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Weeks 3-4 (8/15-8/31) Check-in 2/21

Trying something different! This check in is for anyone with a due date between August 15th and the 31st.

Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days:

Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out:

Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of:

Upcoming appointments:

How are you feeling?:



GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar?


Re: Weeks 3-4 (8/15-8/31) Check-in 2/21

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 8/22 14 weeks today!!  Hello 2nd trimester!!

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: team BLUE!  💙💙

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: lemon 

    Upcoming appointments: March 9th for 16 week appointment.

    How are you feeling?:  I had been feeling better so when I ran out of Compazine I didn’t refill it.  Last two day have been rough so I’m going to start taking it again to help with the nausea.

    Rants/Raves: I hate packing!  I hate that my house is such a mess while trying to pack. 


    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? I love all chocolate!  

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 13 weeks! Aug 29 
    I keep forgetting if I'm the 28 or 29th. Not that it really matters 😅

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Finding Out in April.

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: a matchbox car 

    Upcoming appointments: none until next month

    How are you feeling?: Mostly okay, having trouble sleeping/falling asleep because of pelvic pain but nausea is almost gone so I'll take it 🤞🏻

    Rants/Raves: heading to the city today! I'm so excited to have a day alone, even though I legitimately won't get out of my car. I'm picking up an order from Ikea to reorganize DD's toys and our entertainment center over the wheel well of the tiny house. 


    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? I Iove all sweets. Right now I have a bunch of different gummies, and purdys chocolates stashed around the house 😅

    @emily1052 packing is the worst. Are you going away, or Moving house? 
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  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 8/26, 13w3d 

    Team: finding out after a/s

    Baby is the size of: a clownfish 

    Upcoming appointments: not until March

    How are you feeling?: awful! I’ve got a cold. I had a covid test on Friday night just to be safe (it was negative). 

    Rants: I told my boss on a call on Friday afternoon and while they were very happy for me, I actually don’t feel any relief. She is also very supportive, but the internalized sexism is real and stressing me out. It annoys me that this impacts MH zero, as in he doesn’t have to think about the logistics of parental leave or worry about how his career might be affected. I’m incredibly grateful that I am able to take maternity leave, but I just wish it didn’t cause me so much unnecessary stress on the frontend. 

    Questions: natm

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? sour gummy worms and Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bars are definitely my go-to. Fuzzy peaches are a close second on the candy side. 

    @emily1052 🥳 hooray for second trimester!! Good luck with the packing. I don’t know if I hate packing or unpacking more... 

    @grogu enjoy your alone time! That sounds magical. What are you getting at IKEA?? I love a good IKEA haul. 

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 8/22 14 weeks today although all my apps say 8/21 so I just say I change over on the weekends. 

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Blue

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: Hubba Bubba bubble tape case 

    Upcoming appointments: March 11 for 16 week appointment. 

    How are you feeling?: pretty good. I tried to not take my nausea meds last night and made it 3 bites into breakfast before getting sick.  

    Rants/Raves: we are slowly telling people as we see them, it’s nice to have people know.  We are also trying to plan on when/how we move DD to a new room in our basement.  She will be fine but I’m struggling 😂😂

    Questions: nope

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar?  It depends on my mood. I love chewy sprees, Reese’s, almost anything depending on my mood. 

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 13+1 8/28

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: team green

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: a meyer lemon?

    Upcoming appointments: Thursday!

    How are you feeling?: still sick/nauseous 

    Rants/Raves: DS is on my last my last nerve it nap time yet?

    Questions: natm

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? Loved heath bars, but now I'm dairy free. So sour skittles.

    @emily1052 sorry you are still nauseated. I hate packing.

    @grogu you're the 28th. We're due date buddies!

    @pickle-chips I'm sorry you felt no relief with telling your boss.

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  • @Kenneylynn3 I'm glad you remember lol 

    @pickle-chips I got the Ivar shelving and a butt ton of containers 😅 the wheel well is only 12" deep so it's been hard to find things that work on there. Right now we have a small trofast system and crappy MDF shelves. I'm so excited for the change 
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: August 27/13 + 2

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Team Pink 🎀

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: A lemon.

    Upcoming appointments: Next week.

