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TW Tuesday 3/23

Who or what in your life is being a twat waffle? 
Me: 29 | DH: 28
Due: 6 Nov 2021
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Re: TW Tuesday 3/23

  • gogracegograce member
    edited March 2021
    My progesterone. It’s got me so dog-gone tired that it’s 7:40 and I’m in bed falling asleep.

    ETA progesterone supplement that is. 
  • @gograce 🙌🙌 after dinner I'm DONE, I have to get to bed by 7 or 8 every night or else I'll pass out wherever I am.
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  • @gograce @artsiefartsie that’s me at the moment as well! Came home from work last night, had dinner, and went to bed lol I hate it 
    Me: 29 | DH: 28
    Due: 6 Nov 2021
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  • I'm so jealous! I tired enough to fall asleep at 8, but then I'm back awake by 11p. Then fall back to sleep just before 2 and wake up at 3:30! I can't stay asleep at all! I'm so damn tired!
  • @cdbaldwin09 omg same, friggin exhausted. Insomnia stopped for two days then back this week. What is so exciting for pregnancy brains at 3:30?
  • @cdbaldwin09 Have you taken Unisom at night? It keeps me asleep all night, and I'm a chronic 3:30am wake up person.
  • @KNB1027 🙌🏻 some things are worth having huge fights over and that’s one of them! 

    I don’t have a TW of my own lol
  • @KNB1027 I hear you loud and clear. My husband has been in therapy for probably 2 years now for anxiety and depression. We got into it a couple of weeks ago because he doesn’t do what the therapist asks a lot of the times and has been resistant to medication (his brother had problems with erectile dysfunction on antidepressants, so he’s scared that will happen to him too). I basically told him he needs to get with the program (literally) or start meds before we have this baby. We pay for his therapy, so he should at least do what they say. Ugh, husbands...
  • @mkp0903 First, let me say I know how frustrating it can be motivating your partner to take care of their mental health. 
    Second, does his psychologist work with a psychiatrist (or have a referral for one)? If so, they can discuss types of medications and the potential side effects. It’s entirely possible that your BIL had erectile dysfunction from depression, but could have been the meds as well. If it were the meds, a simple discussion with the psychiatrist about the issue would simply result in a medication change. It is unbelievably common to try 2, 3, 4, etc. medications before landing on one that fits. 
    Third, hang in there. I’m a pretty firm believer that just about everyone needs a little assistance at some point in their life from medication, and that goes for brain disorders as well. Hugs ❤️
  • @sliztee he just sees a therapist right now. He just needs to work it out. I’m a doctor so we talk about meds a lot, but he doesn’t really care about empiric data...he’s a really smart guy and being isolated working at home for the last year has just like paralyzed him. He doesn’t respond to therapy remotely like he did in person. I’m hoping this year will be better for him with things getting closer to normal. It’s just frustrating in general. He’s an adult so I try to trust that he’ll get it figured out. 
  • I feel so guilty for saying this, but my grandmother is being a TW.

    3 years ago, we sold our house and moved into hers because my grandpa was hospitalized and my grandma was doing things like microwaving raw chicken and eating it while it was still bloody. She refused to move to senior living, refused to hire care.

    Her dementia has only gotten worse since and it feels like our 4 year old son has never been able to really live a normal kid life because she always yells at him about "being too loud". We have had countless conversations with him about how we have to be so quiet in order not to disturb "great grammy" because of her condition.

    We have him avoid playing above her bedroom. We constantly remind him to use his inside voice, walk softly, don't run in certain rooms (above her living space), don't jump in certain rooms. It's such a shit situation for him. He is a very active boy and can't be himself here.

    He was simply walking "like a dinosaur" from the office to his playroom 2 nights ago and she yelled at him saying he was being too loud. So I did a bad thing, lost my patience, and lost my shit on her for 20 minutes. I eventually calmed down and wrote her a long letter explaining why I was so upset - my kid can't do normal kid things for the last 3 years in this house.

    It's a never ending cycle though. She will just forget this whole fight ever took place and it will happen again within a month. Idk how it's going to be with baby number 2 arriving this year.
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  • @jennpearl007 oh man, try not to feel guilty if you can help it. That is a huge load to carry. I worked in a secure unit with dementia patients for 7 years, and I absolutely can’t imagine living with it. Your stress is totally legitimate. I’m sorry you need to carry that burden. I hope you get some distance and normalcy where you can. Hang in there, and remember that it’s totally human nature to prioritize your youngins!
  • @usedtobeknottie Thank you so much for the kind words. You have no idea how much that means to me and how validated I feel reading that. ❤
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