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Weeks 1-2 (8/1-8/14) Check-in 2/21

Trying something different! This check in is for anyone with a due date between august 1st and the 14th.

Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days:

Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out:

Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of:

Upcoming appointments:

How are you feeling?:



GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar?

Re: Weeks 1-2 (8/1-8/14) Check-in 2/21

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: Aug 12

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Finding out

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: I think it’s a pear this week 

    Upcoming appointments: Next appointment isn’t until March 19

    How are you feeling?: Good! Finally done with all the nausea and exhaustion 

    Rants/Raves: My MIL just assumed I was quitting my job??? We were talking to my in-laws the other day and she asked when my final semester ended in May and was shocked when I said I’d be teaching in the summer and fall and zero intention of quitting my job. This just gets filed away with my annoyance that they just cannot remember that I did not take my husband’s last name when we got married. 

    Questions: No questions 

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups! And Red Vines.

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: Aug 4/16+5

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Green

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: Avocado 

    Upcoming appointments: March

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good, I have a bit of a cold (covid negative) but most pregnancy related symptoms are gone!

    Rants/Raves: None right now, but I'm sure that will change as the week goes by.

    Questions: NATM 

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? Omg so many. I prefer candy to chocolate bars. Probably twizlers or fuzzy peaches. 

    @dancingnarwhal that us so awful about your MIL. I struggle to believe they can't remember that you didn't change your name. I also didn't change my name and it feels so freeing every time I think about it. 

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  • @doodlemom131 - I don't think she means harm by it but I do think their more choosing not to remember than actually incapable of not remembering. She's super nice in general just not as progressive as she seems to think she is lol. They're just so old fashioned about gender norms/roles. 
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 16 weeks. August 6th.  

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Team finding out. Hopefully I'll be able to schedule the ultrasound at tomorrow's appointment. 

    Upcoming appointments: In person appt with my OB tomorrow. 

    How are you feeling?: Pretty well! I haven't been keeping up with my prenatal yoga routine since we've been out of town, and I can definitely tell. My hips/lower back are suffering. Feeling "bigger" these days, especially in the evenings.

    Rants/Raves: We were able to take my 6 and 3 year old to the snow this weekend and they had a blast! We live in Southern CA, so snow is a novelty. 

    Questions: At my OB's in CA, we are not allowed to have our partners in the room for ultrasounds or appointments due to COVID. For those of you in a similar situation, how are you planning on sharing the sex of the baby with your partner? Also, is your partner able to feel connected to the baby while missing out on these ultrasounds? My husband is very much not a "talk about my feelings" kind of guy, and I feel like he's not as connected to this baby. Wondering if this is possibly a reason why since he was able to participate more when I was pregnant with our other children. 

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar?

    Anything dark chocolate, anytime. For movie watching with popcorn: Rolos or Junior Mints

    Have a great week, everyone! 

  • @dancingnarwhal I did take my husband's last name. However, it drives me crazy when my Grandma addresses letters to me as Mrs. (husband's first name) last name. Or, this winter when she addressed a package of Xmas gifts to The husband's first and last name Family. She's in her late 80s. I'm sure that it's a generational thing for her and she considers this the formal form of address. 

    Your MILs assumption would irk me as well. I had just finished teaching a seasonal summer school job when I had my son, so I was out of work for most of his infancy. When I got hired for a teaching position six months later, my MILs first response was not "Congratulations" but "What are YOU going to do about daycare?" Sigh. The MIL dynamic can be tough! 

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: Aug 1st 17 weeks

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Green

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: pomegranate 

    Upcoming appointments: Next check up is on Thursday!

    How are you feeling?: Nausea is gone, not many other symptoms, other than RLP.

    Rants/Raves: This past week was exhausting with the crazy storm and not having power for several days. But now it's literally 75 degrees outside and sunny. I feel like I have whiplash from it all. 

    Questions: NATM

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? I love sour candy like sour punch straws or sour patch kids. 

    @coastalmomma3 Will they let you FaceTime him during the ultrasound? Or film? That's what I did when I had my embryo transfer. It broke my heart that MH wasn't even in the room when I got pregnant, but it was awesome that he still got to see it.

  • The generational differences are certainly apparent. Sometimes its hard to accept and remember it exists.

    I'm struggling a lot this week with my career. I quit my job and went back to school last year, graduated in December. Its seasonal work in a vineyard/winery so an August due date is pretty much the worst timing possible. Because I can take a full year mat leave, my career is basically a wash for the next 2 seasons. I'm super grateful I can make that choice to be with my babe, but for such a huge career change the timing just sucks.

    @shoogapoff glad it's getting a little warmer there and your power is back.

    @coastalmama I toaly forgot rolos existed and now I needddd some!
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 16+2

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Pink

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: Avocado

    Upcoming appointments: Nothing till March

    How are you feeling?: Not too bad. Definitely feeling more pregnant size wise. My warmer clothes like hoodies are not fitting, my back is starting to hurt, and I'm needing to rest if I do too much. But overall, really not bad.

