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  • @claireloSC yay for your second dose!!

    @emmylou78 a fatality... that is awful. 😔
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  • @thr_most_happy ah that is so special!!

    I feel this baby a lot less than my first. I have an anterior placenta this time- not sure what I had last go around. It freaks me out but so far everything is fine so I’m trying not to manufacture worry where there is no need for it. I keep telling myself that maybe this one is a quiet, agreeable, child instead of the tornado of energy that is my 3.5 year old. Wishful thinking I suppose. 🤣
  • @surrenderdorothy same! I still feel a lot of kicks and some mini punches off to the side and down below. 

  • @surrenderdorothy - I have an anterior placenta as well and haven’t felt my baby at all yet if that helps. My midwife said I might not feel anything until week 23ish! 
  • grogugrogu member
    @dancingnarwhal Yay for the vaccine! I can't wait until I can get mine. Maybe July??

    @the_most_happy it's so exciting when the movement picks up. I actually saw some from the outside which is stupid early but I think baby just made my fat jiggle or something haha! 

    @surrenderdorothy my first is such an easy going, agreeable kid. My doctor was trying to find the HB at my last appt and baby kept moving around and she's like "oh, you're going to have your hands full" 🤣 I hope not!
  • Oh man, my first kicked, flipped, and jabbed so much! When he was born the nurse actually asked if he moved a lot during the pregnancy because his thigh muscles looked very athletic for a newborn 😂 He has not slowed down. 
  • Love these stories. Mines been fluttering for about 3 weeks, kicking for 2 and visible/feelable on the outside for 1. It's ridiculous. I feel like a punching bag every time I sit down. I think I might be that person who gets like a full video of an imprint of the feet by the time this is done. MH felt it a few days ago and he was really happy. I can't remember which word it is but my placenta is in the back and a little near the top.
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