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Randoms- 3/8

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    I didn’t see a thread started for this week but please delete if this is a duplicate. My app is no longer working and my phone browser access does not show me updated threads. Fun times on 2010ish tech that is the Bump message boards. 😑

    TW- child abuse and sexual abuse mentioned in the context of a documentary.  
    Anyone watching Allen v. Farrow on HBO? The show is so haunting and so so sad. So many people failed poor Dylan and Soon-Yi, too.

    In related/unrelated news- my very smart, movie watching, comedy reading husband had no clue who Woody Allen is. He looked at me like I had two heads when I explained what I was watching. 

  • @surrenderdorothy my app is acting up too. It’s such a pain in the butt.  

    I haven’t watched the show you talked about. I’ve found I really need to be careful with what shows I watch because they trigger really crazy dreams. 

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  • I have to go to PT for my shoulder. I e been going twice a week since the beginning on November and I’m so over it at this point. I know I need to keep it up but I don’t want to anymore. 😭
  • @mrspants0809 I was like that when we were locked down. I couldn’t watch anythinggg that was even the least bit dark or upsetting. We watch mostly dramas so it cut out basically all of our shows. My mental health just could not handle one more depressing thing. I ended up watching so much Top Chef, The Office, and The Great British Baking Show. 
  • @surrenderdorothy that's next on my list to watch! We just finished Designated Survivor which hit WAY too close to home with episodes about pandemics and insurrections way before any of that happened :neutral:
  • In the first week of the pandemic I definitely watched Pandemic. It gave me some new anxieties but actually relieved a lot, and gave me an idea of what to expect in the coming year. 
  • @surrenderdorothy - I haven’t been watching but have been reading all the articles that come out the day after. It’s just really awful. Also the comments on the articles I read are such garbage. I don’t know I’m not a big film person or whatever but I don’t think I’ve even seen one Woody Allen movie so I don’t get why people are so defensive of him. 
  • @doodlemom131 whyyy would you do that to yourself? Ah!

    @BourbonBiscuits let me keno when you watch it so we can discuss!

    Speaking of shows... Sister Wives is (I'm embarrassed to admit) one of my recent guilty pleasures. Anyone else watch it?
  • @surrenderdorothy sister wives has been one of my long time guilty pleasure. I’m behind 2 episodes but will get caught up this week.  I cannot stand Kody or Meri. 
  • @dancingnarwhal right? I recognize he made some very iconic films but his actions are really indefensible. I just don't get it.

    @mrspants0809 yessss please watch so we can discuss! I am one episode behind but will be caught up in the next day or so. (I watch in my iPad with headphones while I do housework... this is my pandemic "me" time strategy that is a holdover.) If you hate Kody this season does not do him any favors. I also can't stand Meri- I think she is so entitled. Can't wait to discuss!
  • Okay HUGE pregnancy brain. Just went to go get gas, I'm not driving much these days so I think I've filled up twice since December. I had no idea where my tank opener was. Literally opened my hood and sat there laughing for a solid minute.
  • @surrenderdorothy, The Great British Baking Show saved my sanity in the early days of lockdown. 
    Random: has anyone watched the Meghan Markle interview? I have thoughts and need to discuss them! 
  • @cyanope I’ve not watched it but I read a good bit of the coverage! Some awful stuff, but sadly unsurprising given what I know of the royals.
  • @cyanope I'm planning to watch tonight! We can chat about it then. I read a bunch of articles on it though, so kind of know what to expect.
  • @cyanope I started it last night and am hoping to finish it tonight! It's ... bananas.
  • @cyanope I’m planning on watching it tomorrow. I can’t wait to sit by myself and watch it. 

    @surrenderdorothy I should be able to catch up tomorrow to chat about it! 
  • grogugrogu member
    I lost my wallet somewhere between by house and my car today. 
    Tomorrow I will year my car apart but I clearly remember having it in my hand. When I went to go into the lab I couldn't find it. 

    I'm really hoping it just slid somewhere in my car 
  • Ugh @surrenderdorothy we just got new rugs for the kids' rooms and the offgassing is KILLING me and no one else can smell it. Do you like the refinished cabinets? 
  • My thoughts on "THE Interview."
    I will fully admit that I have most likely been a victim of the smear-campaign that has been launched against her since the beginning, because I have never been a fan. I am also weirdly obsessed with royal family and have always LOVED William/Kate/Harry. Not so much the older generation. So, let me preface my thoughts with those admissions.
    That being said, I was horrified by the things she had to say. Namely the "concerns" that members of the royal family (I'm placing bets that it was Charles) had about Archie's potential "skin color" (honestly, it makes me sick to even type that out). All of the mental health struggles she had (and were ignored). How her son was denied a title and security. Like, honestly, it all makes me SO MAD for them. And if it's all true, I can completely understand why they left. And freaking applaud them for it.
    BUT...then the other side of me (that weirdly loyal side) was analyzing every word that came out of her mouth. And questioning her sincerity. And getting upset that she would DARE to malign Kate (ridiculous, I know!).
    WHY do I have so much energy over this entire thing? DH is getting annoyed that I have SO MUCH to say about it all! He keeps asking, "why do you even care about this?" I never follow celebrity ANYTHING, so it's a valid question. But, like I said...weirdly obsessed! 
  • @cyanope I get what you're saying. I don't have fully formed opinions on the situation, but I do get frustrated that people act like 2 things can't be true at the same time. i.e. MM can be manipulative/ fame seeking and the royal family can have treated her absolutely horribly.
  • @grogu That sucks... did you find it? Or are you currently canceling all of your cards.


