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Weekly Symptoms 2/21

How far along are you?

What symptoms do you have this week?


Re: Weekly Symptoms 2/21

  • 13 weeks and 2 days or something. 

    Nothing sounds good, I'm not nauseous but I also don't want to eat anything. 

    None, just grumpy because I want food 😅

    Also, this is my inner dialogue most of the day 

  • I'm just extremely fatigued, moody, and opinionated. 


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  • 13+6 and almost passed out at my physio appointment from what I am assuming is low blood pressure. I had just eaten so I'm pretty sure it wasn't a blood sugar thing. 
    I always run low with my blood pressure and the dr never seems concerned but I need to figure out what I can do so I don't go fainting
  • @grogu I hope you're feeling okay now! I have almost passed out a few times like that before pregnant. I find I lock my knees sometimes in those situations which makes me feel weak. Sometimes it has to do with the heat as well. Try to wiggle your knees, assuming you were standing when you felt weak. It can also be because you're doing some extra deep breathing, which can make you a little dizzy.
  • @doodlemom131 I definitely locked my knees and the mask doesn't help! I feel better now, I was more embarrassed than anything 
  • My BP also runs low. The PA student seemed concerned last time but it’s almost always mid to high 90s systolic. 

    Anyone else get short of breath easy? 
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  • my jan appt was 92/64 - mine also runs low. feb appt was 102/70. no one said anything either time or ever seems concerned, they usually say "good!". I can often get dizzy standing up or short of breath easily.
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  • I also run low for bp and get short of breath easily. From my previous pregnancy experience, they never seem concerned if you run low for bp. They are really only checking for high bp, which for us would be more normal range, so my advice is to keep an eye on it and advocate for yourself if something seems off/wrong.

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  • Short of breath with walking up/down stairs at work. I feel fine just find myself breathing heavy which is super annoying. I have to drink more water otherwise feel lightheaded.
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