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  • I am over working from home and am ready to go back into the office. Also I think there is a significant difference between working from home and working from home during a global pandemic.
  • @pickle-chips oh man, I'm dreading going back into the office! I've had incredibly mild pregnancy symptoms overall but idk how I'd be managing even the few that I've had if I was an in office setting... I was hoping to make it all the way until baby is born without having to go back, but we're all being vaccinated much earlier than I expected so I don't think that's going to work out.

    Hmmm... I guess my UO is I have an irrational dislike of awards shows? I don't watch them and get annoyed on days when social media/the news is dominated by stuff about who was nominated, who won etc. Honestly no idea why it bugs me so much, I think maybe I just associate "awards season" with a particularly blah time of year and that ups my grumpiness, haha.
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  • I'm with you @pickle-chips! Even though my commute was too long, I am going to go completely crazy being stuck in this one room. AAAHHH! When we return we will only be required at 3 days/week which is a perfect balance I think. I've had several full time remote jobs and one of the reasons I took this job was to get back in an office. Didn't plan on covid obviously. 
    On the other hand have to agree with @the_most_happy that being pregnant at home is glorious.

    I would say my UO is I hate reality shows. Can't do it, any genre. Find them so annoying.
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  • I hated working from home and completely agree with @pickle-chips that working at home during a global pandemic probably colored by view of it a lot. While my business is set up to function remotely there is a lot of stuff at my office that simply cannot be done remotely so no matter what one person is going to the office. During the lockdown we rotated going in every few days to handle the mail and process checks. A lot of what I do is a paper business so even though things are getting scanned we came back into the office with a MOUNTAIN of paper to file. I just moved to a new office building and I invested in nice furniture and decorated my office completely to my liking. It gets a lot of natural light and I have a lot of privacy- which is awesome for covid mitigation and for future pumping sessions at the office. By contrast my home office is the place for stuff that we don’t have a spot for and is always a disaster. It is so hard to be productive in that space!
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    Wow that sounds so lovely @surrenderdorothy! I want to see your decorating. 😁 DW is the same, has a super nice office and works in the living room here so she’s the same as you. I work in a boiler room (like the movie, not literally) style office so I’m probably more productive here where I actually have a room with a door that closes. Course it’s also our laundry room but hey it works. But even as an introvert, I miss the interactions and seeing people I don’t work with often and saying hi. 
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  • Eeee I hated working from home. We got to have kids back in-person this August, so we all came back in-person too. My office is full of light, original hardwood floors, a beautiful (although sealed off) fireplace and I always hear kids outside my window. It's GLORIOUS. Working from home at the kitchen table with Mickey Mouse in the background was ... not as glorious.
  • Maybe my unpopular opinion is that I love working from home lol my son is in kindergarten full time, in person so that makes a difference.  My two year old also goes to my mom's once or twice a week so that's a nice break.  I hate my office and my boss and most of the people in there so I'm happy not seeing them.


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    @hannelorre my friends had a ‘sex party’ to find out the sex of their baby. Both doctors (like you, right? I think you are a doc mama!) so they insisted on the proper terminology!

    Edit for typos. 
  • @claireloSC vajoneah is great! I have issues with cookie, kitty, pocketbook or other nonsense words. Too many horror stories about kids saying "my uncle touched my kitty" and nobody understanding whats happening. 

    @surrenderdorothy you're doing a great job!!! 
  • @hannelorre Yes. 100%. It's so important to use proper terms for that exact reason. Plus it keeps kids from seeing their bodies as shameful. No one has a euphemism for their arm, because talking about your arm isn't taboo. 
  • We use proper terminology but DD said ‘Gina when she was younger so sometimes I’ll say that. 
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  • @hannelorre Yeah, she knows the real word too but she actually came up with that nickname because she’s a ham. 
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  • @emmylou78, DD calls it her 'gina too. I'm like, close enough! 
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