems fake to me! I haven’t been following closely but I have two friends who have been debating whether it’s real in a group chat all week so I’ve seen their cases, haha.

    And yes, anxiety sucks! Definitely a popular opinion but one worth saying. Anything in particular you’re struggling with?
  • @pickle-chips I definitely did the baking soda test this time around. (It was right, btw!)
  • @mrspants0809 - totally agree that it’s bullshit. Where would the shrimp have even come from? Stuff like this turns out to be fake most of the time. 

    @pickle-chips - I’ve definitely looked at the Chinese calendar! I was so disappointed we couldn’t find out the sex at the anatomy scan so I just looked up old wives tales for fun. I know they aren’t accurate but it put me in a better mood trying some out. 
  • Ohhh yeah the guy with the shrimp toast crunch is pants on fire. No way. 

    My UO, prompted by a discussion in the F19 FB group right now, is that I don't like Chicago-style deep dish pizza. The sauce is the worst part of pizza. COME AT ME.
  • @BourbonBiscuits FFFC I had to look it up, because I didn't know what it was. Yeah, that looks wholly unappealing to me. The ratio of delicious parts of a pizza are WAY off. 
  • @surrenderdorothy I also had to look the baking soda test up, because I hadn't hear this one. Might be giving that a go this afternoon...
  • @BourbonBiscuits I don't think you could actually get Chicago style pizza within 500km of me but its so good! I have some fond memories going out with my mom and really loving the pizza. That said, who knows if I've ever had the real authentic stuff. 

    My brand new UO is that Chai sucks. I just got my first Chai latte from Starbucks because they got rid of my go-to drink and this is just awful. Tastes like it should be medicine.
  • @doodlemom131 - No! Chai is my favorite! That’s my Starbucks go-to 😂
  • Did you see that the shrimp story plot thickens, apparently the guy is the worst: https://www.thewrap.com/cinnamon-toast-crunch-guy-jensen-karp-abuse-allegations/. The trajectory of this story has been wild.

    My UO, especially on TB, is that I am mildly entertained by old wives tales for predicting the sex of your baby. I will clarify that I do not put any weight behind them and the only 100% guaranteed way to find out the sex of your baby is to give birth. But I have definitely gone through one of the charts of salty/sweet, baby's heartrate, moody/calm, morning sickness, Chinese calendar, Mayan calendar, etc. I draw the line at the ramzi theory/nub theory though  :D
    Lol I am also entertained by the old wives tales. The Chinese gender calendar was correct for my daughter but not this time around.but I craved salty/spicy foods while pregnant with my daughter and I crave sweets this time around with my little guy. I did carry my daughter high and so far I’m carrying my son low. I had almost no morning sickness with my daughter and was sick until almost week 16 this time around. Higher heart rate for my daughter than this time around. Really my pregnancies are polar opposites. Some wives tales were correct others were not. But it’s still fun and entertaining to me :) I never heard of the Ramzi / nub theories before. 
  • I can do deep dish but thin crust is the worst! 
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  • hannelorrehannelorre member
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    @BourbonBiscuits haha deep dish pizza is a point of contention for many chicagoans. I don't love all of them but do love Lou malnati and pequod's. You have to try the right ones!! In general I prefer pan pizza (or Detroit style!! Such salty crunchy yummy goodness). 

    Oh I had done some sort of ring test that tells you how many kids and sex. Apparently I'll have 4 kids (ugh I don't think so...) but 2/2 for sex so far!
  • I love deep dish pizza. I also like extra sauce on everything so it is right up my alley.

    My UO- I’m not a fan of superhero movies. There are so many of them and I just find them boring. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @doodlemom131 NO! That is my go-to Starbucks order, but fair warning- their version does not really taste like anywhere else’s version of a chai latte, so you might actually like it if you get one elsewhere.

    @surrenderdorothy agreed on both counts. Sauce is the best part of pizza! And superhero movies do nothing for me at all... Marvel stuff seems formulaic and overly-polished to me, and from what I hear most DC stuff is just straight-up bad. I read that the recent recut of Justice League is over four hours long and that is crazy!
  • I dont like chai from any coffee places but looove homemade chai if that helps 🤷‍♀️

    And I dont like too much sauce bc tomatoes make my tummy hurt but still love deep dish and have to scoop out the sauce lol

    What about pizza puffs from chicago?
  • @the_most_happy - the DC movies are trash but their tv series Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn are absolutely fantastic. Very funny and very much not polished and formulaic. They are on HBO now. 
  • @doodlemom131 starbucks chai is the worst! I refuse to drink it. I will go and get chai anywhere else. Also I get chai from the store and make it at home. 
    Also into the old wives tales here. Going to look up the baking soda test now...

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  • I've moved onto London fogs, which aren't great, something too perfume/floral for md. But they do have a breakfast tea latte which I'm pretty into.
  • Here’s 3 in one- I don’t like coffee, wine, or nuts with chocolate. Oh and coconut and cilantro can GTFO too! 
  • @CapricaAndrea no wine or coffee? How do you liveeeeee. 
  • @surrenderdorothy alternate caffeine sources, and beer :lol:
  • @CapricaAndrea fair. After my son I had horrific gallbladders issues which resulted in a few surgeries. One holdover is a can't drink a ton of red wine. I love it, and it was soooo hard to accept that it was wine that was making me so sick. Needless to say, I am mostly a beer girl now too. I can still drink white and have the occasional glass of red, but if I overdue it on red I really pay.
  • @doodlemom131, a local cafe that I frequented made their chais with a spicy, rather than sweet chai. I love love love the spicy chai but cannot do the sweet. 

  • I only drink coffee or wine a few times a year 🤷‍♀️ but I enjoy it when I do! Sweet! Usually white wine... or port

    Cant do beer since college- ulcer plus waaay too filling

  • @kiwimangohoneylemon - I hope that’s becoming less of an unpopular opinion and more of a popular one!
  • I don't want to breastfeed exclusively this time I want to pump, feed once or twice in a day and supplement with formula , I have exclusively breastfeed my 1st born and it gave me a ton of anxiety ,shame mom guilt because she wasnt getting enough but then I finally added formula to the routine and she was not fussy anymore. But I am scared and feeling guilty already I am confused!!
  • @babygirl1812 don't feel bad or have mom guilt on how you decide to feed your baby. I have met people who exclusively bf, exclusively pump, exclusively formula feed and a combo of any of the above. I had planned to exclusively bf ds, but I was induced early and we got sent home with the expectation to bf, pump and formula feed. I felt so defeated. Your health is more important than trying to feed your baby a certain way. You need to do what is best for you, because it makes you a better mom.

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  • @babygirl1812 - Don’t feel guilty! The important thing is that your baby is fed and your mental well-being is good! However you choose to feed your baby is completely fine and not something you should feel any guilt over. 
  • I agree, do what’s best for you and mental health! Pumping is it’s own beast, so props to you for dedicating to that! ❤️
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  • Thank you ladies for the encouraging words ,this is so true 
  • Fed is best, not the method that gets you there. :) Don't make yourself feel bad if BFing doesn't work for you!
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