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Product Spotlight: baby apparel

Have you started shopping baby clothes? Waiting until the shower? STM+ moms, what do you recommend for the NB phase? Drop you faves here! 

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Re: Product Spotlight: baby apparel

  • I like kimono style onesies for the cord stump days at the beginning. easier to not irritate it then. I bought a bunch of Kate Quinn onesies, just because they were so cute. No big plans to go nuts on clothes for now since I won't know size and they grow so quickly! DD1 barely fit in any newborn size stuff and only for a few days.
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  • pickle-chipspickle-chips member
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    I’m curious what people dressed their summer newborns in? Any tips? Both my boys were born in winter.

    I do love the five packs of Carter’s long sleeve plain onesies. I bought them in essentially every size up to 24m.

    I had them both in sleepers for the first month of their lives, rather than dressing them in outfits because that felt like too much effort haha. I love the two-way zipper sleeper style, like Bonds Wondersuits or Kyte Baby (omg these are so soft) or Parade Organics—these are my favourite brands. 
    Buying secondhand is a good way to save money when they’re in the clothes for such a short period of time.

    Has anyone given thought to baby’s “going home” outfit? We didn’t do anything special for either of the boys, but I’m thinking I will probably get this baby a nice new Kyte Baby sleeper since the rest of their clothes will be hand me down. 
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  • grogugrogu member
    @pickle-chips I got a few Kyte baby sleepers when a small shop here was clearing them out. They are so dreamy! 

    I'm likely making a preemie sized sleeper for the going home outfit as my first was in preemie size for at least a month and she was full term. 

    Otherwise we buy second hand because they grow way too fast
  • Ohhh I keep seeing ads for Kyte baby! Thanks for the rec- I’ll have to check them out. 

    @pickle-chips not sure if this is helpful because we live in vastly different climates but my July baby was in a lot of cotton onesies with booties the first few months. I always had a cotton swaddle on hand for over air conditioned spaces. We did Burt’s Bees long sleeve sleepers at night (I know I’ve posted about my love for their sleepers so excuse me for being a broken record here, ha) because they were thin and soft.

    I don’t anticipate buying many clothes for this little guy. I kept most of DS’s stuff that was still in good shape. Because we don’t really have seasons and they are only one month apart I’ll be able to get a lot of use our do what I have (assuming, of course that he is built like a meatloaf like his brother and not a little peanut.) I’ll probably use the onesie that DS wore home from the hospital as his going home outfit. It was worn by my nephew when he came home as well. 💙

    Things I’ve purchased- I got a swaddle and coordinating nursing robe for me from Milkmaids that I’m excited about. I also got a ton of stuff on super sale from Janie and Jack including matching swim suits and Christmas sweaters with moose on them. Never thought I would be a matching my kids kind of gal but here I am... 🤣
  • I also had winter babies for my last two. I assume I'll just use a plain onesie where its hot and zip sleepers inside if its chilly/ at night. I think I donated my newborn phase clothes so I'll probably buy a few used ones.

    I won't do anything special for a coming home outfit. Last time I had plans on having the photographer in the hospital take pictures of the family, but then my LO got taken away because he was turning blue when he cried, then he got a few rash after less than 24 hours, and basically I was just a mess after a pretty traumatic birth experience. I have no expectations, lol.
  • I love love LOVE baby clothes. So cute and teeny. Our babies live in those gowns when they're teeny (easy access to diapers) and muslin swaddles. My bigs are both winter babies too, so I'm not sure how to dress a summer baby? We did a special "first pic" outfit for DD (we call babies by their first initial publicly until birth, so it was basically a name reveal onesie - we're just a little stitious, iykwim) so we'll probably do something special for this babe too. 

    Definitely worth getting the zippers that open at the feet (target has tons) so you can keep their little chest warm during diaper changes. Expect baby to explode poop in your fanciest heirloom outfits and have lots of oxiclean on hand for when it happens. I'm one of the few weirdos who puts my kids in real clothes during the day, but most moms I know aren't that crazy and just keeps a rotating cycle of jammies lol. 
  • I kept most of the infant clothes from DD. She was an October baby but I assume I’ll still use lots of sleepers. I’m always paranoid about baby being cold!! I’m picturing lots of walks for maternity leave since it’ll be nicer weather (but since I’m planning them it probably won’t happen) so definitely short sleeve onesies too. 

    I’m Team No Pants for the first 6-8 months. 

    For the baby... not me 😉
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  • All sleepers should be zip down. Period. Who has the time and patience for snapping a squirmy baby into a snap down sleeper?

    Highly recommend a sleeping gown for ease with diaper changes too. My son and daughter both spent significant time in them during the newborn phase. 

    I'm also on team daytime clothes. Routine helps me tremendously and getting baby/kids and myself into day clothes always helped my mood. 

    We got a "going home" sleeper for my oldest and passed it down to my youngest. She was a peanut at birth, only 6 pounds, so even the newborn clothing was big on her. We'll likely use the same sleeper for baby #3...if I can find it. 

    That said, I know that some people just skip buying much newborn clothing at all. We bought next to none with baby #1, thinking baby was going to be big, but my MIL ended up having to go out and buy newborn clothes when I was post partum. It's true that they aren't in newborn clothing THAT long, but with poopy diapers and spit up, they sure go through several outfits a day. 
  • I like an outfit during the day too! Those gowns are the best for sleeping, any recommended brands?
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  • I can’t remember how long DD was in newborn size but it was a fair enough time that I couldn’t have done it without enough. At least a month? 
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  • I'm late to the party. Sorry I've been absent as we were visiting friends/family for the week. I'm team jammie 24/7, but my kid was born in Feb, so will probably complete opposite size when it comes to seasons. And I have to idea how to dress a summer baby. Also, I prefer snaps so I can keep the top half dressed during changes. 

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  • I think the best advice is to have a variety.  You can’t go wrong with zippered footed pajamas, cotton is good for summer.  
    Some people like gowns but I find them inconvenient because their legs pop out and you can’t put them into a carrier, stroller, bouncer or car seat, so I only like them at night under a swaddle.  
    Different brands fit differently for different shapes babies,  what fit my daughter perfectly didn’t fit my son as well.  A variety means you’ll be able to figure out what you like and get some more of those after baby is born. 
    Kimonoes and footed zip ups and little hats are good for newborn, 3 month sizes.  After about 3-6 months lots of onsies and pull on stretchy pants are good with zippered footed pajamas (awe may want some fleece warmer ones in 6 and 9 month sizes.  
  • After baby 1 I kept pretty much all of our clothing. After baby 2, I got rid of every single sleeper that had snaps and only kept the zipper ones.

    Love Halo sleep sacks, my kids both hated being swaddled and would break their arms out anyway.

    Baby 1 never fit into NB size, but when B2 arrived 4 weeks early, we had to run out and buy about 8 NB sleepers just to get through the first 3 or 4 weeks. I'd recommend having some NB clothing on hand, but only wash like 1 ahead of time, and then if baby is too big for them, you can return the rest.

    Summer is pretty liberal for clothing. Winter babies I'd recommend full or body suits so that the shirt doesn't ride up and expose their belly, but that's not such a big deal when it's hot out.

    Did you know there is NB and 0-3m clothing that has little optional mittens built in? If baby is scratching themselves it's a great option, you just fold the sleeve down over their hands and then they can't get them off like they sometimes can with separate mitts.
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