November 2021 Moms

High Risk Check-in 3/16

How far along are you?

Why are you high risk?

Any additional monitoring or testing this week?

Any concerns/news currently?

How are you coping being high risk?

Any questions?
Me: 29 | DH: 28
Due: 6 Nov 2021
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Re: High Risk Check-in 3/16

  • I was thinking of starting this one so thanks @jackie_dunny

    How far along are you? 6+4

    Why are you high risk? I have lupus but also mainly because I had a large blood clot in my left leg shortly after I gave birth last time. My doctor wants to put me on blood thinners this go-round and then take me off blood thinners RIGHT before the c-section. Makes me a little nervous but I trust her. I also have a SCH - not sure if that is considered high risk. Probably not as long as it goes away within the first tri if I had to guess. 

    Any additional monitoring or testing this week? I had an ultrasound on Monday and go back next Tuesday.

    Any concerns/news currently? I am just anxiously waiting for my next appointment so I can see and hopefully hear the heartbeat again. I just want to be done with first tri so I can stop worrying. 

    How are you coping being high risk? Good so far.

    Any questions? Where are all the other high risk mamas? I know I can't be the one one. :) 

    Me 35, DH 37

    Unexplained infertility and TTC since December 2014

    February 2016 - May 2016: 3 IUI's -- all BFN

    August 2016: IVF #1 (Lupron, Gonal F and Menopur) -- 12 retrieved, 9 fertilized, 3 frozen and 1 x day 5 hatching blast transferred -- BFN. Sent remaining 3 embryos for PGS testing -- 2 didn't survive thaw, 1 was abnormal.

    February 2017: IVF #2 (Gonal F, Menopur, and Ganirelix) -- 12 retrieved, 6 fertilized, 3 sent for PGS testing and all were abnormal

    March 2018: IVF #3 (Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix and HGH) -- 14 retrieved, 12 fertilized, 4 sent for PGS testing, and 3 were PGS normal

    May 2018: FET #1 -- BFN

    August 2018: FET #2 -- BFP!!! healthy baby girl born May 2019!!

    July 2020: FET #3 -- embyro did not survive thaw

    September 2020 - IVF #4 (Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix and HGH) -- 1 PGS normal

    October 2020 - FET #4 -- BFN

    January 2021 - IVF #5 (Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix and HGH)  -- 2 PGS normal

    February 2021 - FET #5 - BFP!!! Due 11/6/2021

  • How far along are you? 5w5d 

    Why are you high risk? Age, history of PE and on Lovenox all pregnancy, recurrent pregnancy loss

    Any additional monitoring or testing this week? Just had an US today (yay!) and another one next Thursday 

    Any concerns/news currently? First US was good. Got my meds refilled on time. Next appointment is next Thursday. 

    How are you coping being high risk? Early US are such a anxiety provoking experience! I’m with you @teamginger13 about not being able to wait for the first tri to be over. I wish I could have the experience of women who never had to work this hard to become and get to enjoy seeing a little peanut on the screen. 

    Any questions? None right now
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  • How far along are you? 7weeks

    Why are you high risk? My 1st pregnancy history. At 7w I had to a surgery to remove a huge ovarian cyst and was put on supplementary hormones. Those cause me to throw do hard while also making me terribly hungry to the extent that I would cry out of hunger right after 3 baguettes! I also contracted kidney stones (suspecting my meds) which caused me to be hospitalized for the 2nd time. Two weeks after it was preeclampsia. I shot up 20+ kilograms in a span of 10 days. C-section and ended up in the icu for 3 days. Now that I have a child to take care of, I don’t want even a single pattern to repeat. Health care is awful if you’re not pregnant in my country!! I got so less care postpartum. 

    Any additional monitoring or testing this week? My 1st appointment is next Friday

    Any concerns/news currently? We have been riding a flu and I have been running a temp, worried to what extent it can affect the pregnancy

    How are you coping being high risk? I haven’t thought about it yet. My usually reaction to stress is to ball up and not communicate with others. I’m trying hard to break the pattern

    Any questions? Any preeclamptic mommies went on to have smooth pregnancies later on? Any advice for managing kidney stones? 
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