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**TW: Question about bleeding***

Trying to remain calm. 

I just had a check up on Thursday that went well. Baby had a strong heartbeat. Today, at 12w5d, I went to the bathroom and saw blood in the toilet. When I wiped, it was bright red (like when I start my period). 

I didn't bleed at all during my first pregnancy and have not bled at all up until now. I reached out to the nurses line and I am just monitoring right now. Using a pad too just in case. 

Anyone else experience this? 

Re: **TW: Question about bleeding***

  • I haven't but keeping you in my thoughts. Will you try to go in tomorrow? 

  • @grogu thanks for the kind words. Hoping to hear back from my CNM and go with what she recommends. 
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  • @bmo88 While I have not, several others in here have and went on to give birth to healthy babies. I won't tag to avoid TW but people posted in some of the old threads about it. If you're not also cramping and it's not a ton, there are lots of things it could be that won't hurt your baby. I hope you get some reassurance soon. Very sorry for the worry.
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  • Thinking of you, @bmo88. I was coming here to say that there was mention of similar experiences in other strings and went on to have completely normal pregnancies. I hope you can get in to see your doc ASAP to give you some peace of mind. 
  • I’m so sorry. Seeing blood is always nerve wracking. Sending you good thoughts and I hope you get to speak to your CNM soon.

    I had subchorionic hematomas that caused fairly significant bright red bleeding during my second pregnancy right at 13 weeks on the dot. We went to the ER, they did a quick ultrasound and baby was just chilling; he was totally fine. We went home and there was another gush of blood at about 3 in the morning. I had a follow up ultrasound at the hospital that week and I think that is when they confirmed the SCH, it was mostly resolved at that point and baby was still just chilling. I went on to have a totally uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  • @bmo88 me. In two of my pregnancies I've had bleeding due to subchorionic hematomas. It is scary, but baby was fine. Once was at 9 weeks and the other at 14 weeks. Hoping your CNM gets back to you tomorrow morning.

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  • No experience to share but sending good thoughts and hoping you’re able to get some reassurance ASAP.
  • I bled and spotted daily for WEEKS with my daughter and this pregnancy.  My daughter was perfectly fine and I'm now 16 weeks with this one and he or she is perfectly fine as well.  I even passed a clot with one at one point. My mother bled her entire pregnancy with me. My best friend is pregnant currently and she bled with her pregnancy too a few weeks ago. The nurse told me bleeding is a lot more common than people discuss and most of the time the reason is never found.  Hopefully they will see you and give you some peace of mind!


  • @ladyk127 thanks for the response and sharing your experience. Its definitely a little nerve wracking. The bleeding has continued through the night and increased a bit. The nurses line said to update in the morning, so I will be calling soon. 
  • I was in to see an OB after some overnight bleeding last week.  I was super relieved to hear the heartbeat and since there hasn’t been further bleeding hoping everything is good!  They told me probably subchronic hematoma but also a lot of women have bleeding that they never find a cause for and go on to have healthy pregnancies.  Hoping everything is good for you!!!
  • @pickle-chips and @Kenneylynn3 Thank you both for sharing. That does sound quite scary. I guess this can happen at anytime and I am hoping it is only a SCH at worst. It's so strange to go through nearly the entire first trimester with no concerns and I just had an appointment that went well...and now this pops up. It's reassuring to hear that others have gone through this (though unfortunate) and I am hoping to get some answers soon.
  • @bmo88, thinking good thoughts for you. 
  • Continuing to send you good vibes @bmo88. Please update when you can.
  • @bmo88 glad to hear she got you this morning and that baby is doing well! What a relief. ❤️
  • Wonderful that you could get in today!  Glad little one is well!
  • Such a relief! Glad baby is doing well.
  • Such great news 🥰 take it easy!! 
  • Glad the glad to hear the good news!
  • So glad everything is okay! I too had a huge SCH with my daughter (when it popped it was bigger than she was) which was absolutely terrifying. But we went on to have a totally easy rest of the pregnancy!
  • So glad to hear it!  The bleeding is scary, but so common for so many people for so many different reasons!  Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy is less stressful!


  • I'm so glad baby is doing well!
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