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Weekly Check-in 2/7

Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days:

Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out:

Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of:

Upcoming appointments:

How are you feeling?:



GTKY: What do you like to do to relax?


Re: Weekly Check-in 2/7

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 14+2

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Pink

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: Peach

    Upcoming appointments: Next week, standard monthly appt 

    How are you feeling?: Not too bad! My main issue is starving, eating a bunch, then feeling nauseous. 

    Rants/Raves: Started feeling the baby move more clearly, that's pretty exciting. Can't wait till she's really kicking and I know all is well in there. DD's bday is on Wed and I'm excited to celebrate with her and she is really looking forward to it. Made some wonder-woman themed cupcakes for her (crappy pic below) and her cousins for a mini outdoor (distanced w/masks) sledding party and she had a blast. Cupcakes were a hit. Very happy she had a great day.

    Questions: Can't think of anything!

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? Baths are nice. Reading a is big one. Going for a walk definitely helps clear my mind.


    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
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  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 14w5d

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Green

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of:

    Upcoming appointments: Thursday for a regular check up with my GP.

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good. My backnisba little hurt, I think its sciatica but I got it under control quickly which is good! 

    Rants/Raves: My dog started sleeping in again! She used to sleep until 10 or 11 most days and then for the past few weeks she has been up at like 7 so excited to start the day. I know my lazy weekends are numbered now, so I was really not impressed. But the past 3 days shes gone back to her normal lazy self.

    Questions: NATM 

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? My life isn't very stressful since my career change, but definitely Netflix and cuddles. MH is is great cuddler.

    @claireloSC those cupcakes look bomb. 

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: Aug. 27/11w2d

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Finding out (hopefully this week!)

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: My Bump app says “today your baby could fit through the end of a paper towel roll” and I hate when they do ones like that (“could fit on/in” something) because that’s literally always been true! My baby could fit through a paper towel roll every day of my pregnancy so far! Pet peeve of mine, haha.

    Upcoming appointments: Early March for my next regular checkup.

    How are you feeling?: Fine, same as always. I’m starting to accept I just got lucky with an incredibly chill first trimester, symptoms-wise, and it doesn’t have to mean something is wrong.

    Rants/Raves: We’re telling my in-laws this week and I’ve been vacillating between being excited about that and kind of wanting to put it off a bit more. I truly love them and they are good people but MIL is opinionated and also not the most tactful person, so I know there will be comments that get on my (extra-sensitive, at the moment) nerves.

    Questions: When does it get significantly easier to find the heartbeat on a home doppler? I don’t have a great amount of patience for stuff like that so I’ve only taken mine out for a few short spins and unsurprisingly haven’t heard anything yet, just wondering when it might be worth trying again.

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax?: Pre-pregnancy, cooking was my go-to! I’ve barely done it in the past two months and it’s throwing off my whole world, ugh.

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 12+1

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: finding out this week! 

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: hacky sac

    Upcoming appointments: Thursday 2/11 for a regular appointment 

    How are you feeling?: everyday seems to get a little better  I felt really good yesterday until about 9pm and then the nausea hit out of nowhere  

    Rants/Raves: DD has a cold - runny nose so we are keeping a close eye on her.  

    Questions: nope

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? Read, take a super hot bath, enjoy an adult beverage. Can’t do most of those things right now. I haven’t had the time to sit and read either. I’m thinking it would probably be a good idea to get an audible subscription and listen to books while I get stuff done around the house. 

  • pickle-chipspickle-chips member
    edited February 2021
    @surrenderdorothy that’s great news about your daycare spot! What a relief!
    @the_most_happy I hope your MIL is chill  about the exciting news. My MIL is kind of the same in that she’s not very tactful. I also have some emotional baggage about losing my Mum and being jealous of the fact that MH still has his...anyway, all of that to say sometimes I judge her a bit too harshly just because she’s not my mother, which I know isn’t fair! MH plans to tell them next weekend and I’ll probably just excuse myself from the FaceTime after the initial news is shared. 
    @mrspants0809 so exciting that you find out this week! Do you have any strong feelings of boy or girl??
    @doodlemom131 hooray for sleeping in! 
    @claireloSC I can’t wait to feel baby move. So exciting! How early did you start feeling them?
    Edit: weird spacing that I didn’t actually fix 🤷‍♀️
  • @mrspants0809 I love Audible! I listen constantly- while cleaning, in the car, falling asleep etc. Check if your local library has a similar service for free though, a lot of them do!

