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Randoms- 2/22

What's on your mind this week?

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  • It's freakin snowing again and I'm OVER it. It's been snowing like every day for a week. 
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  • It’s finally above freezing here so it’s going to be a slushy wet mess for the next 2 weeks. Yuck. 
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  • Yeah, I am over the snow and winter. I just want to be able to outside without bundling everyone up. 

    Also, related to this week's GTKY I ate almost an entire bag of sour patch kids today and I think I have a chemical burn on my tongue. :D
  • @pickle-chips YGPM 

    We had 2 days of snow and I was over it. I'm sorry to all those still dealing with snow. I really don't enjoy it at all, even for the one time a year we get it, I can't imagine having snow for months. 

  • I'm good with the snow! Its good for grape vines and my dog loves it, though cleaning her paws gets a touch tiresome. Looks like its going to warm tomorrow so some slush will come.

    Admissoon: I have been sleeping with a giant pack of gummy worms in my bed for the past week or so.
  • See, and I’m over here mad at the warm weather we’re having! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to have a “true” winter, but the coldest it gets here during the day (in winter) is in the 50-60 range. It was 81 today! In February?!!?
  • Normally I love living in a place that has a nice balance of seasons, and I’m pretty good about enjoying each in its turn... but this pandemic winter is killing me. Turns out this time of year is a lot less fun when you can’t go anywhere outside due to the cold, and you can’t go anywhere inside due to virus concerns, so you just get to spend months alone in your house! Tomorrow it’s going to get into the mid-60s here and I’m literally going to take the afternoon off work to make the most of it.
  • Also sick of the winter. It takes 15 hours to get the kids bundled up to be outside for 2 and a half minutes. It's supposed to be almost 60 degrees here today though, so everything will be wet and squishy for a while. But warm!!
  • @pickle-chips and SUPER busy too. Their name thread is longer than ours!!
  • pickle-chipspickle-chips member
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    @BourbonBiscuits I think you are maybe looking at October? The November board just went up this morning, it's still not showing up in mobile but I can see it online. So we are even older now! 

    ETA: I forgot a bunch of words, I was so excited. Sentences now make sense. 
  • Eek excited their board is up! Whenever I see a new month go live I get excited.
  • @pickle-chips wait wtf bmb was I looking at?? No brain left in this ol noggin, apparently :lol:
  • My dog has an eye infection 😔 she hates eye drops and runs away from me. It isn't easy to manhandled a 70lb dog.
  • @doodlemom131 I hope you can get a good system in place/have help for the drops. My girl gsd has a skin condition on her nose and if we don’t keep up on the Bag Balm on her nose it will split and bleed horribly. She hates having it put on her nose but will now submit/lay down and just whine and squirm until I’m done. 
  • @doodlemom131 - Trying to give a dog eye ointment is no easy task! Our dog was allergic to something around our old apartment and she needed eye drops until we moved. It usually took me and my husband to get the ointment in. I'm so glad we don't have to do that anymore. 

    I am also sick of winter. It's supposed to get into the 50s next week! But it's supposed to snow this weekend. I hate it so much, I've been over winter since like January. 
  • Also sick of winter!
    We celebrated my son's and my birthday on Wednesday and announced with a picture on Facebook. It's of DS on his new balance bike with a sign that said, "Today I'm 2, but my best gift is due August 2021!"

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  • @claireloSC yay for your first shot!!
  • Just found out my dad had a biopsy on her thyroid that has come back as "suspected cancer" 
    They are driving 8 hrs to Vancouver this weekend to see a specialist on Monday. 
    I'm low key freaking out, but really hoping they caught it early enough and it hasn't spread. 
    On the up side I'll be able to see my parents for the first time since August, I just wish it was under better circumstances. 😭😭😭
  • I’m so sorry @grogu. Your dad is in my thoughts. 
  • @grogu oh no I'm so sorry! I hope everything goes okay at the doctor.
  • @grogu I'm sorry to hear that. Your family will be in my thoughts.

    I'm just waiting to see when the shot will be available to someone like me (sahm).

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  • Oh @grogu I’m so sorry. Thinking of your Dad and family. ❤️
  • @grogu sending good thoughts to you and your family.
  • @grogu sending good thoughts for great results.  
  • @grogu - I'm so sorry about your dad, hoping they get good news on Monday!
  • I’m really hoping that with the release of the J&J vax it will be more widely available to more age groups. 
  • Very sorry to hear that @grogu. Thyroid cancer can be one of the 'better'  cancers to get because it is often slow growing. I hope that it is NOT cancer, but if it, there are lots of options and I hope you get positive news. Feel free to HMU if you need to talk about it, it's very overwhelming to deal with.
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  • grogugrogu member
    Thank you all for your kind words. I'm feeling better about everything today. Yesterday I just felt blindsided, plus I was already feeling crappy from almost fainting. 

    @claireloSC thank you, I know it's generally treatable 🤞🏻.I'm just hoping it hasn't spread into his lymph nodes if it is cancer because he's been complaining to his doctors for years about his symptoms and his new doctor finally took it seriously. 
    I may message you tomorrow after he sees the specialist 

  • @grogu thinking of you today! Hoping for good news for your Dad. ❤️
  • claireloSCclaireloSC member
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    Keep us posted, we're hoping for positive news. <3 ETA: My wife's cancer, although breast cancer not thyroid, was in her lymphs and she's two years cancer free now. :) Just for a positive anecdote.
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