Pregnant after 35

Short long bones on ultrasound

I'm making myself crazy worrying and need to unload. At my 21 week can, everything looked normal except there was an echogenic focus in the stomach and the femur length was in the 3rd percentile. Notes say that short femur length *alone* is a weak indicator of a problem, but that with other factors it can indicate chromosomal abnormalities. Rationally, I know that it could be nothing (it could just mean a small baby - which I have had with my other 2 babies - it could be a mistake, it could be the position of the baby making it hard to measure, etc) but now they did another ultrasound yesterday, measuring all the long bones, and they are all short. Like off the chart short. I got the report online. Spoke to my doctor today on the phone and she hadn't received it even though I had (frustrating!) so now I have to wait until next week to speak to her. Hospital called to book 3 more ultrasounds (March, April, and May). Could just be a precautions but it doesn't reassure me at all. I'm really worried about what this all means and feeling really stressed. Has anyone gone through something similar?
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