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Doppler scare

So please no "this is why you shouldn't use a doppler comments", but I am 16 weeks and have been listening on the doppler for a few weeks now. This morning, his heartbeat went REALLY low for a short time and picked back up to about 160. My husband thinks he was just moving and I didn't get all the beats, but I'm not so sure. Any comforting words here? This is my third pregnancy, and the first ended in a 15 week Loss so I'm just nervous. 

Re: Doppler scare

  • So sorry for your previous loss! Are you sure you weren’t just picking up on your own heartbeat, which would be much slower than baby’s? That seems like the most likely explanation to me.
  • Thank you! That's what I'm wondering... If it was mine. It was just right over his hb in the same place and just suddenly slowed WAY down. Once I got him it sounded great. He was moving a lot so it would make sense if he moved. 
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  • I agree with @the_most_happy, you probably picked up your own heartbeat for a moment.  Mine is hard to keep on a doppler.  It's like it knows when I'm using the doppler and swims away.  If you caught the baby during an active time it could be tough to keep on the monitor.  Not all dopplers are created equal either, so some pick up better than others.. some not so much.  I wouldn't lose any sleep over it!  I understand the loss anxiety though, so easier said than done, I know!


  • @sparks31211 super late and just reiterating what others have already said, when my doctor used the doppler at my last appointment (last week at 15 weeks) she was like "there's baby, oh and there's you, and there's baby again". But it was the same kind of thing: very fast baby heart beat and then all of a sudden my slower heart beat very loud and then pretty quickly back to baby again without her moving the doopler wand. But had she not been there to tell me what I was hearing I wouldn't have known otherwise! 

    Glad to hear he sounds fine and is wiggling around! Big hugs, loss anxiety is a lot to cope with <3
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