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PGAL Stories & My stillbirth story

For all you moms out there who have experienced the loss of a baby like I have. 
Stillbirth was a hard experience for me and my family, and I rarely open up about it. I hope that you feel safe to share your story here
Trigger Warning: Infant Loss

My name is Ivy, I am 28, married to Parker, and as of 2021, we have 3 almost 4 kids.
 In 2016, Parker and I decided we wanted a baby.  I was 24, just married, and ready to start a family, not knowing the struggles we would go through. We tried for 3 months, we got two negative tests, and on month three we got a positive. I was pregnant. Everything went smoothly after that, first ultrasound, telling our family, gender reveal. A daughter. We talked about names for months and months. We picked a name, Brynn. Brynn Elaine Webber. When I was 27 weeks, her heart stopped beating. On 5/11/16, Brynn was born. Stillbirth, Parker and I had always feared it. Our daughter and our hopes were gone. 

We wanted to continue our family, but I was terrified to try again, terrified that I was going to mess it up. Finally it happened again, a baby had blessed us. Hand picked by Brynn in heaven. We were having another little girl. On 4/9/18, our rainbow baby joined us, happy and healthy little Evelyn Grae. 

Things progressed after that, 9/25/19, another little girl, Sienna Rue

Now, another baby. A fourth girl, or our first boy? Baby Webber due any day now. 
Thanks for taking the time to hear our story, and taking the time to tell me yours. This is a safe space where you will not be judged by your experiences. 

Love, Ivy & Parker + the kids, Brynn, Evelyn, Sienna and Baby
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