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  • I have an appt March 9th  - just a regular 4 week checkup with the doc.  Hopefully get my 16 weeks neural tube blood work test back before then though.  March 19th is my anatomy scan, but staying team green for this one!  Luckily by husband can't go, because he's not holding strong  on this anymore.


  • I have normal 4 wk appt on March 8th! Got NIPT result but they didn't block the sex (wah) so I guess we know now... I imagine it'll be peeing in a cup, get BP check, listen to heartbeat and then they'll schedule my anatomy scan? Fx everything is good at the next visit. 
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  • @ladyk127 - My anatomy scan is on the 19th as well. We are going to be finding out though and the wait is killing me! I don’t even have a preference either way I’m just impatient to know things lol
  • @hannelorre so sorry your sex results got spoiled for you, I’d be very annoyed! Was it your doctor’s office’s fault or the fault of the testing company/lab?
  • @the_most_happy I think probably the doctors office. I wasn't sure if I was going to do NIPT or not and asked them to order it after the visit through a message. I didn't specify (but last time we did it through genetics office the sex result wasn't automatically released) and the all result came through my patient portal. I was reading through it to make sure and got to the sex part and I was like "wait a second..." and realized she never asked whether or not we wanted to find out. Honestly it's not that big of a deal. Just a bummer. 
  • @hannelorre I’m sorry you found out when you didn’t want to. 😕 You’re taking it with a lot more grace than i would. Sending hugs. 

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  • I still haven’t heard back about redoing the NIPT, it’s supposed to be the lab reaching out and I don’t know the number. The geneticist was the one who called me to inform me that the test needed to be redone and I don’t have the direct number to reach out and see about the referral to the lab. This is frustrating mainly because I want to find out the sex of baby while my husband is still home.
    My next OB appointment is at the end of the month on March 29 but my anatomy scan isn’t until April 7th. Which DH might be gone by then, having no idea when he leaves makes it more stressful and I’m seriously thinking about scheduling a private ultrasound so we can experience it together.
  • Had my 14 week appointment today, and everything was good with the baby BUT I'm seriously considering looking for a new doctor because I just feel like I've had so many small negative experiences at my current office.

    Today's issue was I asked to know my blood type (just out of curiosity) and also when they'd be checking my Rh factor, and the doctor said they'd already checked that and she'd look up the results... so she went to look up the results and was like, "Huh, well it says we definitely drew blood for those tests but it looks like we never ran them, we'll have to redo today!" I'm nonplussed by that because 1) not sure if/when they ever would have noticed that if I hadn't brought it up, and 2) I don't know what else (besides the Rh factor) is included in that round of tests, but they took like four vials of blood today so I'm assuming it's a lot of things and I'm not thrilled that all of that was overlooked in the first place!

    So, anyone had any experience switching doctors mid-pregnancy? Was it a huge hassle? My current office is literally five minutes from my home, so the convenience factor has definitely convinced me to stay with them longer than I probably should have, ugh.
  • @the_most_happy I don’t have experiencing switching, but I’m sorry that you’ve had so many negative experiences. I think if you’ve got any doubts about the care you’ve received or you don’t have complete confidence in the office it would definitely be worth changing offices (but again I don’t know exactly what that would entail!).

    I haven’t regular 4 week check up this Friday. I’m excited to hear the HB again. And I think they’ll get the ball rolling to book my anatomy scan! 
  • @the_most_happy I've switched at 20 weeks and 13 weeks, but both were because I moved states. I found it easy to switch and just ask for medical release form so the new office can get all the info and not have to retest for anything. If I was in your shoes I would switch. If possible get recommendations from other moms on what ob office/dr they prefer like from friends, coworkers or a community fb page. 

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  • @the_most_happy - They did SO many tests along with my RH factor...seriously it was like a list of at least 10 different things. I would be so mad if they just didn’t run all of those and apparently no one when checked. Plus I almost passed out when they had to draw that much blood and wouldn’t be thrilled to do it again. 

