Reddit post - "when should I test?"

I know we're not scientists, but this post is very thorough and I'm wondering how accurate it might be... I quickly breezed through the scientific journal the OP references, but I'm stil undecided about the validity of these statements... what do y'all think? Does anyone see any blatant red flags? :)
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Re: Reddit post - &quot;when should I test?&quot;

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    I don't see any major red flags. There are a lot of variables and YMMV, but it's reasonably sound. If you're doing IUI, the timeline is off. For IVF, this is pretty consistent with my experience. As the comments note, it does not account for the trigger shot. I personally dealt with that by testing before my FET (morning of) to confirm a negative, and then testing afterwards so I knew any positive was a baby and not the trigger. Obviously if you test positive morning of FET, this won't work and you have to wait for your beta.
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