    How are you feeling?: Still totally fine, don’t think that’s gonna change at this point (at least not until closer to the end!).

    Rants/Raves: We told our close friends who have been trying to get pregnant for about a year and a half yesterday, which I was very anxious about but it went well! Obviously idk their internal emotional responses, but they seemed excited over text and I’m glad to have it out there.

    Questions: What should I expect at my appointment next week (week 14)? I’ve already had my NIPT done, and my doc doesn’t do nuchal screenings, so I’m not sure what else might need to be done at this stage.

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar?: Pre-pregnancy I had no sweet tooth to speak of, but that has sure changed! Lately I’ve been super into the “all pinks and reds” bags of Starbursts.

    @emily1052 are you packing for a move or a trip?

    @grogu those shelves look cool!

    @pickle-chips so sorry about your cold and also your work stress... it really sucks that those kind of pressures exist even in a supportive work environment.

    @mrspants0809 totally agree about how nice it is to have more people in the know. I don’t like feeling like I’m keeping secrets from people, so I’ve basically been avoiding most people I know for two months now (which the pandemic has definitely made easier, for better or worse).

    @Kenneylynn3 aww, hope you get a break soon! I get irritable so quickly lately, I can only imagine how a LO could exacerbate that at times.

  • @grogu moving!  But only about a mile.  We moved from Texas to colorado last May and have been in a rental.  Just closed on our new house last week!  What kind of toy storage did you get?  Looking for all the ideas. 

    @pickle-chips I’m sorry you are feeling uncomfortable (I don’t even know what word to use) after telling your boss your great news.  Hugs mama, I felt the same way.

    @the_most_happy im glad your friends were happy for your exciting news.  It is such a difficult thing to process when you’ve been trying.  Give them some grace if they seem distant.  Typically 14 week appointment is urine test, weight check, blood pressure, feel for fundal height, heartbeat with Doppler.  Then they’ll ask what questions you have!  When I was a FTM I always came with a list of questions 😂
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 13+1

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: finding out, hopefully with the results of the nipt in the next week or 2

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: peach I think 

    Upcoming appointments: 3/11

    How are you feeling?: I have energy today!! I’m mostly ok during the day and get nauseated in the evening  I took zofran last night and it actually worked (it hadn’t been the other 2-3 times I took it). Today I’ve done tons of cleaning. My house got super disorganized while I’ve been feeling crummy the last 2 months 

    Rants/Raves: love having some energy today. I’m hoping it’s an upswing, but I had a similar boost Tuesday and it went away 😂


    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? Reese’s, especially the holiday shapes (trees, eggs, pumpkins). 

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  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 8/31

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: team green

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: apricot

    Upcoming appointments: 3/8?

    How are you feeling?: I'll have one good day and think I've turned a corner and then be knocked out the next day with nausea and headaches. This feels worse than the last one. 

    Rants/Raves: I want my energy bacccckkk. And snow to melt some so we can get out of our garage without feeling like we're gonna be stuck!

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? I'm so excited to see the Cadbury eggs back already bc they are my favorite!!! 

  • @grogu great use of space!  
  • @emily1052 @the_most_happy Gotta be creative! We had to cut off around 8" from the bottom to make it fit but it's way more functional and aesthetically pleasing.  
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: aug 22 14+1

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: green

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: peach

    Upcoming appointments: later this week

    How are you feeling?:  better- still have some afternoon and evening bloating/nausea


    Questions: anyone concerned enough to make sure you’re sleeping on your side yet?  I was having anxiety and started side sleeping but then had awful hip pain and didn’t sleep well a few days in a row so I’m back to sleeping however I’m comfortable for now.  I usually sleep on my back at least half the night.  I figured at 14 weeks I can still do that for at least another month?  Any pregnancy pillows you love for side sleeping or hip pain?

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar?  Chocolate.  Dark chocolate.  🍫 

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 14+4 

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Baby girl  <3

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: Troll doll lol

    Upcoming appointments: regular OB appt on March 1st

    How are you feeling?: I’m tired, less sick but so tired. Sleep sucks and I’m finishing my doctorate in 3 weeks so I’m just on auto pilot, it takes me 3x longer than usual to write simple assignments and I still constantly burp lol

    Rants/Raves: I got a C shape pregnancy pillow and I LOVE IT but I kind of wish I’d gotten the U shape so I could flop side to side on it, maybe I’ll give this one to SO since he steals it!!

