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Weekly Symptoms 3/14

How far along are you?

What symptoms do you have this week?


Re: Weekly Symptoms 3/14

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    16w4d, I may have overdone it today as I am feeling a fair bit of pelvic pressure. Not pain, just heaviness. I also have a bit of back pain.
    And with the two together, Dr Google has made me paranoid about an incompetent cervix. 
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    19 weeks. Also feeling back pain/hip pain and heaviness at the end of the day. When I spoke to my doctor about it, she reassured me that I was feeling these symptoms earlier because I've had previous pregnancies. I'm not sure if that's applicable to you too. But, I know all too well the anxiety that comes from Dr.Google! 
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    @coastalmomma3 totally applicable! I really appreciate the reassurance. I spoke with the on all doc and he said the same thing. And that I should be experiencing these symptoms at this stage. He suggested rolling on a foam roller to help relieve the muscle pain. I should know better than to consult Dr. Google!

    Also adding Braxton Hicks to the list!
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    19+5 and is anyone else just starving all the time. I feel like its never ending. Breakfast, snack, 2nd breakfast, lunch, snack, snack, snack.

    What's everyone eating these days? I feel like I need go switch it up from veggie sticks and dip.
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    grogugrogu member
    @doodlemom131 I'm in the starving all the time but nothing sounds good... I've been living off of Egg McMuffin a for the past few weeks 🤣🤣
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    My back has been hurting too! I went ham on the 14 years of brush the previous owner let go wild at the new house on Saturday and my back was unhappy. My belly was hurting too. Took it easier Sunday and seem to be on the road to recovery but still in some pain. 
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    @pickle-chips, way back pre pandemic I used foam rollers and tennis balls in yoga. They do feel amazing! Right now I've been using (stealing) my dog's cleanest tennis ball and rolling on that. It feels good too but more intense than the foam rollers. 
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    How far along are you? 16 weeks

    pickle-chips I'm also using the foam roller, which feels pretty good after the initial pain!

    Questions/concerns? not really

    doodlemom131 Eating? Still, nothing sounds good. I've had oatmeal for breakfast for so many years and luckily that still sounds ok. But the rest of the day is a struggle. Lots of pineapple and oranges, but they give me GERD, which is kind of disgusting. 

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    @coastalmomma3 @litzi-2 what part do you roll? :D I forgot to clarify with my doctor. I've used a foam roller before to help with IT band, knee, ankle issue. But is this the same? Are you rolling on your back? There are a few YouTube videos of how to use a foam roller in pregnancy, so I'll just do what they say and hope one of the motions helps with the pain/pressure.

    I think I forgot to take my Diclectin last night. I feel absolutely wretched today and it is taking everything in me not to be sick. 
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    litzi-2litzi-2 member
    edited March 2021
    @pickle-chips Sorry you feel so yucky. right now i'm doing lower back, IT, legs. just whatever feels good. its going to get harder soon, tho! i just had my first chiro appointment yesterday. it was very interesting and i'm hoping that if i stick with it i'll be able to walk by the end! 
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    @pickle-chips, I'm rolling my lower back and hips. It's too hard for me to do roll on the floor with the tennis ball so I typically roll standing against a wall instead. It looks super awkward but feels amazing. 
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