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Newbie Intros w/o 3.22

Welcome, new members! Please read The Ultimate TTGP Guide pinned at the top of the board ( It's full of information about TTGP and about our community here on The Bump. 

Please introduce yourself and share as much (or as little) as you would like. Once you're ready, feel free to jump into any of our daily/weekly threads to participate in the community!

Ages (you and SO): 

How many months have you been TTC?: 

What are you doing to get knocked up (WAYDTGKU)?: 

Tell us about yourself! (Kids, pets, job, hobbies, etc.)

Re: Newbie Intros w/o 3.22

  • TW: loss and LC mentioned 

    Copied from the 3.15 post since I didn’t see it before posting this. Sorry! 

    Ages (you and SO): I’m 35, MH is 36

    How many months have you been TTC?: just starting

    What are you doing to get knocked up (WAYDTGKU)?: I bought a thermometer for temping and got ovulation sticks - didn’t temp when TTC last time (5 years ago 😳). I’m on folic acid and DHA now and a daily multivitamin but will resume prenatals next week. 

    Tell us about yourself! (Kids, pets, job, hobbies, etc.)
    I am a psychiatrist and have been with MH since we were 16 & 17, married for 14 years in July. We had our first at 24 & 25, just prior to me starting medical school. He’s 10yo in 5th grade. Almost 11. We didn’t try for number 2 until 2015, and our daughter came 9 weeks early in Sept 2016. She’s 4yo and will be starting VPK in the fall. 

    MH had a vasectomy in 2018, and my IUD came out in Aug 2020. I was surprise pregnant by Oct 2020. We found out we were expecting a little boy, but we lost him almost 3.5 weeks ago at almost 24w. Devastated doesn’t cover it. After much back and forth, MH finally agreed to try for another baby. Obviously our loss is still fresh and raw. I’m still waiting on one more genetic test, then I will meet with MFM to see if we need testing to figure out why really for my last 2 pregnancies I haven’t been able to successfully carry to term. Will start actively trying once we get the all clear from MFM - who I will have to follow for the duration of any pregnancy. I 
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  • @kiwi2628 welcome back! I was a lurker in 2016 when I was learning about charting while trying for our first and definitely remember your name! Glad to have you here. Hope your stay is short though!
    kiwi2628[Deleted User]
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