    @pickle-chips aww I’m so sorry about your mom, that’s a totally understandable way for you to feel about your MIL in light of that loss. I am judge-y about mine and I don’t even have anything that heavy to explain myself! I just feel very comfortable with how my family operates/ relates to each other and I’m sure any other family would seem kind of weird to me, haha. Good luck to you all sharing your news next weekend!
  • @pickle-chips I should get back our NIPT results this week (between Monday -Thursday) and I’m excited to know baby is fine and healthy - our mmc had an extra chromosome so I’m a little nervous.  My gut is saying boy, when I was pregnant with DD my gut said girl the whole time. 

    @the_most_happy I’ll look into our library too! I listen to podcasts all the time and would love to add books into that- once I get caught up on my podcasts I will need something else 
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 12 weeks today!

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Finding out

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: lime

    Upcoming appointments: This Tuesday for NT scan, NIPT blood draw and regular appointment.  

    How are you feeling?: Nervous for the NT scan.  Terrified that we are going to find something.  🤞🏼 I’m getting out of the nauseous phase.  Day 2 of actually feeling hungry!!  

    Rants/Raves: Getting Torchys Tacos for supper!! 


    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? Garden, looking forward to starting raised beds at our new house!  Wine, when I’m not pregnant.  Cooking!  I love to make pasta but since I’ve had DS I haven’t had much time. 

  • @surrenderdorothy yay for the daycare spot!  One less thing to worry about.  

    @claireloSC how exciting that you are feeling her move!!  And happy birthday to your DD!! 

    @[email protected] I’m glad your pup is letting you sleep in a bit more! 

    @[email protected]_most_happy 11 weeks is when it gets easier for me but it depends on placenta placement, uterus location and which way the fetus is facing at that moment.  Find the top of your pubic bone and go up about an inch.  Start in the middle and slowly move side to side, bit by bit.  Angle down towards your pubic bone.  Sometimes it takes a good 5 minutes to find it. Good luck! 

    @[email protected] I’m excited you are finding out!!  
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 10+5

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: finding out

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: prune

    Upcoming appointments: in a few weeks. still waiting for panorama results.

    How are you feeling?: better than before. less nausea and more like food aversions. still get daily headaches and a lot of fatigue. but that's starting to get better, too.

    Rants/Raves: we're having a super cold stretch here. I woke up and it was -15 out. Its now made it to the high of 1 degree F. Over another week of this, and then hopefully it warms up. This is my last year I'm not going on vacation, I can't handle it.

    Questions: -

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? I'll take a quick peek on this board? Sometimes I fit in a 10-30 min workout and maybe a bonus shower. If I'm working my relaxing time is my 30 min commute where I listen to an audiobook or call my family.

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 8/1 15 weeks

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Team Green

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: a donut

    Upcoming appointments: Feb 25th for a check-in with the midwife

    How are you feeling?: Feeling alright. Still some nausea, but not as bad. Hopefully it will go away altogether. I've started having some hip pain and am trying to be more mindful about sleeping on my side now that I'm in 2nd tri. 

    Rants/Raves: We met with a doula group on Friday (virtually) and got to talk to them about their services. We really liked them (it's 3 doulas who rotate call on a weekly basis), and I think we'll use them for doula services as well as childbirth class. I really appreciated how they were so inclusive of MH and really helped him feel at-ease about what labor will look like and how he'll be involved. 

    Questions: NATM

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? When the weather is nice, I love taking my dog for a walk. Honestly I like exercise in general. Or having a glass of wine and watching true crime shows. @litzi-2 I love listening to podcasts on my commute. @emily1052 I enjoy gardening, but our front yard is really shaded, and I have been struggling to find plants I like that will thrive in our raised flower beds in the front. :( 

    @the_most_happy I agree 100% about the size thing. It annoys me so much when they say that! 

    @claireloSC I can't believe you're feeling movement! That's awesome. I have been concentrating super hard to see if I can perceive anything odd that even *might* be movement, but nothing so far. Do you think you just know what to watch for? 

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 10+5

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: green

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: kumquat 

    Upcoming appointments: 4 weeks

    How are you feeling?: nausea worse in the evening, headaches and fatigue. Nothing sounds tasty but I can still eat so 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Rants/Raves: I can't wait to feel better 😢😢

    Questions: natm

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? Read and nap. I had just started exercising more regularly about 3-4 mo before getting pregnant and now that's all gone down the ... I need to get back to it but movements make me feel more nauseated. 

    @litzi-2 we are also having a terrible cold snap. Haven't been outside since Friday 😕 

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 11+1

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: finding out

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: poker chip

    Upcoming appointments: Tuesday for a regular appointment 

    How are you feeling?: it’s day by day for sure  . Some days are not so bad, and others the nausea and fatigue are awful.