  • @grogu I hope you find it in you car today. 

    @surrenderdorothy I caught up on all 4 episodes today of Sister Wives. If you haven’t watched the latest episode know that at the end they start talking about when the country shut down for covid.  I’m ready to discuss when you are! 
  • I used to watch Suits so I've always liked MM and always thought she was pretty and gave off nice vibes. Kate and William, like @the_most_happy have had their shine fade for me with the cheating and the political maneuvering and so on. Charles and Phillip seem honestly absolutely horrible. I'm glad for them that they left and are having a nice life for their kids. I def question how much longer the monarchy will last after Queen E goes...she is the institution in herself and no one likes Charles. If he reigns for a short time and hands down to William sooner, maybe because they are more popular, that will make things more sustainable. I didn't watch the interview btw, just read stuff about it.
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  • grogugrogu member
    I did not find it. 
    Luckily I just have one cc in there and my ID. I've set up alerts for my card just in case but I'm holding out hope that it's somewhere weird in my house 
  • @cyanope I haven't watched the interview but yea I've never been a fan of MM. Never watched suits or anything with her actually in it so I've only really known her as Harry's gf/wife? I don't doubt she was miserable but part of me thinks there was no way she didn't know going into it. Diana literally got killed bc of the how weird this whole thing with royals and British tabloids are and even if you didn't Google Harry you have to know that. If you didn't even do that much research marrying into the royalty... you're either naive or delusional. Many brits piping up and saying that no great grandchildren (that are not in direct line of succession) gets prince/princess title and Archie was eligible for some earl title which they didn't want? So I don't know if they're manipulating that either. 
  • @mrspants0809 all caught up on SW as well. All I can say about this season is wow... they really hate each other. Where did all the one family juju go?? I mean I think it is a lot more real because there is no way those relationships with all the different dynamics that they have- not to mention dependency on that loon if a man- could be normal. Did you catch the part two episodes ago where Kody mentioned he didn’t want to give Meri the one lot because if she would leave she would block access to the rest of the family?? 😳 that is all you need to know about the situation right there. 
  • @hannelorre, nail on the head! I think that's what turned me off the most. She was like, "I knew nothing nothing about the royals. I didn't Google Harry. I never read tabloids." I don't buy it. Was she living under a rock?? And if you genuinely don't read news stories about yourself, why the need for the "tell all interview" where you "set the record straight?" I thought you don't follow stories about yourself and your family?
    @the_most_happy, I think that's where I'm at too. Nothing about the whole situation is black and white. It doesn't have to be "Team Kate" or "Team Meghan." They're both human and therefore flawed. And while I don't think MM is entirely sincere, that doesn't mean that she wasn't treated horribly. 
    @claireloSC, yeah...NOT a fan of Charles. I love royal history, but the contemporary royal family has probably worn out its welcome!
    Anyways, thanks everyone for entertaining my weird investment in this whole saga! 
  • @surrenderdorothy I did and my eyes were huge! 👀 it really says a lot that he is so checked out from all of them but Robin it seems like. I don’t think he cares much about any of the older women because they won’t have more kids. I can really feel for Christine and her feelings about the one house- I think she’s pretty justified in her feelings and that Kody is kind of gaslighting her. 
  • Gosh, how many seasons of sister wives are there? I haven’t had cable in years... I didn’t know the show was even still in until it popped up in my FB feed a couple weeks ago. I knew Meri and Kody divorced so he could adopt Robyns kids but they’re completely separated now? I read an article where most of the older kids, if not all, are choosing to be monogamous. 
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  • @emmylou78 it’s been like 10 years? I think. I don’t think that Kody and Meri are officially separated but I think the fact that she can leave him at anytime/how unhappy she is with him makes him nervous about their future.  From what I understand all the older kids are in monogamous relationships but 1 is open to a polygamist relationship. One is lesbian and one is reportedly bi(?).

     I think he’s having a midlife crisis because it seems like none of the wives want to have more kids and he can’t stop wanting more. 
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