First IVF cycle

Hi! I did my first cycle this month and had my retrieval yesterday. I'm waiting on a call to let us know how many embryos we have now. The plan is to do a fresh transfer either day 3 or 5 depending on the embryos. Then we'll freeze the rest. So excited but so very nervous. 

Re: First IVF cycle

  • Hi, thats so exciting!  I was supposed to be on about the same time line but we've had delay after delay all out of our control unfortunately so now I'm waiting for my period to start again.  Best of luck to you, hope everything goes well! 
  • Hi ladies. How are things going
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  • Hello ladies. I'm pretty new to this, just waiting on my period to start tomorrow for this IVF cycle. Going to do a fresh transfer. Kat2714 keeping my fingers crossed for you! 
  • One full cycle of IVF takes about 3 weeks. few times these steps are split into multiple different parts and the process can take longer. Once the embryos have been transferred into the womb, you'll be advised to wait around 2 weeks before having a pregnancy test to see if the treatment has worked.
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