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February Appointments Thread

I figure since appointments are becoming more frequent, we can update in this thread. 

What appointments do you have coming up in February? Are you excited? Nervous?
How did any appointments go? 

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Re: February Appointments Thread

  • I have my anatomy scan on February 9. Super nervous. I haven't felt this baby move in weeks (I had felt it before and then it stopped), which freaks me out. We will also check my cervix and I am hoping I don't have placenta previa again. 

    I have my monthly thyroid appointment on February 15. Last one, it was still pretty low (0.18) so hopefully it's a bit higher now that I'll be 19.5 weeks when I do my bloodwork next week. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @AKuzReve thanks for getting this started!

    What appointments do you have coming up in February? Are you excited? Nervous?  We have our anatomy scan on the 25th, very excited!! We will be finding out the sex and I have been DYING to know. I really hope DH can come with me this time as cases are down and the province has started to ease some restrictions, fingers crossed!

    How did any appointments go?  Well I had my regular check-up yesterday and the heart beat was strong at 145 which was great - also doc said she wouldn't be concerned about not feeling movement yet for all of you who are wondering, she said even with a second baby you might not feel things until 20 weeks. But I am super annoyed - back in late December I waited 4 hours in the freezing cold to get some basic bloodwork done - I gave them two requisitions, one for my first tri combined screen (NT) and one for just regular pregnancy-related blood counts etc.  Had a check-up, nobody said anything.  Then had my check-up yesterday and all of the sudden "we're missing all of your basic bloodwork - it's very important that you get this done"...AH!!!! Now I have to go get it done again.  This would be less annoying if our lab booking system wasn't booking like 6 weeks in advance so it necessitates you to go to the only walk-in lab and wait for hours and hours (which I already did!!!!)  Very annoyed that those results were lost.  Especially cause if they had told me at my first appointment, I could have booked an appointment and this would have been taken care of already.  Anyway, unimpressed.
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  • Thanks for starting this. 

    Level 2 (Anatomy Scan) tomorrow!! So excited yet so nervous. @canucklehead123 That's reassuring to hear your doc say 20 weeks is normal even for subsequent pregnancies. I am still all in my head about movement (like I'm pretty sure there have been points throughout the last few days that I've felt movement, and then I talk myself out of it like how can I be sure?? gahhhh). So I am anxiously going into tomorrow - as usual. We heard the heartbeat nice and strong last week, so I am pretty sure I am just going to be a nervous wreck through the whole pregnancy. 

    Also have my 21/22 week check up on 2/22


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  • I have a regular ob appointment on 2/8 and my anatomy scan on 2/22. I’m excited to see her again and I’m also hopeful that the sch has resolved so that pelvic rest can be lifted. As usual, during second tri I’d like to jump my husband approximately 368925 times a day but am unable to and it sucks so much
  • Had my only appointment this month yesterday. Everything went fine and baby’s heartbeat was in the 160s. I had some blood drawn to check afp and those results should be in sometime in the next couple days. 
  • Had my first appointment with MFM last Thursday. Went as well as it could be - level 2 US looked normal. He doesn’t recommend an amniocentesis at this time. He wants me to have my 20 week US with them and then an echo of baby at 24 weeks to rule out congenital heart defects. If those look good, he will release me from their care.

    Upcoming appointments: 2/10 normal OB, 2/25 level 2 20 week US & MFM apt
  • Anatomy scan is 2/18. I’m thrilled that DH can come with me! Not much more to say about it at this point... the wait feels like forever though
  • got a call this morning that they have to move my anatomy scan for the second time due to staffing issues... ughhhhh now it's scheduled for next Thursday (I'll be exactly 20 weeks). I know it's not a big deal but I was so excited for today.
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  • @karacc18 ohhh that's terrible!!  Sorry that happened - I know it isn't a big deal but I would be really disappointed too if that happened to me on the day of the appointment.
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  • 2/16 is my Anatomy scan. I'm very excited. This is baby #3 for me. But number #1 for my SO, so it will be exciting for him to experience that. 
  • @karacc18 that stinks! I know that is happening unfortunately a lot more due to covid exposures, quarantines etc.
  • Just a regular appt on 2/15.  Anatomy scan next month but they are waiting for my regular appt time so I'm going to be 22 freaking weeks.  I'm like come on that's so late, but it just means baby will be more cooked :disappointed :smile:

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  • Had my 16 week visit on Friday, it went well. Baby looks great and my cervix is nice and long. I go back in another two weeks for cervical length check and anatomy scan, four weeks for another length check and OB visit

  • I had my anatomy scan today! Baby was measuring perfectly and very healthy. As I suspected, I have an anterior placenta and baby is breech. I was thinking that because I've been feeling tiny little fluttery kicks so low and this also helps explain the lack of movement. Baby's legs are measuring so long - 80% percentile, which is extra funny as I am so short haha. I'm kind of excited to have an anterior placenta this time to be honest. I am sooo relieved. She checked my cervix and it is nice and long and no placenta previa this time. I also got to see my c/s scar from the inside so that was SUPER cool. Just like my son, the baby gave the tech a very hard time finding measurements but she got it all. The tech made us look away when she measured the legs and pelvis so we wouldn't find out what the baby is! :) 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • I have an appt on 2/19 with my favorite midwife. I had most of my appointments with her when I was pregnant with DD, and I missed her being able to deliver DD by 12 hours😭 My anatomy scan is scheduled for 3/3, and I am really hoping that maybe DH can come to this scan with me. As of right now, they still aren’t allowing anyone into appointments with you, but our cases are trending down. Fingers crossed!
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    TTC #3: 08/2020, BFP 10/2020, EDD 7/21/21

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