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Monday BF 3/15

What’s your b*tchfest today?
Me: 29 | DH: 28
Due: 6 Nov 2021
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Re: Monday BF 3/15

  • My irrational BF is that pregnant woman shouldn’t have to go to work. I’m nauseous as hell, y’all. Let me stay home 😤 
    Me: 29 | DH: 28
    Due: 6 Nov 2021
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  •  I really don’t have that much other than my mother in law is the least compassionate person on the planet. My husbands grandpa died and the funeral was over the weekend. She complained about how boring it was, how long memorial service was (it was like 90 min), that her mom spoke too long and her speech sucked and the kids were messy at lunch (they’re 1 and 3). Then (we’re catholic and she hates it) she kept joking about how she was going to become a dirty catholic with us because at least mass only lasts an hour 🙄 she’s a child and a inconsiderate one at that. Oh and she kept telling my husband shit like roll your eyes one more time and I’ll knock them outta your head. So that is cute. 
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  • @jackie_dunny i agree i was working night shift at the hospital with my last baby and it was miserable the entire time 
  • I really hate changing the clocks for DST. Aren't there enough studies available to prove the negative health affects this does to us 2x per year? I'm tired of politicians all talking about doing away with the practice whenever we lose an hour and then letting the subject drop without doing anything until the next year comes around. I don't even care which time we settle on, I just want to end this madness.
  • @daisy0322 oh she sounds vile. Was this her dad's funeral? 

    @amostpeculiarmlle I totally agree! It makes absolutely no sense to me. I've been moving up DSs bedtime all last week to help prepare him and he's still miserable today.  

    My bitch is also a combo of DST and it revving up my morning sickness the one morning I need to wake up early to do lab work. 🙃 Fingers crossed my levels are at least good. 
  • I already posted some in the symptoms thread, but I just saw this lol.  Hubby sat on my glasses and I can’t get them fixed for two days. They keep falling apart and I want to cry but that might raise some eyebrows at work 😂. Also it’s year end at my job and I just want to tell my boss to F off. Extreme pressure already on a Monday morning and I just want to walk out. I slacked last week because my brain was buzzing with pregnancy thoughts and I am PAYING for it this week with a giant pile of work to do. Ahhh fun. 

    @daisy0322 I’m sorry for your family’s loss. Funerals bring out the worst in people. Do you think you’ll tell your mother in law soon, or are you going to wait that one out for a while? 
  • daisy0322daisy0322 member
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    @artsiefartsie it was her step dad but he’s been around 30 years and was a fantastic man. She does suck though. She used to say she wouldn’t want anything to do with our devil spawn because she always referred to me as satan but she had a serious heart attack right when I found out I was pregnant with our oldest and she decided maybe she did want to be a grandma. She’s been nice to since I successfully gave her a grandson and even more so since grandson number two. If this baby is a girl she’s gonna have a fit though. Honestly to continue my venting my hubby wants this to be a girl so bad and I know my parents do too. I always end up just feeling like a host while pregnant I but so much pressure on myself. 

    @usedtobeknottie Wellllll i was showing her a pic on my phone and dropped it and a blaringly obvious pregnancy test picture I had sent to a friend popped up so she knows unfortunately. She was really excited about another boy since I make boys though 
  • @daisy0322

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with that.  Toxic family is the worst.  
  • @artsiefartsie thanks - it’s really not a huge deal I’ve just been overly emotional lately 😅
  • @daisy0322 the meme @artsiefartsie used is perfect. What the actual F?? You’re such a champ though! You seem to be handling her so well! I need your maturity when it comes to dealing with my SIL 😅
    Me: 29 | DH: 28
    Due: 6 Nov 2021
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  • @jackie_dunny hard agree. I feel so crappy. Do you get to work from home? That's my only consolation, honestly. 

    @daisy0322 jeez your MIL sounds like a real peach
  • @jackie_dunny you know when I was 19-24 0r 25 I argued with my Husband about her but in the last few years I realize that’s what she wants to happen and rising above it gets her less attention and is better for my husband/ our relationship. 
  • @daisy0322 I am so sorry about your family’s loss. I think our MILs could be buds. I only have girls and she very strongly and obviously prefers her grandsons. And she’s been caught red handed instigating fights between us. 
  • @doodleoodle ugh I’m sorry I hate it when they bring the kids into it. 
  • @daisy0322 Ugh how infuriating and childish. I'm sorry you and your hubby had to experience that on a day that should have been about comforting one another and remembering him with love.

    @jackie_dunny count me in for the not working while pregnant or at least having the option without getting in trouble for attendance. I have been through enough therapy that I am not great at hiding my emotions or bottling up my feelings so now I have no poker face - when I am not feeling well I want everyone to know and sympathize :lol:

    @amostpeculiarmlle I second the DST. I am dragging today
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  • @KNB1027 luckily in the UK they actually do allow more absences for pregnancy related issues and you’re also allowed to take the paid day off (not including your vacation days) for pregnancy related appointments (and even antenatal classes!). I just haven’t told my boss I’m pregnant yet lol so I’m using regular vacation days for my upcoming appointments at the moment. You make laugh with your poker face though 😂 I’m not like that at all in any public setting but with DH, I am the biggest baby lmao he enjoys taking care of me when I don’t feel good though so it works out 😂
    Me: 29 | DH: 28
    Due: 6 Nov 2021
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