BFP after IUI?

I am 11 days post IUI. I’m not feeling confident that this second time worked. Tests are negative but I know it maybe too soon. My beta is Wednesday. What was everyone else’s symptoms and experiences 11 days post IUI? I did letrozole during my period and then trigger shot the day before my IUI. I was using endometrin but it was making me bleed heavy so I switched to prometrium. My progesterone (27.8) and estradiol (107) were good last week. I just don’t know how to feel.

Re: BFP after IUI?

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    Hi @Knottie1460404093 You should change your user name to something else so people can tag you. I would also recommend that you join the Feb IVF/FET thread for more support from others going through the same thing. When I did IUI I think I got my first very faint positive at 11 days so I think it's not per se meaningful to not yet have a positive. How did the beta go today? At this stage you probably wouldn't have any symptoms that couldn't also be ascribed to the meds so it's really hard to tell! Good luck!
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    @Knottie1460404093 what was your outcome?
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