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GTKY: Podcasts

Inspired by everyone in the weekly check-in who mentioned they liked listening to podcasts!

What’s your favourite podcast? What’s it about/what genre?
What are you listening to now?
Any other podcast recommendations? 

Re: GTKY: Podcasts

  • Ohh a long drive coming up so this is perfectly timed!

    Favorite podcast is hard because it depends what mood I’m in. I love WNYC’s RadioLab, More Perfect, Death Sex and Money, NYT The Daily, This American Life, Serial (are they making another season?!?) Basically anything that is non-fiction and tells an interesting story. I like some true crime podcasts too but can’t think of any odd the top do my head.

    Current podcast: I’m currently listening to Office Ladies by Jenny Fisher and Angela Kinsey. If is a must listen for any office fans. My UO is the day is I find Jenna Fisher absolutely unbearable. She has to be the most lame person alive. That aside I love hearing office trivia and fun stories about the show.

    Recommendations: Any of the above! 
  • So where do people listen to podcasts? Maybe a FFFC, but I've never listened to one and I'd love to be in the loop.

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  • I think either on their commute or while washing dishes or something like that. I like Reply All but haven't listened to much in a long time because I've been too busy with school in my free time. I did listen to Season 4 of Scene on Radio this summer which is all about how America was built on racist institutions, basically. Very educational.
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  • i listen to white coat investor for financial education. there's also one called bigger pockets thats about real estate, which is interesting (we're not sure if we wanna do real estate investing at some point). I listen to a lot of audible books, too. I loved "meditation for fidgety skeptics" lately. so many good ones on there for any mood (other than the i can't handle any noise mood, which I've been in a lot these days).
  • Oh I love podcasts. Sword and Scale is fascinating, Off the Vine is ridiculous and fun to workout to, I LOVE Hidden Brain, Criminal is great, Unlocking Us with Brene Brown is my favorite cleaning podcast. Then my all-time favorite is Sleep with Me. We fall asleep to it every night.

    @Kenneylynn3 I just listen in the podcast app on my iPhone!
  • coastalmomma3coastalmomma3 member
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    @Kenneylynn3, I have an app called Podcast Addict on my phone. I can choose which podcasts I listen to and then the episodes are automatically downloaded on a regular basis.

    I listen to This American Life, Radiolab, and a local podcast: The Okayest Moms.

    I forgot about the Office Ladies podcast! I'll have to check it out. I've rewatched the Office an embarrassing amount of times. Agree with @surrenderdorothy. I always felt that Jim was too good for Pam. But maybe that was just my own tv crush talking. 
  • @coastalmomma3 oh yes agreed. But the actress that plays Pam is even more lame in real life... if you can believe that. Nice person and all but just sooo vanilla. It is almost painful to hear listen to at times. 
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