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Product Spotlight: Books for Baby

This is a place for FTMs to ask questions about, S+TMs to share their prior experience with, and everyone to share what they're eyeing in the world of maternity, baby and postpartum products. Each week we'll spotlight a new category of product to help streamline and make it easier to refer back. This week we're discussing books for baby! 

Please use the prompts below to try to share as much relevant info as you can in a format that is easy for those reading to navigate and respond to.

For S+TMs: 

  • Individual (e.g., lifestyle) factors that might influence your choice:
  • Your Recommendations :
  • Link/picture:
  • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.):
  • What you like and don't like about it: Why? 
  • Additional thoughts on books for baby: 

For FTMs:

  • Any questions for S+TMs?:
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Re: Product Spotlight: Books for Baby

  • I really love buying all the books for DS. When he was younger, his favourite board book was ‘What Does Baby Want’ - a must for breastfeeding moms. The indestructible baby books are also awesome. They really are indestructible. 
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  • We love pretty much any and all books in our house. Board books are especially nice so kids can carry them around without destroying them (hopefully). For me personally I enjoy a good variety because my 14 month old brings me books all day to read to her and I get tired of reading about the same thing. Right now she's learning animal sounds so she's been really into her animal books lol. Also shorter books are good to start with until they develop a longer attention span.
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