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TWW Thursday 3/25

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 




Typical LP length: 




Re: TWW Thursday 3/25

  • bows22bows22 member
    edited March 2021

    Month/Cycle: 28/31

    CD/DPO: 19/5

    Timing: -2,O

    Typical LP length: 10-13 days (doing some testing next cycle to see what’s happening)

    Testing: Next week sometime  

    R/R: I’m very sad. Our housecleaners came today so I didn’t have time for breakfast if I wanted to be out of there before they came, so I ordered a bagel from Starbucks but when I got there, they were all out and had to refund me 😭. Now I need to find something else to eat bc waiting for lunch is not an option. I realize this is very petty problem but it’s bumming me out today haha. I don’t like McDonald’s breakfast that much but I feel like that’s going to be the best plan. 


    Edit to add - McD’s had approx 18 cars in line so I opted for Wendy’s instead and it was delicious. Highly recommend!

  • @bows22 that new Wendy's breakfast is pretty good! sorry it took so many obstacles for you to get there. for lovers of drinks that are lightly coffee flavored (lol), the Frosty-ccino is *chef's kiss* (it's a little cold brew with their frosty drink mix, available in chocolate and vanilla. just waiting for my Wendy's sponsorship now xD).

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD/DPO: 28, 14 DPO

    Timing: -2, +1

    Typical LP length: 14

    Testing: unsurprisingly, more BFN today. had a sense this cycle would be kind of a wash anyway, but now I know to always have backup OPKs lol

    R/R: rave - Krispy Kreme is giving away 1 free glazed donut a day to anyone with at least one vaccine dose for the rest of the year (must show vaccine card)?!

    rant -*tw?* talking about hypothetical birth

    MH and I ended up talking about epidurals, I mentioned that I want to try to go without one (as a dancer, I want to be moving and to sense my body if I can) and want it incorporated into an eventual birth plan when I will "allow" myself to have one if it ends up being necessary for whatever reason and he was *shocked* that I would willingly go through pain and he was convinced that I must not be managing my expectations correctly so we ended up arguing about it for an hour and like? my dude, there isn't even an embryo yet, chill? I'm glad at least he cares enough to have an opinion, but also, he's a bit out of his depths on this, lol.

    CS/Q: FF finally works again! (ignore crosshairs, they don't know what they're talking about lol)

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  • @chgilmore I didn’t know the Frosty-ccino was a thing and now I won’t be happy until I try one! 

    Also wtf to YH haha? It doesn’t really affect him, although I do lean towards his side 😂. I think it’s worth it to give it a shot though if that’s what you want to do!
  • @chgilmore wait I just looked at your chart - when do you think you ovulated?
  • @chgilmore *TW childbirth/labor*

    Never say never! (And that goes for YH too 😉) keep an open mind and that's  the best possible birth plan you can have, IMO. Childbirth is wildly unpredictable and probably won't go 100% the way you wanted---mine sure didn't lol.

    @bows22 the wendy's breakfast sounds good and all, but I'm kinda more jealous of your clean house 😂 

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD/DPO: 22/9

    Timing: good

    Typical LP length: 13-14

    Testing: 14dpo (Tuesday)

    R/R: I might have been overly ambitious with my weight selection for this afternoon's workout, and now my forearms are super jello-y and weak 😂🤦‍♀️

    Also I realized I tend to use a lot of emojis (sorry not sorry) and I think it's because I'm so excited to be able to use them because TB used to not let you and it would cut off your post and do all sorts of weird stuff unless you used their lame built-in ones.

    CS/Q: nope

  • @pajamstagrams it really is so nice - I always say it’s the best money we spend. Definitely a luxury but it’s something I’m totally fine cutting back other spending for. And yes I find myself using more emojis too! I’m not sure if we were able to use them when I joined here 2 years ago but I definitely thought I couldn’t so once I realized there’s no stopping me haha 
  • @bows22 I feel like a teenager sometimes. I SWEAR I'm in my 30s guys 😂😂

    Of course that's probably apparent by emoji choice anyway 🤷‍♀️
  • @pajamstagrams I felt very attacked when I heard that today’s youth associates the 😂 emoji with old people haha 
  • @bows22 @pajamstagrams they can pry the "xD" out of my skin tight jeans, thank you very much! use those emojis to your heart's content!!! and I also love a clean house, recently we decided to rebudget to make an allowance of sorts for cleaners to come in and it has been very wonderful to not have to worry about it.

    @bows22 pretty sure I O'd on CD 14 (I'm very consistent - EWCM, ovary pain on one side, VERY into HIO lol), it's possible I'm off by a day or so but I doubt I was a whole week off! 

    TW childbirth/labor
    I'm definitely open to changing my mind, I know I can't possibly anticipate how it will feel in the end or what else may happen as far as complications go, but I also don't want to feel "bullied" into getting an epidural (one reason I've gone with a midwife instead of an OB/GYN). I also know that I like being able to move around and sense my body, and I think it would be more traumatic for me to not be able to feel things or move around, especially since DH and I agreed we're only going to have one kiddo. but I also know that at the end, all that will matter to me is that we're both safe.
  • @chgilmore I really think your O day is CD18, unless you have a reason not to trust your temps or CM

    Being able to move around is definitely valid but if the epidural is done properly you are still able to feel what to do. I know they don’t always go like how they are supposed to though. I also agree on the bullied thing - it should definitely be your choice and either way is fine!

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