    Rants/Raves: I want my energy back! DD had a sleepover last night (her mom is an essential worker) so it was nice her having friends here all day. She stayed occupied and I got to relax.


    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? Nap. My daughter jokes about how much I love to nap but rarely get to. In nice weather, I like relaxing outside with a book. I’m a warm weather person for sure. MH says I’m like a happy cat curled up in the sun.

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  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: August 6th. 14 weeks

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Finding out

    Upcoming appointments: Nothing until the 22nd. 

    How are you feeling?: Overall, pretty good! The fatigue is starting to diminish. 

    Rants/Raves: Rave: In April, a favorite ice cream place is coming to a location within biking distance of my house. I can't wait to get that chocolate dipped cone! That is definitely what my pregnant self will be eating over the summer. 

    Rant: I'm forgetting BASIC vocabulary these days. IE: Describing Poseidon to my son while reading Greek Mythology. "He has a tridant like the king in...that one movie we watched with the girl with red hair?" 

    Questions: Anyone else having weird skin stuff going on? I keep getting bizarre red spots on my breasts where my bra rubs. Doesn't seem to be a sizing issue. At this point, I'd prefer just to stay braless. 

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax?

    I read quite a lot to wind down during "quiet time" or at the end of the day. Being outdoors: hiking or at the beach is always relaxing. On days that I'm not in a rush to get dinner on the table, I love cooking. 

    @claireloSC, I swear I started feeling movement too but haven't felt it in a few days. I know it's super early to feel anything regularly, but it still stresses me out a bit. 

  • @coastalmomma3 Yes, my skin is the same!

    @pickle-chips 13 weeks and change!

    @shoogapoff Its 100% me knowing what it feels like and it being my second which makes it earlier. I was probably 20 weeks with DD before I felt any movement bc my placenta was in the front. 
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 13+1

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Definitely finding out

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: Lemon

    Upcoming appointments: 2/17 for the 14 weeker

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good! I felt some movement last week, but nothing since then so that's a little nerve-wracking. 

    Rants/Raves: I've been *so* irritable lately, which is really unlike me. I always get this way when pregnant though, although moreso when I was pregnant with DD than DS. 

    Questions: TTMs - is 2-3 really as hard as everyone says it is? 

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? walk around random home stores. I could waltz through Kirklands or Hobby Lobby or At Home all day long, buy nothing, and feel totally refreshed at the end

  • claireloSCclaireloSC member
    edited February 2021
    @BourbonBiscuits It's def not all the time for me either, but I try to remember bebe is only like 4" so makes sense. Hopefully in another week or two it will be more consistent so you don't feel stressed!

    ETA: 2-3 was rough but when you're in it it's manageable. It's more afterwards I noticed how much better/easier 3 was than 4 and 4 than 3.
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • pickle-chipspickle-chips member
    edited February 2021
    @BourbonBiscuits anecdotally from my friends I have heard the transition from two kids to three kids is easier than from one kid to two. The third kid just falls into the family routine.

    I had this conversation with my neighbour last year. They had their third kid when we had our second and I was on the struggle bus with going from one to two. She said she found the transition to three kids was less stressful and exhausting than when they had their second. I can’t remember her reasoning exactly, but it was basically the oldest kid was older and the third baby was just along for the ride with whatever they had to do. Her husband said from 0 to 1 kid was the hardest for him 😆 something about not as much golf.

    Edit: unless you are talking about going from age 2 to 3 🤣 my brain isn’t working.

  • Oh yeah I thought you meant the age 2-3, not having 3 kids. :)
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 8-28/11+2

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Team Green

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: a golf ball

    Upcoming appointments: feb 25

    How are you feeling?: Nauseated, lack of motivation

    Rants/Raves: found heartbeat on doppler last night!

    Questions: natm

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? Read, watch movies, cook/bake

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  • Ha! @pickle-chips @claireloSC definitely meant from 2 kids to 3 kids. Ages 2-3 has been mindblowing for both kids, and my daughter just turned 2 last week :lol: Everyone I've talked to has said "oh so this is your last baby! Even if you don't think so, after you have a third and experience that, you'll be done" EYEROLL.
  • @BourbonBiscuits ugh people are the worst! It's a wonder anyone chooses to have any kids at all based on how often people give unsolicited terrible opinions. It's one thing to commiserate with fellow parents or say something like "I'm having a really hard time with the transition from two to three kids", but when people are just like "let me tell you exactly how you will feel/what you will experience" without invitation it is very annoying and they deserve all the eyerolls. 
  • jynjer4jynjer4 member
    edited February 2021
    @BourbonBiscuits people that say shit like that make me wanna childishly say “YoU doN’t kNow Me” :lol:

    Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days:

    8/19  12+5

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out:

    Finding out! I’ve toyed with staying team green because we have 1 boy and 1 girl but I just can’t!

