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The Big Nursery Idea Thread

Share inspiration and ideas for your nursery here!

Are you decorating a small space or moving to a room share situation? We’d love to hear about your plans! 

Re: The Big Nursery Idea Thread

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    @surrenderdorothy - I love that accent wall! We're still renting so we're pretty limited in what we can do for the nursery. I'm sad we won't be able to paint at all and just have to stick with our boring white walls. 
  • @dancingnarwhal There are a lot of cute wall decals that look pretty convincingly like paint, if you're into that sort of thing. That might be a good option for renting. 

  • I'm going to live vicariously through all of you. 
    We won't have a nursery this time around. Babe will be in our bed (in a bassinet) until 6ish months the will move into the loft with DD which is essentially turning into a sleeping space because it's on 70sq ft 😖 it's going to get tight in here haha!
  • Saw these cute ones on Reddit a while back I wanted to share.

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    So excited for this thread! 

    @dancingnarwhal second what others suggested about a wall paper accent wall! That’s what we did- I fell in love with this paper (linking below) but it’s too busy for a whole room. Fair warning: it was 1) pretty expensive (though I’m sure you could find less expensive options) and 2) a pain in the ass to put up, but I’m thrilled with the end result and confident it’ll be a breeze to remove when we eventually sell the house. 

    Here’s our nursery accent wall paper (in White/Black):
  • @dancingnarwhal here's a wall in our basement that we did a plastic removable wall paper. It was a pain to cut and put up, but really looks good. Definitely make sure your walls are clean and have a good flattening and cutting tool for any tricky spots. We have since installed a heat pump there with no issues cutting through the paper.
    Also, I'm really not a perfectionist when it comes to these types of things so keep in mind you might have to accept that there might be some odd spots.

  • @shoogapoff can I borrow your mil I paint my kids' room? Lol
    Baby will be in our room for as long as we can deal (DS lasted maybe a month) and then move into DS room because there's only two bedrooms on our main floor. I don't have the heart to put either on a different floor.

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  • @grogu what a neat house! Would love to see the layout inside! 

    Love all of these ideas!
  • @grogu such a cool little house! I love the colors.

    @shoogapoff loveee that mural! And so special that your MIL will paint it. ❤️
  • @Kenneylynn3, we have the same issue. Our place is a 3 bedroom, but one of the bedrooms is on the bottom floor, and the other two are on the top floor. 
    DH and I had planned to buy a new place this summer, and keep our townhome as a rental, but then housing prices skyrocketed (especially in our area, which were already astronomical to begin with), so we're staying put for now. BUT, now we will have three kids and only two bedrooms. Ugh. We usually keep the baby in our room for the first 6+ months, so we have time...but I do want to redecorate the kids' room. We'll need to buy bunk beds, and then baby will use the crib. It's going to be tight, but we'll make it work. I was terrified to have my kids share a room (and wake each other up), but it's honestly the best! My kids will both sleep through ANYTHING now. I just hope this baby is the same way.
    I haven't settled on a color palette yet, but I like lots of natural wood and light, airy tones. 
  • I plan to move our 3 year old out of the nursery and keep the same decor. If we have a boy, I will take the quote down lol. 

    But I would rather decorate a new room for our then 4 year old than do a new nursery. 🙃

    Current nursery 

  • @cyanope my brother's kids have a triple bunk bed. The parents have the small room and the kids have the bigger room (city apartment). It works!
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  • I love all the nursery pictures! This baby will be sharing our office space, at least temporarily. The room is also quite small, so I'm at a bit of a loss with what to do with it. However, this weekend we finally tore out the hideous carpet that was there when we moved in three years ago. Hopefully by next weekend we'll have time to finish laying the new flooring. And then maybe I'll have a better idea. 

  • I finally got around to ordering a rocker this weekend, and the last day of the delivery window is the day before my due date... let’s hope it gets here in time! Haha. Really didn’t think I was quite THAT behind on getting this nursery pulled together!
  • This is number 3, and we're not doing a nursery until the baby is here.  Moved my son into a new (bigger) room down the fall.  My daughter is moving to his old room, and we will make her current room the new nursery eventually.  We aren't finding out what we're having, and my daughter was in my room until she was 6 months old so we're just going to wait until the baby gets here to decide on a theme/furniture etc.  I want to do Harry Potter but we'll see!  Buy Buy Baby has a lot of cute HP nursery things!


  • @ladyk127 I love the idea of a HP nursery. When we moved into our house I suggested painting each bedroom one of the house colors, but my husband vetoed that plan. 

    So I have a traditional, less than comfortable rocking chair that I used with vith older kids. I was always super envious of the comfy, plush gliders. Worth it? We have very little room but if it's something we could possible keep post baby phase I'd consider it. 
  • @coastalmomma3 I used DW's old rocking recliner (do all recliners rock?) instead of a rocker or glider. It was to save on money/ space, but honestly it was the best decision ever. So much more comfortable than any glider or rocking chair I've ever say in. 

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  • @the_most_happy where did you order from? I need to pull the trigger on some furniture because, like you mentioned, the delivery date is July! 😳
  • @Kenneylynn3, that's a good suggestion! We have limited furniture in our living room, so it may transition well from nursery/office into our living room at some point.
  • @surrenderdorothy I ordered it from Pottery Barn Kids! I know all their stuff is custom so I expected it to take a while... just not literally half a year almost, haha.

    @c@claireloSC I loooooove that, such a big fan of the accent wall wallpaper look!
  • @the_most_happy PBK is so behind on shipping. I ordered new playroom furniture for DS in January. Two pieces arrived but the rest isn't supposed to be here until May. I have my eye on a new crib (that we definitely don't need... but I love the style for this nursery) and need to pull the trigger soon for the exact situation you are dealing with. I think the ship times on non custom items are a bit better, but then again my playroom furniture is going to take 5 months so who knows.
  • grogugrogu member
    I'm sorta jealous I don't get to plan a nursery. Babe will room with us until it sleeps through the night then it'll share the loft with DD. 
    We will rearrange her room a bit but no redecorating for us. 
  • All those prints/wallpaper are gorgeous!  Making me rethink a bit haha. We don't really have a plan or design. Going by the seat of my pants!
  • I don't have much of a plan either, haven't picked out or ordered any furniture. Basically resting all my hopes on the accent wall pulling the room together and then gonna order a snoo rental so baby has somewhere to sleep at first. We'll figure it out! Right now it's a very very ugly shade of teal so we're gonna paint the room white probably.
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  • @surrenderdorothy that paper is pretty similar to mine (posted way up thread), I love it! I read that black-and-white patterns like these are really stimulating for babies/one of the first things they can fully take in and recognize... not the primary reason I chose our paper but I thought that was a cool bonus.
  • @surrenderdorothy @the_most_happy I love those moon wallpapers! I really want to get a moon phase mobile, one of those brass style mobiles. I already have a moon phase print and space related card I framed in the room Maybe I need moon phase wallpaper too.

  • I didn’t have a baby nursery for DD— we were in a 1 bedroom apartment back then. I love the idea of a HP nursery and I bet I could get DH on board easily. 
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  • @pickle-chips those prints are so cool!
  • @the_most_happy yes! I knew someone wanted to do something similar re: wallpaper. When I posted my internet connection sucked so I couldn’t get the pictures to load. 🙄
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