    Rants/Raves: Long story, but DD is basically having a breakdown over not going anywhere or being able to do anything so I promised I would take her to this amazing playground about 30 min away. Drive all the way over there, they're having an event and it's sold out, so had to wait two hours for a spot to get in. Paid $70 for the three of us. Get over to the playground and it's freakin' closed due to ice. WTF. She still had a nice day doing the other stuff they had going on (all outdoors) but I was pissed no one said anything after we paid all that dough.

    Questions: @coastalmomma3 Like shoog said, we did video chat during some of the ultrasounds. We actually found out the sex via phone, DW happened to be in the car and I flipped it on speaker and she got to hear. But if she had missed I would have just called her right after cause she was dying to know. Over here they are letting spouses come to the nuchal scan and the anatomy scan but nothing else, so I always just show her the pic and tell her everything they said when she doesn't get to come.

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? That extra u @pickle-chips - ;) What are you, Canadian or something? I don't like chocolate that much! I'm more fruity candy type person. Like skittles and starburst are a serious weakness. 

    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • @claireloSC - that’s insane! I would have been mad too, at least your DD still had a good time. They definitely should have told you the park was closed though. 
  • @claireloSC omg I’d be so mad! That is a ton of money to miss on what was the original purpose of the trip. I’m glad she still had a good day despite the playground being closed.

    @coastalmamma3 I’m sad your DH had to miss out on the ultrasound. I would be bummed too. I agree that it is tough for a lot of partners to connect with the baby during pregnancy. My husband is a wonderful dad but definitely very hands off during this and my first pregnancy. He actually hates touching my stomach which kind of hurts me. (The only person I actually want to touch myself to stomach. 😐) I like the suggestions about about FaceTiming or even zoom so he can still ‘be there’ and ask questions in real time?

    Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: Aug 10/15w 5d

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Team 💙

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: an orange

    Upcoming appointments: Midwife appt Thursday, AS 3/17

    How are you feeling?: Feeling pretty good, minus the crippling exhaustion that hits every night around 8pm.

    Rants/Raves: We are really struggling with DS and bedtime. He has always been a good sleeper  lately bedtime is a huge fight. We go through his  routine but it is always ‘one more book’ ‘I need a drink/have to potty’ ‘I want to be rocked’. This stretches bedtime out for almost an hour after his bath. If we decline and leave and shut the door he screams and throws things and works himself up. If we give in, he’s fine and will go down by himself. I feel like we are being held hostage by a three year old. DH does bedtime and he is at his wits end. Any tricks for dealing with these demands? 

    Questions: see above re toddler negotiations  

    GTKY: What is your favourite candy or chocolate bar? I’m not a huge candy person but I love sour gummy worms. 

  • @surrenderdorothy My only advice would be to draw some boundaries and stick to it. We had phases like that with DD and we have told her, no more, and she gets over it after a week or so. I hate the crying fits but it's only a few days. Obviously YMMV but I think it's kinda the only way unless you want to be held up by him forever. You could also offer exciting things if he cuts it out, like, "you need rest for tomorrow so we can do x fun thing, but if you don't go to sleep you won't be able to do that thing" or stuff like that. 
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • @claireloSC you are right. And normally I am not one to give in to tantrums. Nighttime makes it so hard because they get so worked up, and further from the goal of being relaxed and going to sleep. But I agree, gotta pull the bandaid off at some point, and I would rather it be now than in August when we are dealing with 102020 other adjustments to our family schedule.
  • I totally get it, absolutely no judgement here. There are def things I've put up with because I didn't want to deal. Just sounds like you're ready to put an end to it. And believe me, DD has been like your DS so many times. For example when we first moved cross-country, to make a long story short she would not go to sleep if you didn't cuddle her for like an hour. Like she was a baby all over again. I put up with it due to all the disruptions (wife was going through chemo) but eventually I was like no dude, it's over, cry if you want but I can't deal. @surrenderdorothy
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • @surrenderdorothy, that's a good suggestion, but my phone is the absolute worst with video calls. I think may record the ultrasound and then ask the tech to write the sex down in a sealed envelope to be shared later with my husband and kids. My husband is pretty "hands off" too -- my kids have hugged my tummy and talked to baby, but he won't. I know he'll love baby when he/she is here, but it would be nice to have a little more excitement from him. 

    I'm probably the worst person to give sleep advice...my six and three year old share a room and they both insist that one of us sit with them until they fall asleep. Like others have said, I should probably be firm about leaving them to fall asleep alone, but it is tough. That said, I was the one to sit with the kids for about two years. I became frustrated and asked DH to switch off nights with me. That has eased a lot of my resentment. I don't know if it's a possibility for you two to give each other a break in that way. Good luck...sleep is so hard! I have long ago stop judging other families and have come to understand that for us, whatever gets us the most sleep is best. 
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