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GTKY 2/16

Animals! I've talked about my dog a few times in random posts.
What is your favourite animal? If you could be a wild animal, what would it be?
Do you have any pets, or fond memories from childhood?
Do you hope to make any other additions to your house? 
Do you just flat out hate pets in the house? No judgement, dog hair is the worst. 

Re: GTKY 2/16

  • I have 2 dogs and a cat. My dogs are shiv-tzus— one full blood and one mix. They are older... 12 years old. The cat is 2 and a hateful thing. My niece brought it home and we got stuck with it when she left. It hisses and scratches. Well have to figure out something for when the new baby comes. It’s a total jerk. No plans on adding any pets anytime soon. 
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  • We have a 120-pound great dane and two long-hair cats, so keeping on top of pet mess is already quite the task! Definitely no more pets anytime soon, though I love all of mine dearly.

    I love sloths so much, they're definitely my favorite wild animal. 
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  • @pickle-chips beautiful dog, and so sorry you lost her!

    For any of you STM+, did you do anything in particular to prepare your pets for the baby? I've heard of people letting them hang out in the nursery ahead of time, playing crying baby sounds to acclimate them etc., was wondering if that actually helps.
  • @the_most_happy we didn’t do a whole lot with our last dogs (they both have passed on since having my DD and now we have 2 new ones). We would let them smell everything/be around it all as we were setting it all up so it wasn’t something new/scary.  When we brought her home we left her in the car seat and put that on the couch and let them smell her one on one while she was in there. After that we just kind of went on with life.  

    This time we will do something similar- I’m planning on sending a baby blanket he’s been wrapped in at the hospital and letting them smell it and then letting them smell him in the carrier. 
  • @pickle-chips have you looked at Maine Coons? I’ve heard that they are basically dogs in large cat form. If I can ever find one I am planning on trying to convince H to get it and I’m not a cat person. 😂 
  • @doodlemom131 I am so very excited to get them. Our neighbors have 2 goats and we absolutely love them and they are a big reason for why we want to get 4. 
  • @mrspants0809, I have a 14 year old Maine Coon cat. He's definitely always been "catty"-- by that I mean very independent and rather standoffish. He's also definitely my anxious cat, but I think that is more of a personality thing. 

    I love seeing the pictures of everyone's animals! In addition to our senior Maine Coon we have a long haired black and white cat, Cosmo, and a two year old, 90 pound Belgian Malanois mix, Arlo. 

    We had no issue introducing our older two children  to the cats when they were born. The cats just kept their distance at first. But, I am a bit nervous about introducing #3 to our dog since he's still such a lumbering, dopey beast. Any advice is appreciated. 
  • We have a cat and her name is Hazel, she’s a year old and still full of cattitude. She loves me and I’m pretty sure only me. She tolerates the kids and they are gentle with her but sometimes she scratches or bites unprovoked. So I am a bit worried about new baby being around her. She does love to go to bed with my oldest and she’s always at her door early in the morning to wake her up to be fed. She sometimes naps with DD2 but for the most part doesn’t want to be near her. DH would like a Giant Schnauzer and we were planning on one but with new baby on the way and deciding to get a bigger vehicle his dog will have to wait. 
    My favorite animal is a horse and I used to own a few growing up but I have not owned a horse since 2013. I’d love to own one when we aren’t moving around so much due to the military.
    If you could be a wild animal, what would it be? Fox or a wolf. At our last duty station their was a fox that made post its range and I loved seeing it.
  • We have two spoiled cats. Roxy is 17ish and Ninna is 10? I think. 
    Roxy is great with DD and Ninna is terrified of everything (he was ninja but DD couldn't say it and Ninna just stuck)

    When DD was born we didn't see Ninna for the first 6 months. He just hid away and would run from room to room avoiding baby 😂😂

    We brought a blanket of baby's home before bringing DD in for the cats to sniff but they didn't seem to care too much. Until she started screaming for hours every night 😅

  • @mrspants0809 I love goats! Super jealous you are getting some. 

    Also jealous of all the pups. I would love to get one, but tiny house 🤷🏻‍♀️ cats are just easier. 
    I'm trying to convince MH that I need a sphynx cat or Cornish rex but he isn't buying it. 
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