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Re: FFFC 2.26

  • Ok, I'll kick this off...

    Not flameworthy by any means, but definitely controversial to some  😜

    I like decaf coffee and non-alcoholic alcohol substitutes. Sometimes, you just want the flavor without the side effects. I usually drink half caf coffee but am always trying to go back to full decaf since I get addicted to caffeine very easily and it disrupts my sleep if I drink it after 10 am. And I love a good fake gin (Monday NA gin is pretty good!) & tonic that won't give me a migraine or hangover! I like real gin too, so sometimes I'll just mix them and make a low alc drink. 
  • @pajamstagrams oooooh the non-alcoholic subs sound SO GOOD. but DECAF?!?...them be some fightin' words! xD

    Idk what counts as flameworthy! Taking a whack at it...I am simultaneously repulsed by and obsessed with the whole Gen Z-Millennial war. Why can't we just let people like what they like? Don't yuck others' yums and all that. However, I tried a middle part for the first time since 6th grade and lemme tell you, NOT good. And since when are yoga pants "flared leggings"?!?!?? ....But also, why are we (fellow Millennials) taking shots at CHILDREN? The war rages on lol.
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  • @chgilmore *shrugs* I just really like coffee! But any NA alcohol needs to be mixed with something...otherwise you're drinking flavored water. Also NA wine is terrible, definitely not worth it. Maybe it would be fine in a NA sangria though.

    lol when you put it that way, you make us millennials sound bad  :D But one day Gen-Z will realize that there's more to life than being "in fashion" and sometimes you gotta wear what makes you feel confident (aka skinny jeans and a side part). It comes with age, wisdom, and maybe a gray hair or two  ;)
  • @pajamstagrams I wasn't about to take shots of NA vodka hahaha! 

    lol for sure. they'll figure it out, just how we figured out baby blue eye shadow and low-rise jeans xD just don't get me started on the gray hairs, I found my first one a few months into the pandemic right before my 25th birthday and I was NOT prepared
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