    I haven’t switched doctors mid-pregnancy but I’m pretty sure my SIL did for one of hers and she said it was pretty simple.
  • @emmylou78 I have no idea if this is similar, but when I got my NT they had me in for a regular ultrasound to do all the measurements and a few days later I had the NT scan part with my MFM. Personally, I prefer MFM because I get all the info right then. 
  • @emmylou78 I only do one anatomy scan with MFM (practice policy). I would check with your OB to see if you need both (I mean... nice to see the baby more but my last quick US in the office was almost $200 and I dunno how much they'll charge me for AS!)
  • @emmylou78 I would ask to do just the one. I have AS with mfm and then an fetal echo with mfm 4 weeks later as I'm 5% more likely to have a baby with a heart defect since I was born with one. 

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  • Thanks! I didn’t know if I was missing some major part, so I’ll ask! 
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  • This week was sort of a bust on appointments. Originally I'd made my doc visit and my AS two different days so DW could attend. Then they changed the policy and wouldn't let her come. So I ended up moving my doc appt to virtual because I'm too busy this week (midterms, work, moving) to drive half the day. So that appt was basically a big nothing. Then has my AS and baby wouldn't get into position so I ended up having to schedule a second one for next week. And they wouldn't even let me video call DW or anything. They didn't really talk to me about results even. Whole thing was a downer. Hopefully next week is better. 
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    @claireloSC that is so frustrating! Any idea why they wouldn’t let you video call your DW for it? That’s really strange to me!
  • grogugrogu member
    @claireloSC that's frustrating. Where I am it depends on what tech you have whether or not they will let you FaceTime your partner. 

    I had my 16 week appointment this week, super boring. She had a hard time finding the HB but I find it within seconds at home 🤷🏻‍♀️ I had to tell her where to put the doppler 🤣
  • @the_most_happy "so it doesn't distract the tech"  :|
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  • @claireloSC I'm so angry/sad for you! How unfair to not let you call YW! I've had them tell me that if I called MH, I needed to make sure he didn't talk or do anything distracting, but that's it. 😞
  • @claireloSC That's very disappointing.  My doctor's office and the hospital have never let me video anything either.  I had my anatomy scan on the 19th as well.  When I got to the hospital, they told me they lifted the visitor ban... so my husband could have gone to the appt.  Nice of them to let me know.  But then, baby was also being uncooperative and they couldn't get all of the measurements they needed so I have to go back in two weeks and he can go to that one so I guess it worked out in the end.  Hopefully they don't change the restrictions again the next two weeks. 


  • @claireloSC that’s so annoying! Presumably pre-COVID they let partners join in-person, right? I can’t imagine how this would be any more “distracting.”
  • @the_most_happy that's exactly what DW said! And I totally saw some partners there, but not sure if that was because they're allowed at the 14 week but not the 20 week or something? IDK. The whole thing sucks. 
    @ladyk127 fingers crossed he can come!
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  • Not sure how many of you saw my introduction story, but I had my “dating scan” yesterday, and am shocked that I’m now trying to book my AS for ASAP. By a weird fluke I’m off work for a week so I’m really hoping I can get it scheduled before I have to go back. I also have my first OB appointment next Wednesday (which I guess is actually April) though I still have my fingers crossed that one of the midwiferies can take me. 
  • I'm sure your pregnancy will fly by @CapricaAndrea! When is your DD?
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  • @claireloSC It hasn't been fully agreed upon yet but sometime around Aug12-14ish. I actually managed to find a place that had an open appointment this morning so I managed to get my anatomy scan today. I didn't ask the sex, but unlike previous pregnancies, I asked them to look and at least write it down so that I can ask later if I decide I want to know. I don't officially get results until probably my OB appointment next week, but the sonographer said everything looked good.
  • Great news @CapricaAndrea
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