    Questions: when did y’all start feeling baby? Idk if I’m just gassy or if I could actually occasionally feel her cruising around in there it feels interesting

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? I love sour gummies, sour patch kids, tajin peach rings, sour punch straws, all of them

  • @grogu love those doors! It looks great. I would ask for an MTV Cribs style tour of your tiny home if it wasn’t so creepy 😂 
    @cocoliso13 my first pregnancy it was around 18/19 weeks. I knew for sure around 19 weeks because I was in for my anatomy scan and baby kicked the ultrasound wand and I was able to make the connection. With my second it was around 13 weeks. And I've only just started to feel little flutters in the last week (also around 13 weeks). I've mostly felt movement when I am lying down, completely still.
    @bonanza1226 yeah I always thought it was later in the second trimester, closer to the third that you should be more concerned about sleeping on your back (like around 20 weeks). I am NOT a back sleeper, but I have never wanted to sleep on my back more than when I was in the third trimester. Figures. I woke up on my back so often and just rolled over to my side—it was like my body knew I had reached my back sleeping limit under the weight of my uterus and its inhabitant. I really like the Snoogle for a supportive side sleep. It helps prop me up, prevent me from sleeping fully on my back but also not fully on my hip, which I find painful.
  • @pickle-chips maybe once the nesting/purging starts and it's tidy I will put an album together for those who are curious. Right now it's a disaster because I'm lazy lol 
  • @bonanza1226 I got the Leachco Back ‘n Belly pillow, it is ridiculously big (like takes up half of my king-size bed) but very comfy!
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 8/20, 14+3

    Team green/pink/blue/finding out: team green for now! 

    Upcoming appts: Wednesday for growth scan with MFM. It was supposed to be last week, but Texas crazy weather shut the state down for a week, so it got moved. I had
     spotting and cramping over the weekend so I’m just dying for Wednesday to get here. 

    How are you feeling? Fine! Minus the cramping, my nausea is way better. I haven’t tried going off the anti nausea pills yet though. 

    Rants/raves: none atm 

    questions: none 

    GTKY: candy ... I’ve been munching on Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. And I’ve been eating several squares of brown butter dark chocolate too. But what I’m really, weirdly craving is sour patch kids. Haven’t had it in years but I might give in... 
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: aug 16th so 15 weeks + 1 day  

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: he’s a boy! 

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: navel orange evidently 

    Upcoming appointments: February appointment is today  

    How are you feeling?: lots of digestive issues  

    Rants/Raves: wish I would get a cute bump instead of just looking fat LOL

    Questions: Anyone get a rectocele with their first? How did your second labor go? Getting nervous  

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? Reese cups or three musketeers 

  • @alexa_94 - That really sucks about your husband! I hope he is able to get leave!

    @thebongos - Girl, same! I have no bump just look bloated.
  • @thebongos lol same, i notice i put my hands on my belly when i'm in public sometimes like this is a baby tyvm!!! 
  • @cyanope oh I hope your hand feels better soon! 

    @obsessedwithoranges good luck with your visit tomorrow!! 🤞🤞
  • @cyanope oh I love skittles too! 

    @alexa_94 so sorry your DH is having to leave again. My dad served for 24 years and growing up had to leave for long deployments, it was hard on my mom with three kids. Military life isn't easy, hang in there! 

    @pickle-chips boo on the cold, good it wasn't covid. I feel ya on telling people and the complexity of it. I haven't told anyone at work yet and I run our I feel all sorts of ways about being gone for part of our busy season. It's totally not fair that guys don't have to deal with it. 
  • @hannelorre, thank you! It was sore for two days, but now it’s feeling better. Thank goodness!!!
  • @hannelorre thank you! Ultrasound went well - I’m so relieved baby is ok! 
  • @dancingnarwhal @bmo88 thank you, We are trying to get things figured out. He was given dwell time which gives him 6 months of being home. But for some reason received hard orders and I hope they change it. But we went on ahead and did what we needed to be prepared. 
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