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of:

    Baby is as tall as a tennis ball

    Upcoming appointments:

    First appointment is tomorrow 2/9!

    How are you feeling?:

    Crappy. Last week was better nausea wise but this week it’s hell again.


    I’m sick of DH not working and sleeping until noon or later every day. :rage:



    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax?

    Relax? What’s that? Lol A long hot shower alone after the kids are in bed is pretty much what me relaxing consists of lately. The kids both shower with me if they’re awake and I’ve been going to bed when they do because I’ve been so tired so even that hasn’t happened much lately. 

    Edit: can’t type today. 

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: 8/15, 13+1

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: Team green!

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: A lemon. BUT, based on my NT scan, baby is measuring six days ahead, so more likely the size of a peach. 

    Upcoming appointments: 3/2 for my regular check up and 3/17 for the anatomy scan! 

    How are you feeling?: I had a few days of feeling great...and then a few days of feeling like crap again. But, at least there have been some good days. I’ll take it!

    Rants/Raves: After only two chiropractic appointments, my back is feeling AWESOME. I was incapacitated for an entire week after tweaking something in it, so it feels great to not be in pain anymore! 

    I felt baby for the first time last night! With DD, I had an anterior placenta, so I didn’t feel her until 20+ weeks. I felt both DS and this baby between 13 and 14 weeks. It definitely helps to know what you’re “looking for.” 

    Questions: NATM

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? I love to read, listen to audiobooks, and watch TV/movies. 

  • @BourbonBiscuits I was wondering the same thing. Probably at least partially depends on the ages of the first two/ how helpful they can be. My friends with the oldest kid 5+ say the older one is more of a help. And if they're close-ish together the older two can play together. I think for us going from 0-1 was harder than 1-2, but that might have been partially a depression issue for me after 4 months of bedrest etc.
  • @cyanope I’m glad your back is feeling better! Also 3/17 will be here before we know it. I can believe we are already scheduling our anatomy scans.
  • @surrenderdorothy, thank you! And I seriously can’t believe we’re already heading into the second trimester. I mean, it may not be the same for everybody, but this pregnancy has been FLYING by! 
  • @cyanope it has been flying by! I assumed it’s because I’m taking care of a 1 and 2 yr old and a husband. My first pregnancy draaaaged on forever. Second was faster and this one is going even faster yet! I’m so ready for 2nd tri though. 
  • @surrenderdorothy yep, this has been the longest two and a half months of my life, haha. Between anxiety about the pregnancy, anticipation over wanting to get to the point we can tell people, and literally nothing to do but stay home because of COVID + winter, every day is so sloooooow.
  • @surrenderdorothy I've also felt it going by really quickly. But I still miss wine. Everyone at work talking about the new exciting wines we are getting in store just kills me.... hmm how long can I keep this in the basement? Or should I wait til next vintage to buy it? 
  • I feel like it's flying by also!
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • Mine is definitely dragging but I think it’s because I feel so bad. This pregnancy is so different than my last 
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  • @Emmylou78 mine is also dragging. I feel like I have been in the first trimester for 10 years. For me it's a combination of feeling like a heaping pile of rubbish and also feeling really anxious. 
  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: Aug 28 I think. 11 +4

    Team Green/Pink/Blue/Finding Out: finding out

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: a Brussel sprout

    Upcoming appointments: Feb 17 for an ultrasound 
    Feb 19th for my monthly check in

    How are you feeling?: Less nauseous but my hips/sciatica and pelvis is killing me. 

    Rants/Raves: I really miss having a bathtub. 

    GTKY: What do you like to do to relax? Usually I sew but that hurts my back right now so I just end up watching Netflix. 
  • +1 for a this pregnancy going quickly. I've been so busy homeschooling my six year old that the days fly by.
    +1 for scalding baths and showers. If I'm not pink by the end of it, it was no where near hot enough. 

    For those of you who've mentioned sciatica and back pain...I've found a yoga instructor on You Tube who specializes in prenatal yoga. I'm trying to do her videos 3+ times a week, and it's definitely helping my back and hip pain. I wish I could remember her name now...I'll have to look it up later.
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