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  • My stitch fix came in over the weekend. The maternity tops are super cute, but they’re long sleeved. I would have hoped it would be something to transition into summer, since I am still in my regular clothes. I haven’t tried on the pants yet. I think they have you out in your due date, so I’m kinda surprised I got long sleeved only. I may keep the shirt that’s thing and 3/4 sleeved. I haven’t tried any one because I felt like absolute trash over the weekend with non stop nausea and vomiting. 
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  • @emmylou78 I bet they figured you would be wanting mat clothes to wear now
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  • I was thinking the same as @claireloSC. They are not great with changing seasons. Usually the box at the end of one season is all the stuff they were trying to get rid. Case in point, I kept getting heavy knit sweaters in March. I don’t even need that in the middle of winter. 
  • I’m so sick of being in a childcare scramble. Covid just adds another layer to this madness. DS has off this week. I have a full work week Wed-Fri and DH interviews for his promotion on a Thursday. I can move things around but also have a can’t miss engagement Thursday. We scheduled childcare months ago for this holiday break however our sitter was exposed and is in quarantine until next weekend. Now our backup sitter just cancelled. To make matters worse she didn’t even cancel- I texted her to confirm after speaking to her about it on Friday and she texted me back hours later to say she didn’t think she could sit for us anymore but would let me know, only to text back hours after to say she isn’t available. So unprofessional and frustrating. 😞

  • @surrenderdorothy oh no that's the absolute worst!! Hope something gets figured out soon. 
  • @surrenderdorothy oh no that stinks! childcare is so crazy difficult these days (and honestly normally its hard too IMO, especially finding evening/ night help for working those shifts). Good luck! I've sometimes resorted to care.com or a backup care agency, which is not ideal. Totally jealous of people that get help from family.
  • OMG that's the worst, I'm so sorry @surrenderdorothy
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  • @surrenderdorothy that is so frustrating! Fingers crossed it shakes out today.

    Has anyone been hit by the winter storm barreling through the south? 
  • That's so terrible @surrenderdorothy

    @pickle-chips I mean we're not SOUTH south, but Kentucky is getting hammered. In places that get snow this would be no big deal, but we just have no idea how to deal with this. 
  • @pickle-chips we are dealing with the storm however very thankful because we still have power and water. I know many people are not that lucky. @shoogapoff- I think you mentioned you are in TX? Hope you are ok. 
  • @cocoliso13 where did you sign up for the surveys? I'm planning to get my shot next month...4 hours away...but I was excited to get an appointment so whatever, I'll make the drive.
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  • @cocoliso13 so glad the second shot went smoothly!!
  • We got about a foot of snow in the Midwest. I still made it into work, but I’m all highway for my commute. 
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  • Woww my mom just messaged me from Mexico. 10/31 states are going to have their power cut on a rolling basis because of the power outages in the states.
  • cocoliso13cocoliso13 member
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    @claireloSC excited for you!! 
    So far I’m only signed up for the UW list serve  plus v-check but there are more! 

    This one focuses on first tri I think

    I’ll keep an eye out for more ♥️

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  • @shoogapoff that sounds awful. I have many friends in TX and the situation is gut wrenching. I hope your power comes on soon. 
  • alexa_94alexa_94 member
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    Really trying to potty train my 2 year old and well it’s definitely a process (obviously). We decided to get a training seat and create a sticker chart. I hope it helps. She’s used a potty before we just weren’t consistent. Plus I didn’t want to start anything when we were getting ready to move from Georgia to Kansas. Now we have been in our new home a few months it’s time to get going on this.

    We are experiencing below freezing temps and they started rolling blackouts here. DD1 didn’t have School Monday for Presidents Day and then it was canceled for Tuesday due to weather. There was a bit of confusion since on post was having a 2hr delay but I guess that didn’t mean the on post schools🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Mom fail for sure so we got her to school at 9am this morning😅
  • Really sorry for all of you or your families going through the weather emergency. Seems like Texas in particular really needs to invest in infrastructure as more extreme weather happens to prevent these situations in the future. Hope they get it fixed soon for you guys. 43 degrees!! Yikes, just awful.
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  • Thank you @cocoliso13!
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  • @alexa_94, solidarity. We've been trying to potty train our three year old for what feels like forever. Our pediatrician said not to push it. She may just be in diapers until she's 16. 
  • I had the worst time training DD. It took like a year for poop because DW was going through chemo and there was too much upheaval in the house, I think. She straight up pooped in her underwear for SO. LONG. I had to take her out of dipes though because she would save her poops for diapers instead. OMG. It was the worst. Kids are stubborn.
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  • @claireloSC we tired to potty train DS when we first went into quarantine this spring. Prior to the lockdown, he was pretty much PT. Then lockdown and he had a huggee regression. We finally gave up and said we'll try again later. Within a week or two he was back to being PT. Like you said, I think the stress and change in routine just were too much for him to handle. Obv that was a much different and less stressful situation than having a mom in chemo- I can't imagine how hard that was for your fam. You and DD are rockstars for staying strong through that. But I agree that stress is a huge factor in PT success.
  • @obsessedwithoranges glad you made it through alright!
  • @obsessedwithoranges that's brutal! I hope you are through the worst of it. That would be so difficult. 

    @alexa_94 potty training is the worst. DD pee trained in a few days but poop was over a year. 
    She had a traumatic experience at a home daycare where she took her diaper off at nap and there was poop everywhere. After that she held it forever. We had to put her on a laxative so she legit could not hold it. 
    It was so gross but it worked finally. 
    Best of luck. I can't imagine potty training without wine 😅
  • All of these TX stories are AWFUL! Thinking of you, @shoogapoff and @obsessedwithoranges, and hoping you all are through the worst of it!
  • @alexa_94, potty training it the freakin' pits! DD basically PT'd herself right after she turned 2. DS just turned 3, and we're STILL working on it. He's doing better, and goes pee often, but he's only pooped twice in the toilet. Another issue us that he HATES being naked. Like, FLIPS out if he doesn't have pants on. So, we can't do the three day method with him. AND, DH and I work full time (and not from home), so it's hard to be consistent. 
  • @grogu I wish I could have wine😆🤪

    @cyanope my LO hates being naked too so I can’t really do the “oh crap!” Method even though I bought the book and started reading it. We just went straight to underwear with dresses or pants. I’m just dealing with the laundry. I don’t know if we are really following one method or winging it, but we are being consistent and making her sit down to go. She has pooped in her pants which I’m thankful I have a diaper sprayer to rinse her clothes. I caught her in time yesterday and got her to use the toilet to poop. 
  • Sending good thoughts to all you Texas ladies, I can’t believe what you all are going through! I’m so sad that so much about our infrastructure and leadership out there is failing y’all so hard.
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    @obsessedwithoranges I can't imagine that ordeal. I hope that this next freeze is a bit kinder to you and yours.
  • Sending warm vibes your way @obsessedwithoranges. I so hope this mess is over for you soon. 
  • I hope the warmer weather forecast this weekend brings you some relief, @obsessedwithoranges and @shoogapoff! Are you both also under boil water orders?
  • Thinking of you both @obsessedwithoranges and @shoogapoff! I cannot even imagine the stress of all this.
  • Just wondering if people want to split up the weekly check-in? I know we said we’d wait a bit as more people joined the board. I feel like we are still a fairly small group, but maybe we could do August 1-15 and August 16-31 if people are feeling overwhelmed by the larger check-in? 
  • I think that would be fine. It’s the largest of the threads we have. 
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