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Surprise Baby's Name

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Hi, I am Ivy and I am married to Parker. Parker and I have 2 daughters named Evelyn and Sienna. I am 37/38 weeks pregnant with a surprise baby and we have no clue what to name him/her. We would love to do a unusual name with the baby. Do you have any boy and girl baby name ideas? Thanks, Ivy

(The girl's middle names are Evelyn Grae, and Sienna Rue)
Love, Ivy, Parker, Evelyn, Sienna and Baby

Re: Surprise Baby's Name

  • we love the name Wyatt, but again we want to go unusual.. any ideas??
  • I always went to the social security administration website for baby names, pulled up the top 1000 baby names of the latest year on there, and started at the bottom. 

    That said, we are naming our little one Holly. It's not unusual, but not particularly popular these days. 
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  • Cute! I love the name Holly, and that is what we were going to use for Evelyn (Ev) and she ended up being born on her grandma's birthday (she had passed away already) and so we named her Evelyn instead.
  • Alright, Update, For a boy, the baby's name will start with R and for a girl her name will start with W. Does anyone have guesses on the gender? All the old wives tales are pointing towards girl so... 

    Love, Ivy & Parker + the girls Evelyn and Sienna
  • Little Update, He Is Here!! We Named Him Callen Reese
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