Introduction! (losses, other children mentioned)

Hi everyone! I've been active on the TTGP forum for awhile, and I just found out that this one exists. I'm 39, my husband is 40, and we've been TTC for a year now. We don't have any real discovered problem, other than I'm old, haha. Last April we had a TFMR at 15 weeks, and then a MC in November at 8 weeks, so needless to say 2020 really sucked for a ton of reasons for us.

Anyway, because of my age (and we want to keep our kids somewhat close in age - we have two boys, ages 4 and 2), we went straight to IVF. We did an egg retrieval a couple weeks ago, and PGT-A confirmed we have 5 solid embryos! So now we're waiting to start a transfer cycle, and I don't really know what to expect, so forums like these have been helpful for learning all kinds of stuff and supporting others. :) 

Re: Introduction! (losses, other children mentioned)

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    Hello Lisa, I'm sorry about your loss and what you've been going through. But congratulations on the 5 embryos and I wish you all the best of luck for the next stage! 

    I'm sorry to ask about this, but how did you decide on IVF? I'm older than you but on a similar boat. 43yo with a DS who is 7, and I've been trying to get pregnant naturally for almost 2 years. Did it take a long of time from the point that you decided to try IVF and to look into it to the point that you're in right now? 

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    Hi! My husband actually started floating IVF as an option even before we started trying for a third, mostly so we could have a girl. I thought it was kinda silly because we had no problem getting pregnant with the first two. Then the TMFR, then we tried for a few months before I decided what the heck, let’s just talk with an RE about options because I was 38 at the time and I just felt impatient. He described IVF to us, and it was just way less scary and daunting than I originally thought it was. A couple days later, I took a test and I was pregnant! Kinda funny. But then I lost that one a month later, and then it was like, ok, let’s do this. But we had a big Christmas thing planned with family (with plans for everyone to isolate and go through all these measures to make it safe), and going to appointments during all that felt irresponsible, so we decided to start our IVF cycle in January. We were very lucky to have such a successful first egg retrieval and transfer - I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant. 

    I’m pretty happy with our decision to skip IUIs and go straight to IVF as soon as we could, and since we had the two losses, we tested the embryos before doing the transfer, just to make sure we were doing everything in our power to make this successful. 
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    @Lisa3379 Congratulations!!! I hope and pray that your pregnancy would be smooth and stress free ❤️
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    @tinjp78 thank you so much! One day at a time for sure. 🙂
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    Hello! Congratulations!! Fingers crossed and sending you all the best wishes!! A day at time :smile:

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