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How are my fellow PGAL moms doing? Today I found out that my hubby's co-worker lost the baby she had just announced last week. I felt more like being the supportive sister, he was a bit triggered though. I think it surprised him too that he was tearing up. We have offered to be someone to talk to if needed. 

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  • I’m so sorry for your friend. A really good friend of mine hasn’t reached out to me since I announced my pregnancy. She really wants kids but has had too many failed rounds of IVF. 😭 I feel like I’m always kind of tip toeing around her.
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  • @redselig We did 2 rounds of IVF and I feel guilty every time I hear of someone who's on their 6th. I'm acutely aware of how luck we are that both transfers stuck, even though the first eventually failed due to chromosomal issues. That said, in my ttc journey it was always hard to feel joy for someone when they announced theirs and I've muted a lot of people over the years to avoid the triggers. Eventually she will be ok with your little one. Still stings for her. 
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  • So sorry for your friend. I think it's interesting what affects us vs our spouses. A few months after my loss my sister got pregnant with my nephew, and through the whole pregnancy I was able to really be excited for her (even while dealing with my own feelings) but my husband struggled a lot more. I tended to struggle more with friends/acquaintances than family, whereas he was the other way around.

    Otherwise we're doing ok. I still sometimes wonder "what if?" when it comes to the baby we lost. I'm guessing that never goes away? March makes two years since I had the miscarriage, I'm thinking I'm going to have a lot of feelings welcoming a new baby around the same time.
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  • It does go with the territory. I had one 10 years ago that I still think of and remember all my dates for. This baby is due right between my most recent miscarriage's end date and D&C date. That messes with me. I want to honor the one year for the one we dubbed Pancake, but odds are I'll either be in labor or too preoccupied with getting ready to do Pancake justice. Loss was discovered 2/28, procedure was 3/3, being induced 3/2. Doctor is saying plan for 24 hours labor with induction so I'm looking at a birthday on an anniversary day for a different pregnancy. 
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